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  1. Lots of choices. Cobblestone, Columbia CC, lexington CC, golden hills, woodcreek/wildewood, oak hills, Lin Rick. play at cobblestone, hit me up if you want to play some time
  2. I am a member of Cobblestone, let me know if you would like to play.
  3. 8.5 cap 60.04 Pw 47,52,56,60 I use them all and I'll ocassionally take a full swing with the 60, it just depends on the desired flight and pin position.
  4. I joined cobblestone this spring and have found it to be a great value. The course is always in good condition and the practice areas are excellent.
  5. I wouldn't bandage it and as long as you are cleaning it thoroughly and just applying minimal ointment, it shouldn't really scab up. just make sure to wash it well as soon as you are done.
  6. I am a tattoo artist and have several clients that golf. It shouldn't be a problem, especially if it is mostly outline and not a lot of color or shading. I would maybe wear a shirt that is a little looser in the sleeve so it's not rubbing a lot while you play.
  7. Tattoo Artist/Shop Owner TM SLDR driver TM Jetspeed 3wd Titleist 714CB 3-pw Cleveland 588 2.0 52 & 56 Odyssey #1W Tank Cruiser
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