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  1. I always thought these were a gimmick but you guys might be persuading me...
  2. Here's the Golden Bears I found. They are sweet!
  3. $95 shipped via USPS Priority with tracking. Paypal +4% Zelle Cash App Google Pay [email protected] is fastest
  4. Scored big tonight. FB marketplace ad. Got a set of tour grind Ram FX Pro Set irons 3-9, a Titleist Scotty mallet putter, a vintage Titleist leather bag, and a random Nike Victory Red S forged 4i. Also got a set of Top Flite clubs and stand bag. Got it all for under $50. Listed the Nike, Rams, and Scotty on the 'bay.
  5. I picked up a set (2-9i) of OLD MacGregor Nicklaus Golden Bear irons with REG.084 on the back. They are like a muscle back iron. Maybe store line but really well done. I'm Coke soaking them now and will post pics after a good cleaning.
  6. I have an alloy Powerbilt. Sweet club.
  7. so what was the yardage of the course from the super senior tees? What sort of hole required a 2nd shot with a 2 wood off the deck from those tees? I'm having trouble envisioning that. Please shed some light.
  8. Used it on 2 holes last night. First drive, tight fade 245yds. 2nd drive, Lazer straight 265 yds over trees to first cut rough. Outdrove my buddy with his Cobra SZ, lol. He said, "bag it!"
  9. You must destroy a 9° Driver. Good grief!
  10. No. Modern guy making vintage sticks
  11. Sweet club, I prefer satin over that much gloss though personally. What ball do you plan to play?
  12. Yeah, ordered one today after talking to the seller. I'll be listing the full set together one I have it. Gotta spend money to make $$$.
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