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  1. Prices are shipped ConUS only. Message me with any questions and for my PayPal. NO TRADES. TM SIM Max 10.5 Driver- PX Evenflow Riptide 60g 6.5 X (NO TIPPING, not tipped 1” like most) playing 45”, blue mcc+4, includes head cover and wrench, hit a handful of balls in the simulator, hard to tell from new. $425 400 OBROPing G410 5 wood - Alta CB 65 S, tour velvet grip, slight use, some ball marks on face and light scratches on sole but top line and crown perfect. $OLD
  2. jcg132

    Vokey SM8

    My order is in, agree the price is crazy but it is what it is... Vokey SM8 Raw 49.11°F - True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 (Thin Top Line, 2.0° Flat, D5)Vokey SM8 Raw 54.12°D - True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 (Tour Grind, 2.0° Flat, D5)Vokey SM8 Raw 59.07°M - True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 (Tour Grind & Smooth Grind Lines, 2.0° Flat, D5) Will probably swap out the gap wedge shaft once i have it.
  3. Going to have to disagree with that. My carbon 009M is way softer feeling than this offering.
  4. Does anyone have monitor numbers of gen 2 vs gen 3? My gen 2 already spin crazy low even with pro v1x's and I would be worried if gen 3 spin even less.
  5. Hit the max in the simulator yesterday versus my G410 gamer. Max was probably longer on best strikes but wanted to go left more and I was definitely all over the face. May sawp out the stock riptide for a tensei pro white (which is my current gamer) and see if that doesn't help get it a bit more stable. for now though, the ping stays in the bag
  6. wow no black finish available on the new line from the custom shop - wonder why
  7. Has anyone gotten a shipping notification or do they just show up?
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