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  1. I was searching on ebay for a new shaft for my Driving iron and found a recoil 809 F5 (X stiff) shaft pretty cheap, the problem is that i've been searching online for a while and found nothing about the shaft, in the UST web they only list up to 808 F4 https://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/recoil/recoil-800-series-iron/ Not even in de discontinued 2017 version https://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/recoil/discontinued-models/2017-recoil-800-series-iron/ Anyone heard something about this shaft being legit or it's a fake? if it's legit, any experience or specs?
  2. Thanks for the replies I'm leaning towards aldila offering because of price and had good experiences in the past. Played og nv green, rip alpha, rip nv atx and rogue silver in my woods in the past and really like them Anyone can compare the og nv vs 2kxv green or current offerings? 100 for a shaft is out of the budget, would like to keep it under 60 cause the head is pretty old, maybe in the future will upgrade for a more current option like udi or u500
  3. Thanks for the recomendation This time i'm leaning more to a graphite shaft and maybe +.5" cause i want to improve my gapping with 3w, it was in my mind even before the old shaft snapped
  4. Nippon modus 120x hard stepped once in mp53 3w aldila nv 85x Driver hzrdus black 70x SS driver 111 to 114mph if my back's having a good day
  5. Actually a 3 iron head i guess 40" it's ok for a 3 iron? Don't remember cause the shaft snapped in half and didn't keep it
  6. Nv green 85x in my 3w Sandpaper would be ok to taper a shaft? I was a bit concerned about the process, if could make the shaft a bit weak so definetely will do it by hand Found this shaft on ebay super cheap but cant find the specs of voodoo by titleist https://www.ebay.com/itm/203524372399 Or maybe this one, looks like a revamp version of the one i have in my 3w https://www.ebay.com/itm/372723432187 https://www.ebay.com/itm/333161496152 https://www.ebay.com/itm/333741340805 And just check the weight of the head, 250
  7. Thanks my man Tip stiff, lower launch it's my go to and i'll guess 85/95 should be a good weight? A bit concern on tip sizes, most shafts i've found are .335 and .370 in graphite. Gamers right now are modus 120x in my irons, aldila 85x in 3w and hrdus black 70x in driver
  8. Thanks The head actually weights 250g and is .355 but if the shaft will play softer i'll take another route Any cheap option for a driving iron graphite shaft? The last one was steel but want to try graph
  9. I have an evenflow black 6.0 75g that came stock with my g410 and don't use cause its a bit soft for me. Last week the shaft of my driving iron snapped so i need to get a new one Question is, can i cut the shaft right above the adapter and use it in my driving iron? I don't have a shaft puller and i know that tipping will make the shaft more firm but don't know if it will be too much and messed up Old shaft on my driving iron was px steel 6.0 hard stepped and head is mizuno mp fli hi
  10. Gamed s300 for 6 years, then px 6.0 for 2 years but never get along, tried 6.0 flighted and hate them, gained some speed so went for a fitting, x100 but were too much for me but modus 120x were jackpot. 3 years past, 2 sets down but still modus 120 Feel is subjective but for me, 120x is a bit stiffer than s300 but way softer than x100 and much different than any px shaft i've tested
  11. And just to add, here we're having the worst of the pandemic so borders are closed. Most of the fitters in my county are from Argentina, makes sense cause we have only 7 courses in the area and 1.200 golfers across the country so any tweek to my bag i need will be on me at least untill the end of the year
  12. Thanks for the replies, let me elaborate a little more, when i ask about the effect on launch and spin i had in mind if there's a a new variable to take in count before adding lenght to my driver, i know shaft lenght could affect swing speed but never heard about the other 2 factors, i'm not looking for lower launch, maybe spin but as both mention, my impact has some fault here My common miss is low toe side and other times high toe that end up in a low pull hook but there's no magic driver that would fix that. Almost never miss in the heel and almost never hit a fade M
  13. I was fitted 2 years ago to a ping g410+ 9° -1.5° with evenflow black 6.0 tipped 2" to play at 44.75", it's a great club but not on distance. SS is 111 and spin is 2900/3000, carry avg 260/270. Adding 1" could affect launch and spin? I guess it's a cheaper alternative than change head or shaft
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