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  1. Honma update: I think the star of the show is the TR20V (players CB), for whatever reason, I love the slightly thicker look - which is weird coming from a blade purist. I think the slightly thicker profile makes the overall shape look better. The blades are gorgeous, but slightly a little rounder in the short iron.. kind of like how the old Mizuno MP irons were perfection 5-7 iron.. then when you got down to the 9 and P they looked round and weird. The Vizard 100 is a solid "stock" offered shaft. It definitely feels "graphite" (ie. Fuji Pro, MMT), dispersion is surprisingly good. The overall feel is great, but don't shoot me, NOT as good as the PXG/Steelfiber. I can't believe I just typed that.. but I need to get the PXG on course to really say for sure. In 2 rounds fresh out of the wrapper, I have hit some insanely good shots and am very happy with this set. They could stay in the bag now and be better than the Miura's (mainly due to how good the V's are in the mid irons) - but not as good as the PXG, again waiting for my actual set to compare. 21X 3iron - low spin, knuckle balls.. amazing as a driving iron, not so great if you are trying to hold a green. Incredibly good looking compared to other driving irons I have hit. 20V (CB): I would place these between the T100 and 620CB, a home run of a set. These in SF vs. the T100 and PXG would be interesting. Looks, feel, performance are up there - would highly recommend. 20B (MB): Definitely an MB, slightly larger and rounder profile. Very playable, especially with graphite for me. I think the new CB's are so good that, for me, I'd only play them up to an 8 iron. They are very workable even with the graphite, you can go up higher maybe 6-7 iron, but at that point I would strongly recommend that 20V. Wedges.. meh. the 50, 54 are good, the 58, I'm just used to Vokey. Looks: 11/10.. they look SO GOOD. In bag and address. Brand: Honma is very hit or miss.. I think they've missed the "cool factor" mark a bit - but regardless, anyone know knows anything will appreciate what these clubs are. If you're bored with the revolving door of big OEM releases and the frequency of rebranded and marketed similar clubs.. I would urge you to hit these. I might take more detailed pictures of these to show - I think this set is good enough where it would be worth sharing more details.
  2. So testing this filthy combo set for a week or so.. 3i - TR21x 4-7i - TR20V 8-10i - TR20B Honma wedges Shafts are the Vizard 100x Not sure if anyone follows my instagram but this is the exact setup I was thinking about getting vs. PXG before I decided to actually get fit. I'll be able to write up a pretty solid comparison and it will be interesting to see how these do. I didn't expect to be as "wowed" by these in person, but man, in the bag, they are GORGEOUS! At address they look really clean and match the in bag look. I'll be hitting them today on the course so I can comment further.
  3. Man.. I leave for 2 years and you've got a new screen name, badge, and avatar?! Mr. Official now! Committed to the PXG's today. We were going to take the winner and put it up against the Srixons, but at the end the results were so good, that neither of us thought it would be worth the wait. The fitter had seen/hit them and said not worth the wait vs. what we saw and taking input on my feedback on the other irons I tried. I may still hit them vs. my PXG's just to see how they do purely for reporting back to WRX and I'll also be testing the Honma's this weekend since my Miura's sold and I'm lucky enough to have some great friends with nice backup sets I am very excited to see how the woods do.. great seeing you on here
  4. I like that thought process! haha! If anyone is interested, I just listed my Miura's in the BST.
  5. SOLD THANK YOU! Hi Everyone, I just got re-fit for 2021 and regretfully have to sell my beloved Miura set. Asking $1,350 shipped and will include a Miura driving 3i with GD IZ 95 only at my asking price (the weight screw won't come out, and has a slight rattle, but the club probably cost me $500+ to find and build) On to the details.. Miura MC501 4-PW Miura Tour Forged Wedges DG Tour X100's, Standard LLL Grips are Tour Velvet BCT logo down +1 wrap Miura ferrules All shafts were Pure'd and dialed in at the Cool Clubs tour center in AZ - these were purchased new by me and I think everything was just under $3K for the Cool Clubs build. Only blemish that is not "normal wear" is a scratch on the sole of the 6 iron.
  6. No, he wasn't really worried about the spin. It was also good we were hitting into a breeze the whole time, which would have exposed any over spin. Definitely spin more than the X100's, but loved the results I saw. Hoping it translates to the course. Will be doing woods in 2 weeks.
  7. You can definitely tell how low/low the iron/shaft combo is with the Miura/X100. My swing also isn't as repeatable as it was in year's past, so seeing how good this grouping was out of the gate definitely made me happy. Now to rub two pennies together to see how I'm going to pay for these things
  8. They were all 6 irons.. hit into a slight hurting cross wind. They said that a premium ball spins on avg 250-350 less than the range ball numbers shown. Edit.. also to note, I was hitting a very slight cut most of the time.
