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  1. Save even more money and go for m2 2016 with any exotic shaft you want, imo it’s better looking and feeling than 2017 model
  2. Somebody knows about the new color codes from ping? I’ve heard that they change the colors a few years ago so now blue is std and black is flat or something like that. I asking cause i used to play red in my putter so if they change it try a new one should be an orange?
  3. For me depends on the weight, the dg xp90 s300 are noodles, dg s300 a bit loose but better than xp, x100 are really nice feeling shafts if you like heavier shafts. Project x 6.0 just feels odd, i feel them bend in transition, never tried 6.5. The x100 has been on tour for such a long time, if aint broke don’t fix it
  4. I really don’€™t know if someone had already ask about this but i hope someone could help me. I can get a very good deal on a mint condition set of ping i200 but they are awt stiff, my last fitting session the fitter told me i should be playing awt x-stiff hard stepped or dinamic golf x100 soft stepped. A friend have an old set of mp32 with x100 that are to stout for him so if i buy the pings with stiff and i didn’€™t like the awt stiff, we could swap shafts. My question is: the mizuno shafts will fit in the ping heads? I’ve heard that ping use a different bore size in their irons.
  5. I didn’t heard anything from footjoy about the sizing but here i have both pro sl and helix and the helix is half size bigger. Pro sl is 9.5 and helix is 9
  6. actually the ketsch mid call my attention also. Are you gaming the cadence tr? If so, have you compared the feeling vs sigma?
  7. i have regular icons also the blacks and pro sl, pro sl it’s half a size smaller than blacks. I can’t comment on the helix yet, i’ll get a pair next week. I wear 9 on blacks and 9.5 in pro sl
  8. I have pairs from nike, adidas, puma, ecco and numerous footjoys like pro sl, dryjoys tour casual, icon blacks, regular icons and also 2 dna’s. I can tell you that i found inconcistencies in the last couple years in footjoys offering. The icons run true to size but the for me the pro sl run a bit smaller and the dna’s are a bit narrow but at least half a size longer than normal
  9. I’m interested to know if somebody still gaming this one, it’s been a while since the release
  10. The last couple of months i realized that my aiming at medium to short putts its not as good as i think so i want to tinker with a mallet. The fact that so many players on tour swich to a wing style mallet caught my attention so i’m looking for feedback of mallets like ping tyne (std cause i hate plumber necks), futura x5/x7, odyssey 7 or versa v-line fang, is there a clear winner in the last couple years? It seems odyssey is leading the band with their white hot pro/versa on tour but i’m not a fan of mushy feeling inserts coming from a sc fastback 1.5 Thanks for your time Cheers Frank
  11. I know that there's tons of post of m1 vs m2 but i didn't get if there's any real difference between them. Which will be the best fit for a high ss-high hdcp? Driving is one of the weakest parts of my game, i've used to play 12 but now i had 17 mostly cause i don't even hit 30% of the fairways. My ss is 116mph, AoA +5, stock shot is a high draw and main miss is a weak toe hook
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