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  1. Wanted to provide an update. I returned my case to Amazon and bought another through a local shop. Yes, I still saw the small pin marks from the molds but non of the other blemishes, markings, or bigger marks. Everything looked clean.
  2. I bought a hulk smoke green 60TX hzrdus last week to test out in this driver. Get it tomorrow and going to drop it off to get re-tipped. Excited to have another shaft to test out. Driver head certainly isn't going anywhere. Had a drive on 18th this weekend go 380 with a Prov1x. The hole is down hill and there was a big helping wind that day (playing at high elevation). Best drive I hit all day. Hit some spinners that day too. Realized I had the smoke black 6.0 in there and forgot to switch back to the 6.5. Figured this could be the reason for some odd mishits lately where I just ca
  3. You sure you didnt just sky a ball? lol jk I've been going strong but I've been fighting a negative attack angle with my driver for the last couple months. Trackman really hates this. Ive had some really good drives out on the course but just know the consistency isn't there. I recently got a lesson from Milo Lines who had seen my swing for the last 5 years and was able to clean me up pretty quick. This was yesterday so I'm finally get the positive attack angle again and more importantly, hopefully see a consistent pattern out on the course. Fact remains tho, this driver is long
  4. Same tape on mine but something is up to have more visible markings on these vs what you see at stores or pro shops.
  5. 4 grinds!!! Have they ever had a setup like this recently?
  6. I hope these feel like the T7 wedges. I like the T20 I currently have but the T7 felt better IMO. Excited for this release and new irons.
  7. No, $50 which I dont believe is reduced unless you buy from a proshop lol. The seller was direct from Amazon as well. Says they were made at the Titleist ball plant 3, USA.
  8. Is it possible that Titleist would sell balls to Amazon at a discounted rate because they didn't meet quality standards?
  9. I'll also add that I bought my brother 4 dz during their yearly sale and I checked one sleeve when they arrived and didn't see anything of the sort and looked mint. I haven't heard anything form him either but I'll probably check more sleeves next time we get out. Not knocking the manufacturing process but all things are not equal when you consider they came from Amazon.
  10. I even checked a box in a pro shop yesterday. I wasn’t seeing a sinhle golf ball with any of these blemishes. Seems highly unlikely to receive a whole box of them.
  11. Yeah, I just can’t recall seeing these sort of imperfections on Srixon or Snell and I’ve bought them for years. Seems odd that this would be a standard for Titleist so I chalk it up to Amazon shenanigans before anything else. I’m going to return mine and never order off there again. I’ve bought snell directly from them twice for shipping but they are not charge $50 a case like ProV1’s which is hilarious.
  12. I was in a crunch for more balls for a weekend tournament and decided to buy a case of ProV1x's off amazon with a couple other items. Seems like almost every ball doesn't have a perfectly smooth exterior surface. Many of them have either super small nicks/blemishes or almost a scuff. Is this normal? Figured I might return them and buy my usual Snell directly from the retailer if this isn't. pics
  13. Big upset! Down goes the PING 425LST. Maybe people will start to understand the talk in this thread about the driver. It's not over exaggerated for the sake of testers being chosen, this driver flat out performs. Much like my TourEdge hybrids, they're cheaper clubs and I think that can help with getting fit for custom shafts. Optimize your setup but don't sleep on TE woods. Not sure if it's okay to post on here but you can find the video posted today on TXG Tour Experience Golf YT channel. EDIT: I need a new fairway wood and I hope to try one this year. Hoping the C7
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