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  1. I think lamkin made a run for bettinardi, you can search for pull outs in ebay. I've tried the std DE with 6 layers of tape but miss the cut, still thin and hard to install. Bought a cheap royal grip midsize from golfworks as an experiment and is in my gamer since september. Not perfect but is a solid option at the price
  2. Wow looks really nice, they are waterproof? realease date and price?
  3. This But the LST actually has a different DNA than i series. The LST line is lower spinning than de regular G but it's more friendlier/forgiving than the i series, callaway took the same approach this year dropping the SZ for the Max LS i vs lst would launch/spin a tad lower (asuming comparable lofts and shafts), have a less elongated shape and deeper face I played the i15 a short time, my brother used to play the i20, tried the i25 but went to the anser instead and now g410
  4. Not trying to hijack the post but where can i buy a hand reamer online? Have the same problem as the OP. Bought the wrong shafts for ping i200 and i'm living in south america right now, quite difficult to find a reamer in stores
  5. Same in south america, being using paint thinner or kerosene for the last 15 years without any problem, just use a good amount of it, have a towell close cause will make your hands very slippery and wash them right after you finish, both liquids are very flammable
  6. Hi guys A little update, it took me a while cause i've been recovered from a wrist injury last couple of months but everthing is fine now Want to thank everyone for the replies and the advice, this little proyect was fun, simple and cheaper than expected, even saved the ferrulles (used a regular lighter to heat them a bit and then they end up loose but maintain form) In the pic you can see everything that i've used (a bit messy) and will update tomorrow with the finish set, tonight i'll let the epoxy rest, then regrip tomorrow
  7. Thanks for your input Actually im not that concerned about the traxion cause i don't have too much foot action and don't know why but i shot lower on average with spikeless shoes, i've been tracking the whole year and suits my style better, on a regular day i wear converse, vans or ultraboost... but waterproof is a must cause i played mostly in early mornings
  8. As title, i'm looking for a nice waterproof black golf shoes that don't look like regular golf shoes, i'm more bias to the sneaker style shoes Just want some comfy shoes, with some decent grip and waterproof Righ now, these are my top 3 - Nike air max 1 G - Adidas Adipure SP - True Linkswear TL01 looking for feedback if someone have tried one of these and open for recomendations, just want some fresh kicks for the next season
  9. Thanks for the reply, money it's a big issue cause i'm in south america and there's only 1 pro shop in my area and they will charge me 15 bucks per iron just to swap shafts! + the cost of the ferrulles, it's insane A heavier shaft should get the sw higher or lower? there's 25gr xp95 vs modus 120
  10. If it's the wrong forum, please let my know I've always change my own grips and even change a couple putter shafts but never tried a whole set of irons before and i want to know if i'm missing something here before i messed up A few weeks ago i've found my old mp53 that i used when i was a junior, take them to the course and felt the love again, only problem is the shafts were too loose for my current swing, they had DG XP 95 Stiff +.5" so i'm thinking about swapping shafts with my current i200 Nippon 120 x +.5" In theory, i supposed it shouldn't be too difficult to exchange shafts, same lenght, same tip size .355, just torched, twist until the epoxy breaks, clean hosel, new ferrulles, epoxy and thats it, at least it looks that simple on youtube haha A bit concern about the shaft weight difference cause i don't have a sw scale and never used one I'm missing something here? Thanks Frank
  11. Green would be comparable in size to a deep etched? Looking for something a bit bigger than the lamkin
  12. IMHO, depends a lot o your AoA, if you hit really up on the ball you don't need such a low spinning head. My SS avg is 112 and AoA +5°, my miss is hi toe and i'm using the g410+ 9° at -1.5/flat and i really like it, it's not short by any means and its the first driver that really mitigates my hook in a safe way. With the lst i was 6 yds longer but less accurate (not great on hi-toe strikes). Never tried the Sim on a simulator but i did test it on course against 410+ and was longer 6-8 yds but again, less consistent (maybe i don't get along w/twist face). It's more about the dna of the brand, ping have been great with consistency and forgiveness and taylormade with distance. If you hit down on the ball and you really need a super low spin head, the Sim is tough to beat and has good stock shafts, better than lst for raw distance but more demanding on strike
  13. This is like putter porn, the shape, grip, finish, heck of a putter
  14. Another vote for the anser 2 here, currently using the anser milled. I think the anser/newport is more popular because of tradition (being the original design) and a lot of people preffered the shorter blade but for me, there's a beautiful symmetry in the square lines of the anser2/newport2. There's a guy name Eldrick that won some tournamets with the newport 2 also ?
  15. You got me on this one, just change my response cause the op was asking about texturing instead size, my fault here
  16. PanchiCab

    Putter Type

    *Odyssey #9 since 012, putter was the strongest part of my game but one day lost my mojo, thinking too much on technique and my demmons said HI, did you miss us? Then add 5 strokes to my hdcp in 4 months (-insert favorite insult here-) I was tinkering with my brother's anser during lock down and suddenly i went nostalgic (my first putter was the bronze anser), few days later got a really good deal on an anser milled 2 so new wand in the bag. 7 rounds in, just one 3putt hole and avg 30 putts per round, i'm a belieber again! (make justin great again) Obs: *kept the #9 as a backup, too many stories here of people regret selling good wands and this one has sentimental value
  17. Is there a general consensus? Guess not cause there are lots of pro's using bigger and softer grips with milled putters and also using small rubber grips with inserts. It's more about what you're looking to achieve, certain type of stroke, feeling, distance control, whatever is consistent enough to rely under pressure Just to name a few Superstroke - Thomas milled mallet with SS - Jordan milled blade with SS - Kisner insert mallet with SS - Fleetwood insert blade with SS Traditional rubber grips - Tiger milled blade with Pingman - Rory insert mallet with Taylormade red standar - Morikawa insert blade with TM red standar (guess made by golf pride) - Casey milled mid mallet with Scotty Pistol
  18. comparable in size to a deep etched?
  19. the green looks nice and similar shape to the deep etched, it is bigger?
  20. This retails without the bettinardi script? I would feel odd using that grip cause my gammer is not a bettinardi
  21. Is this the one that was stock on the anser milled? Had one as a back up but replace it with the deep etched, similar size but preffered the feel lf the lamkin, if you're talking about a bigger version sounds good
  22. Actually i don't care that much for the weight cause i can always use some lead tape at the bottom of my putter to adjust. Never tried the grey or red ones but the blue was squishy and a tad big (104cc) theres a notable difference?
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