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  1. Gamed s300 for 6 years, then px 6.0 for 2 years but never get along, tried 6.0 flighted and hate them, gained some speed so went for a fitting, x100 but were too much for me but modus 120x were jackpot. 3 years past, 2 sets down but still modus 120 Feel is subjective but for me, 120x is a bit stiffer than s300 but way softer than x100 and much different than any px shaft i've tested
  2. And just to add, here we're having the worst of the pandemic so borders are closed. Most of the fitters in my county are from Argentina, makes sense cause we have only 7 courses in the area and 1.200 golfers across the country so any tweek to my bag i need will be on me at least untill the end of the year
  3. Thanks for the replies, let me elaborate a little more, when i ask about the effect on launch and spin i had in mind if there's a a new variable to take in count before adding lenght to my driver, i know shaft lenght could affect swing speed but never heard about the other 2 factors, i'm not looking for lower launch, maybe spin but as both mention, my impact has some fault here My common miss is low toe side and other times high toe that end up in a low pull hook but there's no magic driver that would fix that. Almost never miss in the heel and almost never hit a fade My fitter made me this driver because i was looking for more forgiveness than my previous gamer (m1 460 9.5 at 8.25 with rogue silver 60x at 45.25") and he delivers, the g410+ is indeed straighter but also 5-10 yds short in average and a good 20 when i catch one. He gave me the evenflow because a heavier shaft helps me handle my tempo (close to 78g i believe) and tipped 2" because had to wait 3-4 months to get a 6.5 (here in south america we have to wait a lot for custom options and most only carry Regular and Stiff, the only x they carry at the time was the tour 65 and didn't like the shaft). Also add 5grams of hot melt to the head, don't know if thats light, normal or heavy - AoA is between +3 to +5 but i wouldn't say i try to hit up, it's just normal for me, learned that way - Driver SS avg was 113 w/m1 and 111 w/g410. - 6 iron as a refference was 92 and hit it 185 with mp53 modus 120x, on the course at sea level - ballspeed 163 w/m1 and 159 w/g410 All numbers over a year ago, i don't have access to a launch monitor right now
  4. I was fitted 2 years ago to a ping g410+ 9° -1.5° with evenflow black 6.0 tipped 2" to play at 44.75", it's a great club but not on distance. SS is 111 and spin is 2900/3000, carry avg 260/270. Adding 1" could affect launch and spin? I guess it's a cheaper alternative than change head or shaft
  5. Whatever kick them out of the bag, do not sell them, keep them as a back up. It will be difficult to get good money for them cause they are old but in my opinion, no current cb feel as soft as mp53. Have mine since 2012, change to i200 but never get along, too much bounce for me, then tested p790 and i500 but at the end of last year went back to the mp53 and reshafted with modus 120x, they're gonna stay. The modern twist will be a combo set of mp20 mmc/hmb
  6. Tried both but end up with 2ball ten tour s lined (from another member here on the bst), perfect in my opinion. Between the spider and the cleveland i would pick the spider if you like inserts, more stable
  7. 4 in rotation just because i like to switch every now and then - ping anser milled 2 - odyssey versa bwb 9 - odyssey mxm black 9 - odyssey 2 ball ten s lined (current gamer)
  8. Maybe you end up with a tour issue/small batch? Mine is 3.3 75x, phenomenal shaft for me, in the bag since the release
  9. Your swingweights are build correctly? Had a similar problem when i pulled my shafts from my previus set i200 to my trusty mp53 and had some issues but with some lead tape, end up perfectly. I'm at the other end, i have a very fast transition, loved x100 a c-tapers but hate the px 6.5 and 6.0. The modus 120 is a love or hate shaft
  10. Those are the same Ecco that Henrik's wearing https://golf.ecco.com/products/ecco-men-s-s-three-a39
  11. Want to know what flex and if an iron, let's say pw shaft would be a good replacement for a putter shaft My back up putter is an old odyssey versa 9 that was in the basement for a lot of time, the shaft has lots of rust spots so i want to replace it. Have a set of dg s300 .370 that i pulled from an old set so i'm asking for advice if these will be a good fit
  12. Adidas ultimate 365 tapered it's one of the best in my opinion, UA alse makes a good one
  13. 5'9" 195 here, nike standar fit large, adidas large and puma large made the cut for me. I've had more of a barrel frame, big legs and wide-short arms haha. UA got a weird build in bigger sizes. You could try size up in JL or RLX, xl regular (never slim fit) are great on torso and lenght but for some weird reason they made super skinny sleeves. I'm talking exclusively of poly shirts cause down here the avg tempt whole year is above 35 celsius
  14. Didn't notice it was blasted thanks for the info. I've tested the sigma anser2, on short putts was ok but on long putts i've felt the face too soft, don't know why but my speed control was awful As for the scotty, i'm not set, but 250 or under for a cameron seems like a good price everyday but never test a futura and don't know if a facebalance would suit my stroke I'm a total rookie on mallets, for the last 20 years i've only had 2 styles: anser/newport and ody 9 with different faces
  15. Thanks for the recomendations, the cleveland looks nice at great price to but a bit concern on how durable is the finish Never tried a tyne but the sigma2 insert its too mushy for me Any info on the scotty x5? the first run from five or six years ago, saw a couple under 250 on the bay
  16. The pandemic narrow my search as online only, have only 2 proshops in my area and the only fang they have is the o-works 7, my current gamer is metal x milled 9 and i have a stroke with quite an arc but want something with more moi. I'm digging the fang shape, like square lines but preffered a smaller footprint Is there one variant of odyssey 7 or similar with a smaller footprint? If theres an older model that fits, i'm asking about size cause i cant find more options in my area to compare
  17. I think lamkin made a run for bettinardi, you can search for pull outs in ebay. I've tried the std DE with 6 layers of tape but miss the cut, still thin and hard to install. Bought a cheap royal grip midsize from golfworks as an experiment and is in my gamer since september. Not perfect but is a solid option at the price
  18. Wow looks really nice, they are waterproof? realease date and price?
  19. This But the LST actually has a different DNA than i series. The LST line is lower spinning than de regular G but it's more friendlier/forgiving than the i series, callaway took the same approach this year dropping the SZ for the Max LS i vs lst would launch/spin a tad lower (asuming comparable lofts and shafts), have a less elongated shape and deeper face I played the i15 a short time, my brother used to play the i20, tried the i25 but went to the anser instead and now g410
  20. Not trying to hijack the post but where can i buy a hand reamer online? Have the same problem as the OP. Bought the wrong shafts for ping i200 and i'm living in south america right now, quite difficult to find a reamer in stores
  21. Same in south america, being using paint thinner or kerosene for the last 15 years without any problem, just use a good amount of it, have a towell close cause will make your hands very slippery and wash them right after you finish, both liquids are very flammable
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