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  1. Basement Clearout!! Scotty Cameron Circle T Tour Futura 5M Blacked out. Length 31" standard L/L. Comes with COA, authentic circle T headcover, authentic circle T grip and scotty cameron putter bag. Price $2000 Mizuno Mp-18 Combo 4-9. 4-6 SC, 7-9 MB with black TT AMT Tour Issue X100 shafts. Standard L/L/L. Brand new midsize Winn Dri-Tac LT grips and BBandF ferrules. $SOLD Raw Cobra King Forged Combo 2-PW. 2-6 CB, 7-PW MB. 3-PW black KBS Tour Custom Series stiff shafts and play -1/4" with standard L/L. 2 iron with graphite design tour AD x-flex play
  2. Spring Cleaning Sale Taylormade P790s 2-PW- 3-PW tour issue X100 shafts, 2 degrees flat, 7 iron plays 36.5"- 2 iron Hazardous Black 85g X-stiff, 2 degrees flat, 39", **SOLD** Mizuno MP-18 4-9--4-6 sc, 7-9 blade, tour issue S400 shafts, 7 iron plays 36.25", no grips currently but can install what you would like, $450 shipped Scotty Cameron Circle T T5M- plays 32", cirle T grip, scotty putter bag, Certificate of Authentication, Blacked out, $3000 shipped
  3. Handicap-4.3 Current irons- TaylorMade M1 with KBS C-Taper X-Stiff 1/2" short and 2 degrees flat Golf Pride MCC4+ align midsize grips Fitted?- I have been fitted before but not these specific irons Why?- I am a huge fan of Taylormade golf and am an equipment "junkie". My game is pretty solid right now but I am pretty inconsistent with my iron play and feel like a proper fitting would help me get to the next level. I have been fit before but I wasn't too impressed with the fitter and his recommendations. I love learning about new equipment, technology, my swing and the game of golf in general s
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