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  1. Tensei sold! Only the head left so another price drop!
  2. 7/29 price drops - pinning the ad - let's hear some offers, need this stuff gone!
  3. Prices are shipped ConUS only. Message me with any questions and for my PayPal. No trades. 1. Ping G410 Plus 10.5 -Tensei Pro White 60 TX - standard size MCC+4 grip - 45” playing length. Includes head cover. Built by People’s Clubs. Hot melted to D4 for improved sound, I have various extra weights I can include if another swing weight is needed. Used for one season, some wear on face and tee marks on sole but crown and top line clean. Shaft sold - $OLD OBRO head only. 2. Ping Alta Shaft - 55 R - stock from Ping G425, includes arccos grip. $OLD pin 7/29
  4. Prices are shipped ConUS only. Message me with any questions and for my PayPal. NO TRADES. TM SIM Max 10.5 Driver- PX Evenflow Riptide 60g 6.5 X (NO TIPPING, not tipped 1” like most) playing 45”, blue mcc+4, includes head cover and wrench, hit a handful of balls in the simulator, hard to tell from new. $425 400 OBROPing G410 5 wood - Alta CB 65 S, tour velvet grip, slight use, some ball marks on face and light scratches on sole but top line and crown perfect. $OLD
  5. jcg132

    Vokey SM8

    My order is in, agree the price is crazy but it is what it is... Vokey SM8 Raw 49.11°F - True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 (Thin Top Line, 2.0° Flat, D5)Vokey SM8 Raw 54.12°D - True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 (Tour Grind, 2.0° Flat, D5)Vokey SM8 Raw 59.07°M - True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 (Tour Grind & Smooth Grind Lines, 2.0° Flat, D5) Will probably swap out the gap wedge shaft once i have it.
  6. Going to have to disagree with that. My carbon 009M is way softer feeling than this offering.
  7. Does anyone have monitor numbers of gen 2 vs gen 3? My gen 2 already spin crazy low even with pro v1x's and I would be worried if gen 3 spin even less.
  8. Hit the max in the simulator yesterday versus my G410 gamer. Max was probably longer on best strikes but wanted to go left more and I was definitely all over the face. May sawp out the stock riptide for a tensei pro white (which is my current gamer) and see if that doesn't help get it a bit more stable. for now though, the ping stays in the bag
  9. wow no black finish available on the new line from the custom shop - wonder why
  10. Has anyone gotten a shipping notification or do they just show up?
  11. Got my custom order in set to my specs with pistolini. Really close to my gamer 009M. Gamer has slightly shorter blade length and higher face. Def going in backup bag and will probably have custom shop refinish to black over the winter.
  12. Price is shipped ConUS only. Message me with questions and for my Paypal. No trades. Toulon Garage Portland - 34”, 4 loft, 70 lie, mint condition, used for one golf trip to Streamsong, has sat in backup bag since. Includes all goodies shown. $325 OBRO Pin 2/5
  13. just ordered with an AD DI now - showing no upcharge - if they try and charge me more i will cancel - good find!
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