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  1. I agree with Noodler. I repaired a broken shaft for my golfing partner. It was an adjustable Ping driver. It seemed to be fully cured and survived the first full drive. On the second drive the head flew off into tall grass. Everyone including our two competitors was so fascinated with the club head flying off that no one followed the ball. Later a post mortem showed that the shaft was completely intact but most of the adapter left with the clubhead. There was a lack of adhesion between the shaft and adaptor. I also reshafted a Callaway driver for myself. Now I am worried. I
  2. Hi, Like the Super S Idea hybrids at 19 and 22 degrees. TonyT.
  3. Hello, Does anyone know the loft of a set of CGR-2 Irons ? I have 3-9 and PW that I bought a long time ago. Thanks ! Best regards, Tony T.
  4. The tipping would be wrong. Three woods are tipped about an inch depending on the shaft. Drivers are usually not cut at all again depending on the shaft. Shafts are cut to length at the butt end. You would also have to make sure you don't change the swing weight too.
  5. Hi, Just out of curiosity, how did the Dynacraft Prophet CBs work out ? I play the Maltby KE4 Tour + as can be seen by my signature. The strong lofts are a bit scary to me. I went with the Maltbies because of the weaker lofts and less offset.
  6. Hello, Looking over your original post, the only LH thriver is the XV Ultimate Thriver which according to Hireko is 10 - 20 grams heavier than a "normal" driver. It has a 12 degree loft. The web page is here, http://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-components/clubheads/golf-drivers/acer-xv-ultimate-thriver-clubhead.html . Both left handed and right handed versions are out of stock at the moment.
  7. Have you tried the "Thriver" series from Hireko? They are three wood weight with driver heads in the XS and Ultimate XV Thriver. The XV mini is more like a big three wood. The lofts range from 12-14 degrees.
  8. My instructor gave me a the seven wood that is listed here. I really enjoy using it off of the fairway or rough. The high loft helps get the ball up quickly off of bad lies. To me it is a lot easier to hit than a 3, 4, or even a 5 iron. If you are having trouble with your long irons, try a 7 or 9 wood. If you can hit long irons well off the deck, more power to you.
  9. Speaking of woods...You'll pry my 27 degree 7-wood (Trident) from my cold dead fingers. Loft rules. This was the best club my instructor ever gave me. Seriously, I use this as a rescue and a do it all utility club. The higher loft makes shots out of the rough easier for hackers like me.
  10. ...and just for the record I purchased the Razr Extreme with the -2 inch shaft option on the Callaway pre-owned hop it turned out to be a "three wood shaft". I think that Callaway tipped the club for a driver and then trimmed the butt end for a three wood length....BTW, I like the length and loft of this driver....
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