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  1. Thrifts have been a literal joke around here this year. I bought a set of Hogan Radial irons off FB for $35 and sold em on eBay for $163 though!
  2. You'd be shocked how well Bar Keepers Friend and a stiff brush with warm water does for some old chrome.
  3. Gorgeous chrome, 1983 forged heads. Hogan Vector (3) shafts. Beautiful Hogan factory grips. $200 via PayPal or Venmo. Actual shipping to your location via USPS Priority to be paid by BUYER. I will quote you. Own a legend! dwcopple@yahoo.com is fastest contact!
  4. I actually use mid size on my irons/wedges and standard on my hybrids/woods. I can roll my hands over faster to eliminate the far right miss.
  5. dcopp7


    use strips of a soda can instead. One can can make hundreds of them
  6. That's definitely TRUE ^^^
  7. Paid $35. They look clean as a whistle. They have Vector 3 shafts in them and the original Hogan grips. Pics when I get em.
  8. You can ship most irons sets for $12-15 via Usps priority in my experience. And I've sold a LOT on eBay.
  9. you have a lot to learn about club flipping it appears. eBay BUYERS pay shipping costs, not the seller. Unless you are a moron and click "free shipping" for some dumb reason. List, list, list!!!
  10. The set I had/sold was like this
  11. They are PAID to use them. Tiger uses a Ping man slim.
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