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  1. Will be in San Diego for work later this week, looking to squeeze in a few rounds during the week and weekend. 2 of us. Any recommendations based on current conditions are most appreciated. Also, looking for ideas for practice, added plus if have lights for after dark enjoyment.
  2. I played castlerock last summer. Was a terrific course, good conditions, and just a very different feel from the super busy Rota level courses. I would recommend it as a easy day with a push cart going at your own pace. Also as a warm up round as soon as we got of the plane, we played Hollywood golf club which is just a few minutes from the airport. Very cheap. Short course that is an easy walk. Course that Rory grew up on and was definitely a good course for the price.
  3. My group had a last minute drop out at Creighton Farms tomorrow. If anyone is interested please let me know. $137.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Going to look into the hotels vs availability and price. JPT mentions lots of private golf. I may have access through my local club pro, any recommendations for privates that are more likely to let me on?
  5. Looking at the possibility of a fall family weekend down to West Palm area. Any insight for good place to stay that provides easy access to beach but also serves as a central location for me to get a round or 2 in? Also taking course recommendations as well.
  6. Museum is actually easy to get to if you use the back gate and not the main gate. The back gate allows visitors to the museum before you hit another checkpoint where DOD credentials are required.
  7. Thanks all. Great suggestions. Likely to try Lost Key since it is less than half the drive of Brewton. Just curious what you consider a “big in” for steelwood. If it’s truly that spectacular I may have to add it to another future trip.
  8. Going to add in 1-2 rounds on a work trip. Likely to play AC Read course but looking for other options. Willing to travel to mobile or gulf shores if worth the trip.
  9. Looking for ideas on a trip I can take with my non-golfing wife in late March. Looking for a nice resort that can pamper her while I try and fit in 18 once or twice. I’m very familiar with Pinehurst, Primeland, Greenbrier. Something along those lines would be good. Also been to Charleston many times. Initial ideas are Sea Island or Nemacolin. Appreciate any ideas or feedback on the above.
  10. Curious if the experienced solo golfers have suggestions for which places worked best for solo? Resort golf vs. non-resort? Major cities vs. sleepy towns? Best could be defined many ways: best pure golf, best place to meet others, best based on price.
  11. Thanks again for the information. I think we have decided to spend a night at Innisbrook and Work all the rust off on a full day of Island course then Copperhead. I expect we will enjoy these more so than TPC. WW was considered but a little too inconvienant with the rest of the itinerary.
  12. That is very kind offer, but we will already be a foursome.
  13. Can't say I expected that... thanks for the heads up. With that, maybe Avila is the best option?
  14. Foundry in Richmond and Trump DC. Neither are super exclusive or expensive (such as RTJ or Kinloch), but the courses are well respected in the state. Maybe a better question is if Old Mem or Avila are truly worth the effort? Are there other alternatives that would be easier and more low-key around the TPA area for a warm-up? I know TPC is an option...
  15. Headed to streamsong to play all 3 in February but looking for a warmup round in the area when we arrive to TPA. Read that Old Memorial and Avila were top notch but require some connections to get on. Curious what that means. I’m a member of a private course in VA and can ask for the pro to make a call, but I’m not familiar with the courses in Tampa so unsure if they would just laugh at the request. Any insights?
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