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  1. Callaway Mavrik 9* triple diamond *MINT* will ship in epic flash headcover. $495/obo PXG bat attack gen1 plumbers neck, w/headcover...super clean and the best putter ive ever used. I opted to keep my all black version over the sil/black. $225/obo
  2. Im not 100% sure...i weighed them on my swingweight scale and got this. 245-4 252-5 259-6 266-7 273-8 280-9 287-p
  3. Veeeeery clean, used 2 rounds and 1 range session on mats. Got em for my kid and hes not quite ready, back to his beloved CMBs. Lookin for $905/obo Dynamic Gold s300 w/tour velvet 360s
  4. Sweet combo set here solid 9/10 condition (super light bag chatter on the MC’s cuz theyre so dang soft) with factory installed PX 6.5. Lie is 1*up and lofts are std for TM combo set (4&5 1/2* weak) Lookin for $905/obo Only real trade interest i think would be ZX7s but you can shoot offers over.
  5. Yes its the same as double wide, 34.5” and whatever the stock weights are. Its got some weight to it, I typically like a heavier putter. I believe the stock weight is 370g
  6. Tryin to fund another putter purchase, help a brutha out. PXG closer murdered out all black, absolutely mint. $SOLD Toulon San Diego in great shape. $170/obo
  7. All items include priority shipping and pp fees... Epic Frash 9* triple diamond in great condition, id say mint but im strict. $SOLD Sim UDI 3 w/diamana thump 100 x-stiff in mint condition. $SOLD 13 Golf pride tour velvet 360 pulls almost brand new $SOLD 8 golf pride mcc “teams” north carolina pulls nearly new $SOLD
  8. Priority shipping unless otherwise requested. Prefer cash but may consider a trade for something I like (probably similar irons)...want more pics or have a trade offer just lemme know. Very clean Titleist 620cb 4-p w/x-100 factory installed, std length, mcc midsize blackouts maybe 2 months old. Some very light bag chatter, no dings to speak of. All serials match. I did remove shaft stickers for cleaner look. Full disclosure. $SOLD/obo
  9. Its a tensei pro white 90TX...it could be for sale, lol...$90 shipped?
  10. Small quick sale...items ship priority and prices include shipping. If you want more pics lemme know. Epic Flash 9* sub zero triple diamond in great shape, perfect topline, face is used but beautiful $275/obo Ventus Black 6x callaway tip, if you need another tip i may have one. Shaft is perfect, no marks. 44" and plays 45". $SOLD
  11. All prices include priority shipping and pp fees...only trade interest might be spider chalk 34 or 35 in good condition. Mavrik 9* triple diamond in perfect condition, comes with headcover $475/OBO Scotty Squareback 1.5 slant neck 34.5", was 34" stock and i put an extension...very minty $295/OBO Tensei pro white 70TX 42 1/4 pxg tip $120/OBO Tensei pro white 90TX 40" pxg tip $95/OBO Hzrdus smoke black 6.5 70g 43 1/2" no tip $70/OBO
  12. Those are micro paint chips, but cant be seen from top, you can see them lookin str8 at face.
  13. ((Mods, this is not the same tensei raw i listed last week, i sold that one with a callaway tip.)) Prices include priority mail shipping and PP fees... Sim ti 15* *head only* with headcover. Some slight marking on face from impacts which can be seen lookin at face, topline clean and in overall great shape. Have a hzrdus smoke green 70g 6.5 i could include for additional price. $SOLD Tensei RAW av 65TX with TM tip. Will play 45" in driver...comes with golf pride mcc in good shape. $235/obo Tensei pro white 60TX with Callaway tip. Will play 44.5" in driver. No
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