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  1. Has anyone had one of these refinishers do any hand-softening on their putter? Is that even an option from these refinishers? If so, how did it turn out?
  2. Don't expect one. I've sent a few PMs and haven't gotten a response. He has, however, responded to my comments on his posts.
  3. I asked them if they would be releasing the Ringo GSS heads in the future and got very prompt email responses. It was a resounding "no but you can buy a carbon (material) Ringo". The headshapes are completely different...but I at least got a quick reply...it just wasn't what I wanted to hear
  4. Usually there are two intentions behind counterweights or weighted grips: matching a desired swingweight or simply putting more weight in your hands. The theory behind more weight in the hands is that you are forced to use bigger muscles (shoulders, core, etc) to make the stroke rather than hands/wrists; that's likely what they're going for here. Adding weight near the grip end, however, will lighten the swingweight. Putting the weight at the bottom of the grip may be a compromise between adding more weight in the hands and not making the swingweight plummet. The closer to the balance point th
  5. Well, re-reading the first post, I can't tell if they actually own one or just have one on order. So, why not ask twice haha
  6. Would you mind measuring the topline thickness of your GOAT too if the other commenter doesn't beat you to it?
  7. Could you measure the topline thickness of your GOAT?
  8. Anyone else pick up one of these? I'm kicking myself for not grabbing one when I first saw them in stock. I haven't found another Anser 2/Newport 2 style putter that looks as nice as this does at address.
  9. @MattGolfs what is the topline thickness and face height (if you don't mind measuring) on your 620? Does anyone else have address pics of their 620s? Mattgolfs 620 looks to have almost a more rockered sole than the 615s. Is that just me? Or is that one of the differences between 006s/620s and 615s? Any other differences? I remember seeing a thread describing exactly that on PutterTalk...but RIP PutterTalk.
  10. I'm throwing a plug in for Kari Lajosi. I have a custom putter from him and his prices seem to be better than most custom manufacturers
  11. Agreed. And for those that want something in the 330g range, Toulon is out. Could you post some pics when the Arizona comes in?
  12. Yeah I'm not sure I completely follow the "...the same weight but in tungsten will be added to the toe..." But the fact that he's removing weight at the heel to offset the heavier neck on the 326g version leads me to believe he is considering how the sweet spot moves
  13. I seem to recall him saying he could meet most loft/lie requests. I'm unsure if that's through a slight design alteration or bending a finished putter. On the weight topic, ask and you shall receive (see pic). I'm always a fan if buying a putter that's too light. Lead tape is cheap and easy. I don't want to test my metalworking skills with a grinding wheel on a putter that's too heavy with no adjustable weights.
  14. For anyone that owns one of these, could you measure the topline thickness? Please and thank you.
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