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  1. +1 here


    And what annoys me the most it's that damned port won't let me use the shotscope tag for my putter. I really like the shape of the pistol gt 1.0 but why the heck they don't offer the option to buy one with a regular cap?

  2. 7 hours ago, justcallmemoses said:

    I play the Tensei AV Raw White 65 stiff but have got great results testing the Tensei AV Blue 65 x-stiff. Has anyone ever jumped into an x-flex in a softer profile when they aren’t natural x-flex range?


    I’m working on speed. In my Mizuno iron fitting I was averaging 90mph with a 7 iron.

    90 w/7i actually is a pretty good base for a borderline s/x but depends a lot on how hard you release the shaft aka stressing the shaft


    Are you looking for speed training or just want to experiment?


    I did the same a few years back switching from nv 75s to blueboard x73 without leaving anything on the table


    For an X flex, tensei blue it's not that strong, maybe just a touch stronger than a white tipped and extra inch. I wouldn't say many mitsubishi offerings play strong to flex unless you go to TX. I remember the original tensei orange TX that felt like rebar

  3. This season i've tried a few different options all from GP. Used to play crosslines full cords with 5 layers of tape and this year went for softer grips but all in mid size


    For me, the best is a combo of tour suedes in wedges cause they are great without glove and mcc on the rest. For my putter its SS pistol 1.0


  4. 2 hours ago, nickosbad said:

    I’ve been wondering the same about the iBlade but wasn’t sure about the forgiveness


    Ive fallen out with my P7MC and was all ready to go for the new T100 if I can find a stock set this week (I played my best ever golf with AP2)


    However I can get a brand new set of iBlade in DGS300 for just over 1/2 the price of the T100


    I was concerned that the iBlade would not be any more forgiving than my P7MC but the offset on i210 bugs me

    if you want forgiving heel/toe strike, iblade should be fine and better than MC, if you are talking about missing high/low not much difference 


    i210 are in a different league, wider soles, more offset, very consistent irons but for a specific type of golfer, gamed 2 years the i200, skip de i210, fit for iblades but went back to my old mp53

  5. 2 hours ago, Valtiel said:

    Oh I don't think you even need to qualify that with "properly speaking". They are definitely not a true blade, but pretty clever to invoke that in the name for some player's vanity. 😄

    You got me on that, but definetly irons for "good golfers" 😆

  6. Properly speaking, iblades are not true blades cause they have a small cavity in the back and set the bar high for a new era of more forgiving players sets, definetly in the better feeling bracket from ping standards but lack the forged feeling (but great for cast) and as years go by, they'll get the status of one of the greatest of the modern era but also think that mp 53/54 are better

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  7. 7 hours ago, NNJ111 said:

    Are they smaller in midsize as well? I’m right on the edge of standard and midsize and haven’t been turning the ball over well recently so was going to go down to a built up standard but am cautious about stretching the grip too much, so if these are a smaller midsize that could be perfect

    Yes they are

    All my grips are midsize, have the microsuades in my wedges, multicompounds in my irons and tour bct on woods, definetly the suades are smaller than the others but also bigger than regular grips

  8. Gravitate always towards low/low shafts (by the standar in their prime, maybe not current low/low)



    - nv green 65/75

    - Atx green 75

    - diamana white 73

    - xtreme green  

    - GD throttle

    - rip alpha 70 (all time fav)

    - rogue silver 60

    - evenflow black 75 (hate it)

    - hzrdus smoke black 70 (current)


  9. Long story short, end up buying a set of DG s300 pretty cheap for a built up but heads were taper and shafts are parallel, sold the heads alone instead using a reamer and kept the shafts for a new set


    Any recomendation of iron heads to look up on the bay that use .370 shafts? Every set i used in the last few years were .355 


  10. My dad have the 3w and 5w since the release date, he's not playing much anymore but don't have any plans for a change. Hit them a few times, besides shafts don't suit me, the heads are one of the easiest to hit on and off the deck i ever tried. High spinning, a touch of draw bias but stupidly consistent, look elsewhere for distance but if you want easy woods, they're on par with anything in the market

  11. 3 hours ago, HappyGilmore22 said:

    My brother needs a set of irons to play with occasionally. Price point around $400 max for a used set. He shoots in the 90s on public/city type courses and needs something forgiving like an AP1/ JPX Forged type build. Stiff shafts. Think he currently has really old beat up Adams Ovation. Have been scouring ebay but not really too familiar in a good iron that's probably a few years old and fits his build. Any recommendations people could throw out for a good set in this price range would be helpful.

    You can search for callaway x 20/22 tours fairly cheap on ebay, nice mid size heads with less than average offset but by no means "minimal offset" or r9 tp and i'm sure you'll be under 400


    If you want something smaller you can look for tm rsi tp/psi tour, mizuno mp52/53/54, callaway xforged


    If you want something bigger you can look for tm r11, tm rsi 2, callaway apex or cobra f8/9


    Tons of options in that price bracket

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  12. 44 minutes ago, Gareth said:

    So I bought a new G425 4 hybrid with the Tensei Orange Pro shaft 80 stiff blind. I know, but COVID etc…..


    And now I’ve gamed it in 2 rounds I have yet to hit any shot anything like I would have hoped/expected…….yes, they all (I) stunk which has never happened to me before as I’m a decent iron/hybrid kind of guy usually.


    As a rule I've had success with the “boxier” players type of hybrid heads as a legacy of my Sonartec history I guess but I’d still like a little (lot) forgiveness of course.


