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  1. A couple of years ago I had golfers elbow on my lead arm (outside) pretty bad for about 6 months. I finally made it go away by deep tissue massaging my lead forearm. I'm not talking about gently rubbing it, but pure digging your fingers into your muscles. Hurt like a sob, but I would get some relief right away. Took about 2 months to get rid of completely. Now I do this for prevented measures and I have a green theraband I use for exercise. Not only do I recommend some sort of therapy for your arms, but also look into massages for your back shoulders and neck as well. I've been getting deep tissue massages now for about 6 months. It took about 4 months to work out a kink I had from a shoulder muscle injury over a year ago. At 45 my body just doesn't work like it did when I was 20, lol. I can't imagine what the older guys feel like.
  2. Hmm. Never thought this was a thing at all. There have been many times later in the day when I am trying to finish 18 that I jog with my push cart. Also when a group lets me play through as a solo I will jog down the fairway after hitting. I say jog, because really I don't run, lol. 6-7 mph is jogging.
  3. The one shot that stands out in my memory was from the river course at Sevierville golf club. On 18 I had 170 left to a back flag and hit a towering draw with my 7i that finished 10' from the cup. Why this shot stands out in my memory I have no idea, but I was on vacation and having an extremely crappy round but managed to hit my last iron shot of the day exactly the way I wanted to. The ball flight was beautiful.
  4. In lay terms it's the skiing or tubing behind a boat analogy. Think of being on plane as right behind the boat in its wake when it makes a turn, think of being steep as being on the port side of the wake when the boat turns starboard, not as much acceleration. Think of shallowing as being on the starboard side of the wake when the boat makes a starboard turn. You cross the wake and really get whipped out.
  5. That was a very interesting video. Since my lesson with Monte I have worked in a half swing into my game that is like the short swing he mentions in the video. My full swing however needs different match ups. Hmm... I just can't hit full power swings with the new mechanics, at least yet. But to be honest, a long free flowing swing has always been my thing with stick and ball sports.
  6. Some hybrids definitely go farther left than others. I will say that my apex 19 hybrid doesn't go quite as far left as my sim max or steelhead xr hybrids. So yes, the club does make some difference, however... It has only been when I have started to understand my swing faults that I have actually got the ball to start going where I want it to. Understanding exactly what I am doing in my swing has led to better ball striking. I can't necessarily fix the bad stuff, but knowing I do it and how makes it easier to manipulate. With this knowledge I can work the ball left or right. Is it perfect? No, nowhere near to be honest, but at least I am not hooking it off the planet every time I use my hybrid. Anyway, good luck.
  7. Most amateurs swings are a bunch of flaws that have to be timed perfectly to hit a good shot. We all know we (collectively) do a bunch of stuff wrong in the golf swing, but I think the biggest mistakes we make is that our practice swing does not resemble our actual swing. We try to make this "perfect" practice swing then our real swing is nothing like it, what exactly are we rehearsing something we don't use for? Dig into your swing, figure out what you do then you can at least try to practice what you are doing. By all means, work on fixing your swing if you want to do that, but when playing, make your practice swing actual practice for your real swing.
  8. Shot a 90 on Saturday. 40-50. Double bogied the first 2 holes then made par on the next 7 for a 40 on the front. On the back I had to make sure I got just as many doubles for the round as I did pars, so 6 more doubles, 1 par and 2 bogeys to round off the back and a 50. I blame being tired, this was the 4th day in a row I walked 18 on my hilly course and I push mowed my lawn before going out. By the turn my knees were not happy, but I pushed on.
  9. 2 birdies and an eagle in my round 2 days ago. Shot an 81, ended the round with a double bogey, was really hoping to break 80 again, lol.
  10. Opening round of my metro tournament 2 weeks ago. I was ready to give up after hole 6... The rest of my group was mumbling that I didn't belong in the flight after the round. Did they forget the meltdown I had on the front? Also my lowest scores tend to come when I am playing by myself, can't post those for index... I have broke 80 a handful of times this season, but by myself.
  11. I'll agree with the premise here. Hitting 215 off the tee I would be playing courses right around 6000 yards for par 72. When you start to go longer than that you will start having too many long iron approach shots. It's one thing to have a few because that is the way the course is designed, but hitting longs irons/hybrids into every par 4 gets old really fast.
  12. I got a chance last night to test the 2021 Maxfli tour vs the tour x. I was still trying to keep pace with the group in front of me so I just played 9 hitting both balls, but didn't add any extra shots anywhere. First, the greens at my home course are recovering from the metro tournament so they are running a bit slow right now. Second, I am a high ball hitter, I have no problems hitting over tall maple trees with my 5i, so my decent angles are generally pretty good. Feel The tour X was noticeably harder, made a thwack instead of a thud off my irons and woods. Was noticeable on the putter as well, but not too much. Overall I preferred the feel of the tour X. Height As I said, I hit the ball high already. I did not notice a difference in height between the two balls. Spin The tour X had more spin on approach shots. I hit a multiple greens with my mid and short irons and every time the tour X ball ended up rolling back from its pitch mark while the regular tour ball stopped right after its pitch mark. We are not talking a lot of difference here, maybe a few feet. I didn't get to practice any chips or pitches from the fairways, all my chips and pitches were from the rough with the exception of a 110 yard shot I made with a partial PW. This actually checked up more than I was expecting it to. Front flag on the hole and the play here is to hit it short and let it roll on since you don't really want to go long (toughest green on the course ?). I hit it perfectly and was expecting it to run on 10 - 15' and it checked and just barely rolled on. Distance There was really only one anomaly in distance. Pretty much the both balls went the predicted distance except one shot with the regular tour jumped and flew a green I didn't expect it to. This was with an 8i on a par 3. Wind There was no wind again. Just a hot muggy day Conclusion For me and my game the tour x is a better pick. I'll compare it to the pro v1x, but I doubt I will notice any differences between them. But I did place in my city metro so I have a gift card to spend at the pro shop and they mainly stock titleist balls.
  13. I am partial to my 4w I got this season. Callaway Mavrik Subzero. I used to game the TM M2 3w and 5w, but replaced both with my new 4w. The TM woods were left machines, the new one I can hit a fade with.
  14. Does what those exceptional players use apply to you? In my opinion it is easier to play a less lofted club (within reason) around the green because it is easier to commit to softer swings. Where as the loft increases you have to swing just a tad harder which can cause us amateurs to second guess our stroke. And that leads to bad things, lol. I feel the 54 is just about perfect for me when it comes to committing to the swing. Every time I pully my 60 out I have to be extremely deliberate because I have to hit it harder than the 54 to the same spot. Some people may not have an issue here and some may find that the 60 gives them the best feeling. The same can be said in reverse for getting too low a loft, it can be difficult because you think you will hit the ball too far if you commit. The point is, find the loft that you feel connected with so you can commit to the swing without fear.
  15. That's funny! So can't find the ball is a 2 stroke penalty, delay of play could add another stroke after a certain amount of time has passed. But no idea how much time...
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