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  1. Rory is extending from the pelvis quite aggressively through the ball and this gets the shaft to stand up a little more at impact. He definitely isn’t trying to manufacture it with wrist angles
  2. I’m happy for Adam to win because it will show how utterly pointless the last anchor ban was so they’ll either do it right this time or not at all.
  3. Cheers Brooks for at least trying to make me tune in tomorrow
  4. Pretty sure Seb from Eleven Sports tried to sell me car aerials the other day
  5. Always enjoy a Stewart Cink dome sighting
  6. Somehow Tiger needs to get the fear back.
  7. How has it taken this long for brooks to make a bogey?
  8. He would've missed the cut with the Scotty. Did you see him putt at Memorial and Wells Fargo? May as well do something. He’d putt better with a pool noodle.
  9. It’s been a long time coming. The man couldn’t get airtime if he won an event.
  10. Am really hating this elevensports.com thing. I hope golf doesn’t become a regular feature for them because I’m not paying another monthly subscription to watch events.
  11. I think from your post it’s clear you’ve watched very little golf
  12. TJbasket

    Hank Haney

    Well I mean one thing that is undeniable is that, regardless of what you think of him, Hank knows Tiger better than anybody on this website. So surely if there was one opinion to give any weight to it would be his.
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