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  1. I second that. Was looking at one the other day and was wondering the same thing. Interested to hear any info
  2. Any item listed in those categories Terms & Conditions: The Coupon is a 20% off discount on a minimum of $50 with a maximum discount of $50, valid until 11:59PM PT on May 29, 2017. Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of an eligible item on eBay.com. Eligible items include items purchased from the Home & Garden, Baby, Pets, Crafts, Food, or Sporting Goods categories. Coupon can be used once per PayPal account within a single transaction (or cart), while supplies last. Only eBay members registered with an address located in the United
  3. Just to double check, does anyone know if this works with any seller just as long as it's in those categories, or only when buying from their "sponsored" sellers?
  4. Having a hard time inserting the picture but for the mean time…love the murdered out Taylormade M's in flat finish
  5. Golf Bag: Camo Stand Bag - Frog Duffle Bag: Men's Duffel Bag Khaki/Brown/Drk Brown Tote: Tote Bag Drk Brown/Brown/Khaki Thanks
  6. Current Grip? New Decade MCC Current Handicap? 10 Location (City, State)? St.Paul, MN If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing Golf Pride ALIGN review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the grips. Yes
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