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  1. Please message me if you have one. Thanks!
  2. @cwb12 Thanks for the detailed feedback. This is more than I’ve seen anywhere. You mentioned being a significant drive away (especially in season), so notwithstanding your review above, what’s so great about this facility that you would drive all the way down to play? As I’m trying to determine whether it’s worth the hefty initiation, the deciding factor seems to be the practice area for me and my family to hang out and spend hours at. From what I’ve seen it definitely has a “golfer’s playground” vibe to it. But otherwise, lots of clubs here have two courses, nice clubhouses, etc. So what are the main points of attraction for you?
  3. I appreciate the tip to join ASAP. LWRGCC would only tell me there is still an opening, but I wondered about capacity because so many people have been moving here. Does anyone else have any experience there? For being such a big facility, it’s pretty amazing to me that you can’t find much in terms of golf reviews online.
  4. I can only speak to the Young Executive program (under age 44), but I have confirmed that those are still open. What is your feedback specifically on the three courses? Do they play very different? Are all 3 typically open at once, or is it more two are open while a third is under repair? Anything you think a potential member would want to know? Separately, Lakewood National’s membership is now only open to homeowners.
  5. We just moved to the area and have only had a chance to tour some of the neighborhoods, but not play them. From what I’ve seen, Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club (LWRGCC) has 3 different 18 hole courses, two clubhouses and several pretty massive short game practice areas with different stations at each clubhouse. In sum, all things relative, it seems to offer a ton of golf for the money compared to other top end options that only have one 18 hole course. I’ve done a lot of browsing in this section but don’t see a ton of feedback on LWRGCC specifically. I’ve seen a few posts mention it alongside some of the other top end options - and some comments have confused LWRGCC with Lakewood National - but there’s never anything specific about the different courses or facilities at LWRGCC. I’m not looking for other course suggestions. What I’m hoping for is particular feedback on LWRGCC and if it’s all that it appears to be. Specifically: - Feedback on all 3 courses? King’s Dunes, Cypress Links, Royal Lakes. - Details on the practice areas - e.g. what stations are offered, conditions, etc. Bottomline is that our family is a group of avid golfers and we’re raising a junior who plays competitively so there has to be a pro-level practice area available at anywhere we’re entertaining joining. Based on what I’ve seen LWRGCC looks great, but again, we would love to hear some specific feedback because there just isn’t much out there. Thank you!
  6. Thanks! We’re in-between the Flynn and TS3 still. We need the winter weather to break so we can hit outdoors and make the final decision. However I can tell you that indoors the numbers for both are close. We’ve been playing tournaments with USKG gear for 3 years now so it’s hard to imagine switching up but we’ll see! I’ve also got some cut down putters and a few more drivers that I couldn’t squeeze in this listing so if anyone is looking for similar size gear let me know.
  7. First of all, I LOVE this forum. Everyone here has inspired me and my kiddo to dive into the gear...and we’ve gone in headfirst. So to that end, I figured I’d share that I just listed some equipment we’ve tried out for sale on the forum. Message me with any questions. We’ve got a ton of stuff. Hope everyone’s GEARING up for a great season!
  8. This gear is for the real deal Junior WRX’ers! ️ All equipment listed will work for juniors generally aged 7-12 years old. See descriptions for more details. Open to reasonable offers! 100% feedback on here and eBay. Lightning fast shipping! Good luck! PING G410 PLUS Driver ONLY $199 12 Degree loft. 37” Length. Bassara e42 Lite Flex Brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet Jr Grip BRAND NEW!!! NIKE AIR ZOOM Infinity Tour NRG Tie Dye (from the PGA Championship) ONLY $149 Size Men’s 4.5 or Women’s 6 Bought the wrong size on eBay; couldn’t return. A cool Christmas gift turned into an expensive mistake. US KIDS GOLF Tour v10 Series 51” Wood Set ONLY $69 3 Clubs: 51” Driver, Wood, Hybrid For players generally 48-54” tall. DEMO SET of 7 Irons for 51-57” Height Player ONLY $59 4 Clubs. Each is 32” long. Used indoors once. US Kids Golf Tour Series TS3 v15 54” Flynn VT Max Alto True Temper Junior Steel Shaft Series 1 Lighter Weight Head Flynn VT Max Alto True Temper Junior Steel Shaft Series 2 Reg Weight Head Flynn VT Max Alto UST Mamiya Graphite Shaft Series 2 Reg Weight Head —————————————- US KIDS GOLF Ultralight Series UL 51” Full Set with Stand Bag SOLD US KIDS GOLF Tour Series TS3 v15 51” Full Set with Stand Bag SOLD
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