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  1. New in package Cobra RADSPEED XB 10.5* head. This is a women's head but weights seem standard to men's RADSPEED XB from what I can tell. I have Cobra tip I'll throw in as well. Please PM me with any offers/questions. Thank you! Head Only - $300 $275 OBO
  2. Older club, but the Taylormade Aeroburner TP 4 wood was bonded. It is 16.5* I believe but is an absolute bomber. Doubt it will ever leave my bag.
  3. The revolving door of putters.....scotty, taylormade, etc. and always end up back with my old trusty Odyssey #7 RSX. Bad putting is almost never due to lack of practice, always due to the putter. :wink:
  4. I was searching for the same thing to fill that space. Went between driving irons for a while till I picked up a 19* M3 hybrid w/ x-stiff shaft. In the past, hybrids tended to "overdraw" on me. For some reason, this combo is perfect and has become my favorite club. Very versatile and a perfect gap filler.
  5. MTgolf

    Break in

    Congrats on getting the gear back! Hopefully the thief gets caught.
  6. Not a single club, but looking to upgrade my irons. Perfectly happy with their performance, but would like a blended set and a set that is "fit" for me to provide tighter distance gaps.
  7. Blended sets seem to be the way to go! More and more companies are designing new clubs with this in mind. I think you are on the right track, Mizuno and Titleist are probably the front runners. Several companies have major loft differences between their GI irons and player irons, which make blended sets difficult. For instance, Crossfield carries 2 "6" irons since one is lofted more strongly, essentially making it his "5" iron. I'm excited for my next set which will be a blend of 7-PW in a players iron and 4-6 in a more forgiving, higher launching iron. Just not sure what to go with...:)
  8. Agree with some of the posts above. I put it on my spider tour with the flat side facing target. Hated it....took grip off after a couple weeks of use. Might try another one with the flat side facing up, would would work really well for a claw grip I feel. Rose seems to have success!
  9. Interesting to say the least. I would guess fairly high quality given it is branded with the "Kirkland Signature" logo.
  10. Ping Hoofer is a hard bag to beat. Used one for years in all 3 applications. Doesn't sit like a cart bag on a cart, but it sits fine. Rides great on a push cart and is comfortable to carry.
  11. > @Kale_m said: > 0.7 hcp here. Dropped the 2 iron for a 19* hybrid this year. Best decision ever. Way more forgiving and more versatile. 2 iron was a 1 trick pony. Good for the tee only Did the exact same thing, best decision ever for me as well. 2 iron took a spot in the bag and left a huge gap with longer distances as off the deck lacked height. Tee shot only club. Now, hybrid is my go to and quickly becoming one of my favorites in the bag.
  12. I'd recommend looking into the PSI irons. Should be able to get for a good price and are a good mixture of better player/game improvement iron. Plenty of help on mishits and solid feel, especially in the short irons.
  13. > @phatchrisrules said: > I was originally thinking of going full HMB when I heard the announcement but now I'm not sure if that's a good idea now that I have seen it in person. I think I might do 2 of each: 5-6 HMB, 7-8 MMC, 9-P MB. I would have to hit them side by side to see. I was thinking similar to you except doing the 6-7 in the MMC and 8-PW in MB to be able to keep ball flight down a little bit and throw in the 5 HMB to get the height. Would have to work out the lofts to not have too large of gaps between the MB's and transition into the MMC or HMB.
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