  9. Okay - gonna strike while the iron is hot and all of this is fresh in my mind. Old school WRX level of detail.. here we go Conditions were great, grass was pure, and using new range balls (not premium). About a constant 10 mph wind in and off the right. I'm not sure if the Trackman information is normalized, I think it is. Heads - see picture above. Did not try the Srixons, have the option to in 1 week, Honma not tested Shafts - MMT 125x and SF 110x. I want to stay graphite but if we weren't getting the result we wanted, we were going to look into lighter steel. On to the data.... My current set, Miura 501 with X100 - like I mentioned earlier, I've just started playing enough to notice trends in misses and that 6iron and up, could use some help in forgiveness and turf interaction. Also, my misses really jar my elbow and basically can ruin my round with annoying pain (golfer's elbow). Once I feel it come on, my swing is tentative, and basically scared to fully release the club.. kind of a snowball effect. When I'm hitting the ball well, these are about as good as it gets. Especially the low irons, you can make the ball do whatever you want on a good ballstriking day. On a bad day, we'll use an example relevant to my trackman data - say my 6 iron goes 195 in the air when hit well, if you look at the graph and my misses and distances sacrificed on thin/offcenter.. that is the different between a birdie putt and dropping hitting 4. This scenario pretty much sums up my scores.. slightly under par to 84 - not a fun way to golf. Miura Data: There is a 10 yard (or more) difference from hitting the middle to slightly off.. out of this grouping, I hit 2 perfectly.. one was a slight pull hook (way off target) which skewed these numbers.. you will see later when I show the doppler comparison to the winner. <Typing Intermission> There were TWO clear favorites here which I will show the charts below and those were the PXG 0311T and the Titleist T100. The shaft was also a shocker.. the SF110X was WAAAAAAY better than the MMT for me. I'm not sure if it was the weight or what but the first shot I hit with the SF was flushed and it never stopped. I don't say this lightly - but the PXG and T100 with SF110 are game changing for me. This was one of the most "wow" fitting sessions I have had, and I have had a lot. I'll get my thoughts on the "others" before focusing on the final 2 below. Callaway CB: Really nice, feels great, performance was decent, but just not close to the other two. Callaway irons for me have been underwhelming since the original XForged. Overall, solid iron, wouldn't game it. Titleist CB: beautiful club, performs well, overall would game in a second, but compared to the T100 and PXG, unnecessarily hard to hit compared and not sure much easier than the 501, maybe just a bit. TM MC definitely the prettiest looking in the bag (aside from Miura), the way the offset/neck/topline transition looks really weird to my eye. They did not feel that good at all - compared to the PXG which felt like hitting a marshmallow, these were not that great at all, if you handed me a set not in a fitting, would love these.. side by side.. meh.. If I was a TM guy, I'd rock these. Mizuno decent, nothing crazy. On to the final two - PXG 0311T and Titleist T100 Dispersion chart - note the variation of right/left and also distance with each club grouping compared to each other. Look at the top left balls with the Miura compared to short right.. that is exactly what needs to be minimized for my game and scoring: Titleist: PXG: Winner? PXG 0311T GEN3 So leaving the fitting, the T100 and PXG were SO close to each other that it came down to a few smaller things that add up. My reviews have always taken data + the sum of all smaller details that = the overall performance and enjoyment of what I'm using. I have caught flack for that in the past, but that's how I pick clubs - the Trackman can't find everything and I'm a FIRM believer of outdoor Trackman fittings. They leave very little room for variation from what you see in a fitting vs. on course. This has been proven to me over a long period of time and Cool Clubs has been very consistent for me. I just saw the data up close and it looks like the T100 is actually better on Trackman. However, the one thing I didn't like was the random nuked ball with 501's and the T100 did it a few times. I'm not complaining about more distance, but if you look at the PXG, it was solid the entire time, even my bad shots got improvement when my "nuked" shots were predictable. So that was one factor.. The second factor was that the PXG's feel like you are hitting marshmallows.. nothing else to say, they feel insanely good with the SF. The T100's feel "good", the PXG's feel amazing. They are both such good irons setup with that SF shaft for me - that I can't say much else other than how much I liked both. I'm pretty excited about this.. not kidding when I say I haven't hit this many pure shots in a row (PXG and Titleist) in a really long time and to get through this fitting pain free was major. MMT vs. SF - forgot to touch on this more. I tried them in the PXG and Titleist and quickly moved on from them and kept with the SF. The MMT feels like a graphite shaft.. inconsistent load, just felt weird. Keep in mind I'm a lifetime X100 player, the SF was an EASY transition. Felt more like a steel shaft in the way it loaded but without the vibrations. I haven't finalized my order, but looking like PXG 0311T Gen3 4-P, PXG forged 50 and 55, SM8 Raw 60 (whichever grind is closest the the V) - was toying with adding the 0311P in the 4 iron.. but not sure yet.
  10. A little nostalgia.. here we go again for 2021
  11. Chris this time for irons.. Josiah will be out till late January - he will fit me for the woods when they get the new TM/Cally stuff. All of my previous fittings have been with Josiah.
  12. Decided to get fit. Going with the tried and true, Cool Clubs. I figured I was getting up too high in cost for an experiment or another game of equipment whack-a-mole Will be fit for irons next week, then woods when the new clubs come out. Truly have no idea what I will get fit into.. will keep you all posted.
  13. Heartbreaking to read this, Breck was one of the truly good guys on here. He truly put his heart and soul into his family, Stratton, and Stratton's golf equipment. It was really fun watching Stratton progress on here.. now having a son of my own, I hope to be the type of person/dad that Breck clearly was to his kids. Stratton if you ever stumble upon this thread - just know that there is never a good time to lose a parent, your dad was, is, and will continue to be your biggest fan. Keep pushing and continue to make him proud. Positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
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