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  1. How is the mat attached to the wooden ramp? Any opinions on removing the ramp without damaging the mat? I really don’t like ramps or auto returns, but the mat looks interesting. thanks
  2. Could the ice in his veins possibly have more value in the majors? Others in contention at the big ones might tighten up more than he does giving him the slight edge to end up at the top of the leader board on Sunday evening. I don’t know how one could prove it with statistics, but with the growing sample size of wins and high major finishes something might start to pop out in the numbers vs the field. Any quant masters have some free time? Haha
  3. Thanks bud. Exactly what I was looking for and shipped quickly? > @nocarts83 said: > Blue piretti iomic grip sold.
  4. We call it Chicago. It’s the go to bet suggestion from the high caps. Low caps better have a good day and not just par their way around the course. I like playing it even as a low single digit bc after the bogey stroke many guys will just pick up and save time.
  5. Looks like a winner to me. Love a tri-sole and the Toulons I have rolled all felt soft yet responsive.
  6. > @DaveLeeNC said: > These are the earbuds that I recommend on the golf course. > https://tinyurl.com/y3mlkyvf > > Nothing else works when you are using the proper shafts on your clubs. > https://tinyurl.com/y34e4ky3 > > dave Thanks for the advice! I ordered two pairs in case I run out of juice. Just worried the frequency of my driver shaft might be thrown off if I stop using mid round.
  7. > @autronicdsm said: > I play Lynx Parallax once in a while. Ditto on the Parallax. Fun taking my first set out every now and then. Right now I have my old tour edge exotics gen 1 3 wood in the bag. The center ring on my Cally Big Berthas adjustable hosel cracked, so the old TEE is back in action.
  8. Anyone know if another Mfg makes a similar grip to the new Pistolero Plus? I thought it felt pretty good.
  9. If it was posted on bst. First PM....Can I get some up close face, sole and top line pics please. I think I see some brush marks on the sole and that worries me. Would you take $85 shipped?
  10. Been playing the same G20s since their release (riding them to a 4 handi). Very consistent but fugly. This winter tried some 718 AP1/3s and went 1 bc I couldn’t do anything with the 3s I couldn’t do with the 1s. In the few actual on course experiments I’ve done (just walking hitting shots messing around) I’d say I am very impressed with the 5 iron (traditional loft 4). I’m one of those golfers that doesn’t do anything exceptionally bad/great, but manage to get the ball into the hole. I know enough about the picture of what I want a ball to do, even if I don’t have the talent to always make
  11. I still have my parallax. Love hitting them every once In a while, but unfortunately the groves are now non-conforming.
  12. My order got cancelled as well. Give them a call and a chance to make it right. I found their customer service to be top notch.
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