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  1. Sorry guys. I caved to the $40 off $200 coupon stackable with additional 8% off at Global and ordered a Ping G SF Tec 10° with Reg flex shaft. I pounded the G425 on the launch monitor so hoping this club does me similar results. It's just 1/3rd the cost.
  2. 1. MIZUNO ST190 2. SRIXON Z585 3. TOUR EDGE EXOTICS EXS220 I've narrowed my new driver choices to these 3. I need to improve my launch after a fitting session. Club head speed was mid 90s but I haven't swung a club since October so I'd wager closer to 100mph in warmer months with some play and flexibility increases. My miss is a slice. Shot shape is normally a baby fade. Lemme know. I heard the ST190 is better than the ST200. Lemme know if that's wrong.
  3. TourEdge.com site has the newest Exotics driver on sale for $249 shipped i think Yeah the EXS 220
  4. Tour Edge makes phenomenal woods. Way underrated. Their warranty is no BS either.
  5. What do you do with that 1 iron ^^^?
  6. I have a recent thread where I recreated a Cobra Deep face into a bore through like Tiger used in 97 Masters
  7. Its. 1.66". It's the deepest persimmon I own. My PB, Penna, and Hogan's only measure 1.41-1.48"
  8. Cobra Baffler comes to mind but they were laminate not persimmon
  9. I had a 19° Cleek bagged for a good long while. It hit some outstanding shots for sure. Great club.
  10. That's Titanium, not stainless. For Stainless. I would say I have hit the MacGregor Nicklaus 20th Muirfield driver the best. I have hit a few bombs with my 7.5* Burner steel though too.
  11. I've got this one coming out of the MacGregor custom shop made for PGA Tour Professional Don Olney.
  12. Sold the Radials in a day. They are off to Austria. profit of around $155ish
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