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  1. We probably need launch conditions to be able to give any good advice.
  2. Thanks Busted, I have a callaway epic flash LD head I've just started to use. The 130 club head speed is from foresight which measures differently than trackman. So it's about 1.47 instead of 1.50 optimum smash at those speeds on foresight from what I've heard from other guys. The angle of attack is different between the two as well. Foresight I'm about 5* up which is about 3 on trackman. Was just helping the OP with his question. I've only been going for about 2 months and just started overspeed training and built my long drive club. I'm expecting CHS to be about 137
  3. I've been working on getting into long drive this winter. Club speed coming close to 130 now and ball speed is just to 190. If you want distance, you need to launch it high, many tour pros are negative into the ball but those ones aren't searching for distance. So like others have said, you are probably just fine on angle of attack. I'm actually a little little higher than you are. I'm curious what your dynamic loft is. Maybe you are increasing loft at impact which is creating extra spin. You want your angle of attack and dynamic loft to be as close as possible. On GC
  4. The Pga tour superstore let's you rent a practise bay with GC2 for 9.99/30 mins. There are a few local places near me that have trackman or GCquad and require a monthly commitment of around $190 a month or $130 -$150 per month if you commit to a full year.
  5. It's been ok for me. I use a Samsung S9. I don't use the putting sensor though because I don't like the shape.
  6. I was about to tell you your crazy, then I looked at the catalog and I have to agree. I bought original tour 360 primeknits a few years ago and those are my favorite golf shoes ever. I also really like the adicross with white and blue. They are really sharp in person.
  7. If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.
  8. Rams hills has their opening the last weekend I am there. So its $140 to walk it with lunch etc... Good to know for Barona. Thanks!
  9. I'm going to San Diego next week. Any thoughts on Maderas vs. Borona Creek or making the trip all the way to Ram's hill?
  10. DLX has much nicer materials and more of a tour bag look. It has a separate place for shoes too which is cool. The Pioneer has more pockets and organization inside of those pockets. I would think both will last you a long time. I just bought the Pioneer, mostly because of price and I don't really want to put my clubs back into a 'tour' bag after I double chip and 3 putt. But that's just me.
  11. I haven't recieved it so I can't say for sure. It's probably similar to the DLX.
  12. It's at the top, it's a little indent with a screw. I think it's there to make it easy to pick up with 2 hands but I can see how it would do exactly what happened to you. The Pioneer putterwell pretty much went straight down. No notch.
  13. I just ordered a Ping Pioneer after considering both of these. I went with the Pioneer because of the placement of the cooler, a few more pockets and the C130 had a weird notch on the putter slot where the store rep said he had several people complain about tearing up their putter grip or hitting their hands. I also personally think the Pioneer is better looking but that's subjective.
  14. Yeah, so the rangefinder connects to the garmin app on your phone and it gives the wind speed and direction. That's also where it saves all your round details. I was surprised the Bushnell didn't have slope when I was shopping around. It's got to be something the add soon.
  15. I just got the Garmin Z82 and it does most of that. It measures wind from an app on your phone which I find isn't always that accurate or helpful and it doesn't take into account temp or other weather. It is definitely slower to use than a bushnell. BUT having the gps and hole layouts along with a laser in one device is pretty incredible. It will also do some stat tracking and measure your shot distance. It's a really great product and the closest to what your asking. Voice caddy also has a rangefinder that has GPS built in but I've never tried it. I've seen korean commercials for their next
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