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  1. Honma update: I think the star of the show is the TR20V (players CB), for whatever reason, I love the slightly thicker look - which is weird coming from a blade purist. I think the slightly thicker profile makes the overall shape look better. The blades are gorgeous, but slightly a little rounder in the short iron.. kind of like how the old Mizuno MP irons were perfection 5-7 iron.. then when you got down to the 9 and P they looked round and weird. The Vizard 100 is a solid "stock" offered shaft. It definitely feels "graphite" (ie. Fuji Pro, MMT), dispersion is surprisi
  2. So testing this filthy combo set for a week or so.. 3i - TR21x 4-7i - TR20V 8-10i - TR20B Honma wedges Shafts are the Vizard 100x Not sure if anyone follows my instagram but this is the exact setup I was thinking about getting vs. PXG before I decided to actually get fit. I'll be able to write up a pretty solid comparison and it will be interesting to see how these do. I didn't expect to be as "wowed" by these in person, but man, in the bag, they are GORGEOUS! At address they look really clean and match the in bag look. I'll be hitting them t
  3. Man.. I leave for 2 years and you've got a new screen name, badge, and avatar?! Mr. Official now! Committed to the PXG's today. We were going to take the winner and put it up against the Srixons, but at the end the results were so good, that neither of us thought it would be worth the wait. The fitter had seen/hit them and said not worth the wait vs. what we saw and taking input on my feedback on the other irons I tried. I may still hit them vs. my PXG's just to see how they do purely for reporting back to WRX and I'll also be testing the Honma's this weekend since
  4. I like that thought process! haha! If anyone is interested, I just listed my Miura's in the BST.
  5. SOLD THANK YOU! Hi Everyone, I just got re-fit for 2021 and regretfully have to sell my beloved Miura set. Asking $1,350 shipped and will include a Miura driving 3i with GD IZ 95 only at my asking price (the weight screw won't come out, and has a slight rattle, but the club probably cost me $500+ to find and build) On to the details.. Miura MC501 4-PW Miura Tour Forged Wedges DG Tour X100's, Standard LLL Grips are Tour Velvet BCT logo down +1 wrap Miura ferrules All shafts were Pure'd a
  6. No, he wasn't really worried about the spin. It was also good we were hitting into a breeze the whole time, which would have exposed any over spin. Definitely spin more than the X100's, but loved the results I saw. Hoping it translates to the course. Will be doing woods in 2 weeks.
  7. You can definitely tell how low/low the iron/shaft combo is with the Miura/X100. My swing also isn't as repeatable as it was in year's past, so seeing how good this grouping was out of the gate definitely made me happy. Now to rub two pennies together to see how I'm going to pay for these things
  8. They were all 6 irons.. hit into a slight hurting cross wind. They said that a premium ball spins on avg 250-350 less than the range ball numbers shown. Edit.. also to note, I was hitting a very slight cut most of the time.
  9. Okay - gonna strike while the iron is hot and all of this is fresh in my mind. Old school WRX level of detail.. here we go Conditions were great, grass was pure, and using new range balls (not premium). About a constant 10 mph wind in and off the right. I'm not sure if the Trackman information is normalized, I think it is. Heads - see picture above. Did not try the Srixons, have the option to in 1 week, Honma not tested Shafts - MMT 125x and SF 110x. I want to stay graphite but if we weren't getting the result we wanted, we were going to look into lighter s
  10. A little nostalgia.. here we go again for 2021
  11. Chris this time for irons.. Josiah will be out till late January - he will fit me for the woods when they get the new TM/Cally stuff. All of my previous fittings have been with Josiah.
  12. Decided to get fit. Going with the tried and true, Cool Clubs. I figured I was getting up too high in cost for an experiment or another game of equipment whack-a-mole Will be fit for irons next week, then woods when the new clubs come out. Truly have no idea what I will get fit into.. will keep you all posted.
  13. Heartbreaking to read this, Breck was one of the truly good guys on here. He truly put his heart and soul into his family, Stratton, and Stratton's golf equipment. It was really fun watching Stratton progress on here.. now having a son of my own, I hope to be the type of person/dad that Breck clearly was to his kids. Stratton if you ever stumble upon this thread - just know that there is never a good time to lose a parent, your dad was, is, and will continue to be your biggest fan. Keep pushing and continue to make him proud. Positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family
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