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  1. I am at a total loss for words, I can only think humidity or leaving clubs in the car with hot temps. I blew on grips for 16 clubs and haven't had any problem with it slipping off or shifting on the club. Maybe try going to Dick's (or other golf place), and pick up a different grip and try blowing it on to see if that works. Last resort call JumboMax and see if they have any suggestions.
  2. I think the double sided tape at the end will help it stay in place. But will make it difficult to remove and keep intact if you choose to replace them. Good luck!!! Keep us posted!
  3. Wow! That is a lot of tape! What type of masking tape is it? the only other variable I can think of is the grips, did you order them straight from them or from eBay? I am shocked you are getting movement with so much tape
  4. Did you use any tape on the shaft? Or just installed the grips without? It really seems odd to me that you are having that much movement in the grips. Definitely recommend trying a couple layers of blue painters tape and see how that goes.
  5. I installed JumboMax tours on my Ping G25’s (replacing the original grips) and the overall club felt heavier, but not in a bad way. What I really noticed was that it counter balanced the club a lot, and kind of lost the feel of the club head. I changed out to the Ultralites (much lighter) and the “feels” came back
  6. That is exactly why it was appealing to me to use air. I tinker with my clubs to much. So I like the idea of being able to change out grips without damaging them.
  7. I think so, i used scotch, but I think 3M makes some too
  8. I have not heard of people using double sided tape. But if you do, my guess is you would still have to put solvent on it to help slide it on. And once dry be difficult to remove the grip. I use two pieces of scotch blue painters tape and some soapy water, and just blow it on.
  9. Interesting, did it happen on all the clubs? I installed the xlites XS and haven’t had a problem. Used 2 layers of scotch blue painters tape, and a little soapy water.
  10. They twist once on the club? Or while using the air to install them? Mine would twist a little when going on, and I would just hit it with a quick blast of air and adjust. Have not had them slip at all once on. What grips are you trying to install?
  11. I had to cut all my old grips off as well. The double sided tape really sticks when they use them. But now with the blue painters tape and air, grips go on and come off with ease! so much better! Good luck with the rest of the clubs if you decide to change them out!
  12. Sweet! Let us know how it goes! I know a lot of people are hesitant to use air to install grips, but seriously, having done it both ways! Will never install grips any other way!!!
  13. Rick Shiels talked Pod Cast yesterday (25:37 mark) He said they did some Beta testing a few months ago, and said somethings needed to be addressed and that they were. He said he will be releasing a video soon with content and reviews, but since this week is the Open Championship and he is there, my guess it won't be for a week or two. But they talked a little more about it and said they were impressed by it.
  14. Sure! The problem is that I could not get a lot of leverage behind it, lot of it may have to do with the vice that I was using, was on a table that would slide. So installed the vice onto a different table, but then also ended up ordering the pure grip gun. Super easy and fast. The only thing is that if I wanted to install anything larger then the JumboMax Xlite XS, it would be too big for the pure grip installer. as for what I used to hold it in place is a vice and the rubber shaft protector that cost like $6
  15. I have always felt that "stock" grips just felt too skinny. I purchased like 4 demo 7 irons, and fitted them with different grips. I ended up with the JumboMax Tour SM, and installed them on all my clubs. Played a couple rounds, but I really struggled with the weight of the grips and the feel with chipping, just didn't "feel" (feel is subjective) right. So I purchased JumboMax Xlite XS, and have 2 rounds in with them, love them great choice. So I guess what I am saying is try all the different types of shots, even if it is just chipping with a 7 iron to make sure it feels comfortable too.
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