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  1. All brand new or custom new. All actual pics! 1995 Napa - $550 - SOLD 2020 Newport 2.5. - $349 - matching new headcover California Napa-$570. - SOLD Fujimoto Flow Neck $500 - SOLD
  2. Brand new in Plastic. Comes with new matching head cover and ferrule. I have in my possession in Alabama. $1100 shipped
  3. $139 shipped... used.... excellent conditon.... case not included Bushnell 7x26mm Pro 1600 Slope Edition w/ PinSeeker 205106 is one of the leading rangefinders on the market! The Bushnell 205106 is a premium digital laser rangefinder from Bushnell designed specifically for golf , featuring built-in slope compensator, superb optical quality and selective targeting modes. Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinders determines distances based on the degree of elevation change. It doesn't just tell you how far - it tells you exactly how far to play it. So you'll never question the range at the top of yo
  4. want to use straight .355 putter shaft over hosel tip. What should hosel tip diameter be? I am assuming the.355 is the outside diameter of the putter shaft. Guessing hosel tip should be slightly smaller than inside diameter of shaft.
  5. Help...cannot find how to "Pin" and item in classifieds. Thanks
  6. Set is 1/4 inch long(38.25" 5 iron) and in very good shape. As new Rifle flighted 6.0 shafts and new Golf pride velvet grips. $450
  7. Mine is D4. Really helps to feel the club and rhythm of swing; especially in hotter weather.
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