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  1. We have tried Mevo+ at some of my long drive events and frankly, it was a failure. Sometimes it got the ball flight completely wrong, it failed to capture club data frequently and it was usually 10-15 yards off but at times up to 40 yards. At high swing speeds, it really shows its weaknesses. GCQuad will sometimes boost the carry numbers a bit but generally it's pretty close. Mevo+ for 2k, for the average player, is probably just fine but, in my experience, there are some issues in accuracy.
  2. It's been a few weeks since I did this test and added the blades to my bag so I wanted to give a little follow-up. The honest truth is that I have hardly noticed a difference from performance and I appreciate the feel and look. I've had my best rounds this year with these in the bag. There was a shot I hit WAY out on the toe about a week ago and it finished right where I thought it would have with my cavity backs. That being said I like having a little bit bigger head in the 4 and 5 iron for confidence. So I wouldn't go down to the long irons with them. But overall I'm really happy with them and will probably keep something similar in the bag going forward.
  3. Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. They are going to find a way to get ongoing revenue through software subscriptions or add-ons pretty easily. I just think they find a way to do that without dropping the out the door price much. Some here just have some pretty wishful thinking if your going to get what looks like the most comprehensive personal launch monitor ever for $1,500 bucks total for the first 12 months. But I'll eat my words if that's how they decide to do it. I hate waiting, hopefully we have more info soon.
  4. Wow! This is all going over my head. I just want it to give me reliable club data at a semi-reasonable price. But as someone with no experience in thid space I can tell you there is no way this retails for $1,000. Margin is almost always preferable to high volume from a business perspective. You don't see Bushnell dabbling in the $150 rangefinder space.
  5. Haha yeah on a sim @ 4,000 ft. altitude.
  6. Ebay is a decent place to start for heads. You just have to check frequently. I bought a callaway head on there for a decent price a few months ago. They also have used house of forged shafts as well. I found them to be pretty good. The last thing I found to be helpful was to use a lightweight grip because it increases club weight but lowers overall weight.
  7. I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic haha. It was all on QCquad so it was a simulated hole. Best I can do on my budget
  8. Ball speed was highest with the cavity back but it was a degree stronger. I think the heads are similar enough to each other that ball speed would have been very similar at the same loft.
  9. There are so many bigger problems contributing to slow play. An app that less than 5% of the golfing population will use is not going to impact your pace of play.
  10. I haven't used it but it seems really nice. I would prefer the screen and rangefinder separated like on the SL2 compared to the Z82. I have had the z82 for a year and it just takes too long to get a distance, the GPS can be off too often and I just don't ever feel confident in the number. If your deciding between the two I would give the SL2 a shot first.
  11. I think they only updated ios right now. Hopefully android will be updated soon. Those are some awesome features!
  12. I've broken two in the last year. One was from long drive training and drop kicking it and hitting heelside (I think), this was at over 125 mph. The other came from the glue in the adapter (Ping) coming loose and exposing the tip of the shaft to more force before I noticed it was loose. We put in a new adapter and it still broke within 5 swings.
  13. I didn't include accuracy or dispersion for a couple of reasons: 1) my iron swing is pretty awful right now so it was perfect for a forgiveness test, not so much for an accuracy test. 2) I didn't think it was a fair fight since the club components (shaft, grips, lie angle) are a little different. 3) I was playing a hole so the data would have been dramatized, for example, if I hit the ball straight but just caught the front bunker it would appear to be a much worse shot than if I hit a big fade right that caught the green and rolled down left. For what it's worth, both heads were pretty similar in how many misses finished right and left of the target line.
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