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  1. I personally like this release. Not going to buy any because I have unused shoes ready to get the call but I would wear them.
  2. Really interested to see how the TX works for you @SMUGamer . I always loved the feel of my old modus iron shafts and would love to find a heavier graphite option for a driving iron. Anyone know the price for this shaft?
  3. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE Impact/Club Champion/Golf Lab 2. City and State? SLC, UT 5. Handicap? 6 4. Current Driver Setup? Mizuno ST190 w/ Ventus Blue 6x 5. Where you fit for your current driver? Nope. I tinker quite a bit and probably should stop tinkering and actually get fitted. 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSI3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely. I play quite a bit and also have a pass to an indoor sim for continued play through the winter and prac
  4. Saw this and its the exact setup I moved into a month or two ago. Playing 45.5 SIM with Ventus V Black 7x. Feels awesome and I liked the heavier driver shaft coming from years of lighter shafts. Wish I was as consistent as Rory. I'm still getting use to how it frames the ball. The driver comes off much wider at address when in reality, the face is like 3/4 of what the crown is. Resulted in setting up to the ball off the toe and hitting some really bad toe shots. So much so, that at my SS it eventually caused the carbon fiber crown to blow off.
  5. Gotta say, this swing feel really does seem to work. I'm a 6 handicap that has fallen into some old swing habits this year and never seem to have the patience to work on my swing, at least in a way that should help correct over time. Really seems to help correct a lot of my woes in my swing and I'm loving it so far. Probably going to purchase the full/updated version on his website.
  6. Same. At this point, I really just want to see a lot of well reviewed comparisons of how they play against current 785's. By well reviewed comparisons, I don't mean some English bloke on a launch monitor. So we'll see what I get....
  7. I tuned into coverage of the Euro event over the weekend. Not sure if coverage is like this every week or just because it was the Irish Open but it actually felt like I was watching golf coverage. I didn't care if I had no idea who the players were, I felt like I had a feel for player's rounds and really felt when they made a bad shot/decision. Definitely going to record the Scottish Open and check out more coverage.
  8. Tony Finau himself did some level of backing for Utah guy on kornferry tour. Totally agree with you there. I do wonder if this backer paid that much money out of his own pocket really not get anything back at this point?
  9. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/report-tony-finau-sued-16-million-former-financial-backer “ PGA Tour veteran Tony Finau is being sued for more than $16 million by a former business associate who helped cover expenses during the early part of his pro career. According to a Deseret News report, the suit was filed by 55-year-old Molonai Hola, who owns Icon Sports and got to know the Finau family in the early 90s when Finau, now 31, was still in grade school. Hola reportedly "began financing expenses" for both Tony and his younger brother, Gipper, which included mortgage
  10. What is your handicap: 5 Current hybrid or utility iron shaft and flex: Tour Exotics EXS 3/5 hybrids w/ oban x shafts. Mizuno 3i flihi w/ x100. Closest Authorized Fujikura Dealer (Search HERE) Impact Golf Center What hybrid or utility iron head will you install your shaft in? Mizuno Flihi 3i Choose your Ventus HB weight/flex: Blue 10x Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Of course!
  11. Man..... these golf balls are so dang durable. I played 18 holes at Copper Rock in Southern Utah with one ball. Unfortunately, I broke my driver the day before at the range (crown popped off) and only had 3 hybrid the rest of the week. I popped a 3hybrid up but got lucky on a favorable cart path bounce. Even after this, it was scuffed but not to the point that I felt like I needed to take it out of play. Then went about my round with the same ball. Definitely plan on keeping MTBX as my gamer for next year. Bravo Snell!
  12. When it happened I certainly wasn't worried TM wouldn't send me a new one. I was more flabbergasted how it broke with the top popping off. Figured it would've happened to someone else before. Had some pretty great hybrid shots over the weekend as a result. I have a higher swing speed and I'd be lying if I wasn't hoping it would break when I bought it used so I could get a shiny new one. However, with higher SS hits not to the center of the face comes at price.
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