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  1. Hard to tell in the pics...at least on my computer...is the body of the watch white or silver?
  2. Since The Great Panic of 2020 started: MEVO launch monitor through Andrew Jensen’s YouTube channelEpic Flash Heavenwood through Callaway PreownedMizzy T20 gap wedge ordered through local golf store...who knows when it will get hereSeveral dozen balls through local golf storeim sure there’s more to come!
  3. Needs to have two categories. The sub-$500 and the greater than $500 The Mevo gets my vote
  4. @gomuskies09 Since the Mevo uses radar and not a camera, lighting will have no impact on it. Radar works day or night just the same.
  5. How does the width run, specifically the toe box area?
  6. Hybrid: Mizuno CLK is about the most fade biased I’ve tried Fairway: any of the Callaway SZ models seem fairly fade biased
  7. Assuming flat lie, no height difference, no wind etc and I need to fly it 100-110 it will be my 52*….I average about 105 with it.
  8. Officially a 4.9...playing like I'm a 10 Mizuno MP-20 SELs with C-Taper Lite Stiff, 1/2" long, 2* flat Wedges are Callaway MD Forged 52, 56, 60 with PX 5.5 also 1/2" long, 2* flat Also have a set of Hogan Radials 3-PW that were my first set of real clubs...around 1991 or 92
  9. I would look at the Srixons like others have said...as well as the Wilson Staff Duo Soft which go for about $20 per dozen. It really doesn't matter which one you chose, but I would highly recommend picking one and only using that one type. There's no reason to try chasing the perfect ball since it doesn't exist. Chose one and stick with it...learn how it plays and use it to your advantage.
  10. I use my 60* for almost all my short shots including sand. And I practice with it a ton. I replace it about once a year. Other wedges get replace when I notice a change in performance.
  11. Of all time: 975D Current: Mizuno ST-190
  12. I think the black finish will keep the glare down so the caddie will have a better chance to see them and not get blinded by a bright reflection.
  13. The PGA Tour schedule has some realities it has to face. Weather...you can't have tournaments in the north during the winter and the south gets too hot in the summer. The tour runs on TV dollars...for TV dollars you have to have an audience...the more you go up against the bigger sports, the more the audience gets diluted. The only difference between this year's and last year's is the PGA moved and the Players moved. The schedule hasn't really been reduced, it's been reorganized. I think this schedule is better than previous years.
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