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  1. Thank you all so far. My main issue right now is trying to turn it around quickly while the bigger problems in the world are getting themselves sorted out. Replacing a seven iron might be the very definition of, "first-world problems' so I'm not going to get too bent out of shape by it.
  2. Hello All, my kids decided to use my 7 iron as a toy, and it has disappeared. With my local shops closed down, I'm looking for a replacement. Can anyone out there sell me something similar?
  3. Can you attend the event April 1st through 3rd? Yes Have you tried Motore X or Ventus? What ones? Yes, I have hit both Ventus Blue and Black. I currently have Ventus Blue 6-S in my driver and Ventus Black 7-X in 3 wood. Why are you excited to get fit for Motore X? I got my first Fujikura 757 speeder in a Callaway Great Big Bertha in 2003, and I've loved the shafts since. The Ventus last year was awesome to see during my fitting. I'm a golf nerd, and I love seeing new innovation. What Motore X, F1 or F3, do you think would fit your swing? I'd imagine the F1. I really don't know if it will b
  4. I've got the Black 7-X in my three wood. I need to shorten by a half inch. What's the best way to do this without affecting the characteristics of the shaft? Butt trim? Thanks in advance.
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