    What should I be looking at please? Thinking TM Sim 2 Hybrid or perhaps one of the Callaway Apex 21’s? I usually get on well with CB shafts like the Tensei Orange so I don’t “think” it’s that per se that isn’t working in the Ping but I do struggle a bit with the look of the Ping G425 hybrid which I class (think) of being a more fairway looking head.


    Hit me up with suggestions please.

    What's the problem?


    Too light, too heavy, block it to the right, snap hook, or it's just a visual thing? 


  13. 13 minutes ago, Drivingrangehero said:

    I have a 17* 716 Tmb 2 iron with a Project X Catalyst 80 6.0 that is collecting dust ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ PM me and I’ll send pics! 

    If you like the Modus 120X than you may be good with the project X catalyst at 6.0 


    It has a lot of kick but very smooth. If you have a moderate tempo, then the shaft works very well.


    I replaced the Tmb with a 18° Adams DHY with a Matrix Deus shaft, because the DHY is more forgiving. I carry them both close to the same distance, but the TMB gets more roll out by far

    my swing speed is the same as yours… tour average. I’m have a moderate tempo and transition, and I am not “overpowering“ the shaft.

    i’ve hit some of the longest iron shots I’ve ever hit with this 2 iron, but I was looking for some thing that’s a little more my speed since I don’t play that much anymore.

    I only hit it at the range now for fun 







    PM Sent!

  14. 3 hours ago, BearHammer said:

    Curious what you all game in your long irons? I'm a taller/stronger guy (6'4, 250) and have enough speed  (112-115) but I don't swing very aggressively and have always felt my long irons have been too heavy and stiff. I've gamed PX 6.0 (hs 1x), Nippon 120x, and KBS S-taper 130x and have really enjoyed all three from 6/7- to PW. However, in all sets once I get to 4-5 I find the weight and stiffness difficult to control and get the ball up in the air and spinning enough to hold greens. 


    Curious to hear what success others have had who still fit into x-stiff/stiff shafts in long iron but opt for lighter weight options. 



    i'm waaaaay shorter than you haha but similar speed, have a few friends that suffer the same but they swing faster than me, it's more of a tempo and swing style issue than a speed issue


    I really get along with the modus 120 but can't stand PX, i'll suggest yout to try modus 105x they were too light for me but they felt pretty firm for the weight. Another option you could try is steelfiber 

  15. I'm done with hybrids, after trying to use them for years i finally give up on them, main miss is high toe so aka hook to the rough (no matter what shaft) so i'm looking for a DI to fill the gap between 3w(265) and 4i (215) and i think loft 17/19 should be ok 


    Search for a while on ebay for options cause i don't have access to a fitting in my area


    Any good options that don't break the bank? i'm on a budget, want to keep it under 150 and bias to graphite shaft

    - UDI 790?

    - T-mb? (u500 are way too expensive)

    - HMB?


    Info if it helps

    Irons Mizuno mp53 1° weak w/Modus 120x

    Driver SS: 113

    7i SS: 92 and avg carry 175 

    Stock ballflight: high and draw/hook

    Type: Sweeper 




  16. I was searching on ebay for a new shaft for my Driving iron and found a recoil 809 F5 (X stiff) shaft pretty cheap, the problem is that i've been searching online for a while and found nothing about the shaft, in the UST web they only list up to 808 F4 https://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/recoil/recoil-800-series-iron/

    Not even in de discontinued 2017 version https://www.ustmamiya.com/golf-shafts/brands/recoil/discontinued-models/2017-recoil-800-series-iron/


    Anyone heard something about this shaft being legit or it's a fake? if it's legit, any experience or specs? 


  17. Thanks for the replies


    I'm leaning towards aldila offering because of price and had good experiences in the past. Played og nv green, rip alpha, rip nv atx and rogue silver in my woods in the past and really like them


    Anyone can compare the og nv vs 2kxv green or current offerings? 100 for a shaft is out of the budget, would like to keep it under 60 cause the head is pretty old, maybe in the future will upgrade for a more current option like udi or u500

  18. 1 minute ago, mcounci2 said:

    I'd play the same Modus 120X in this 3i head, and just cut it 0.5" longer than your 4i.  I'd probably hard step the FliHi once as well. 

    Thanks for the recomendation


    This time i'm leaning more to a graphite shaft and maybe +.5" cause i want to improve my gapping with 3w, it was in my mind even before the old shaft snapped


  19. 2 minutes ago, mcounci2 said:

    It's an MP FliHi- they're really designed to just be used with whatever your iron shafts are.  250g.....5 iron head??  What length are you trying to get it to play?

    Actually a 3 iron head i guess 40" it's ok for a 3 iron? Don't remember cause the shaft snapped in half and didn't keep it

  20. 10 minutes ago, Stuart_G said:


    Which Aldila 85x in the 3wd?


    If you're playing 85 gm in the fairway, I'd lean toward 95 to 105 gm in the driving iron - but you never know for sure until you try it.


    .335 shafts are wood (driver/fairway) shafts and not the best choice for hybrids and driving irons.  They are designed for lighter heads and longer playing lengths.  You'll have the same problem with them as you would have had with the Evenflow black.


    .370 (hybrid) or .355 tp (iron) shafts will both work fine.  You'll just have to manually add the taper to the .370 shafts to fit in the .355 hosel.



    Nv green 85x in my 3w


    Sandpaper would be ok to taper a shaft? I was a bit concerned about the process, if could make the shaft a bit weak so definetely will do it by hand 


    Found this shaft on ebay super cheap but cant find the specs of voodoo by titleist 



    Or maybe this one, looks like a revamp version of the one i have in my 3w 






    And just check the weight of the head, 250 grams


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