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  1. FYI - I ordered a Mevo+ on March 29 from FlightScope. Got an email yesterday saying it will ship out later this week or early next week. So it seems like their lead times are down to ~2 weeks.
  2. Has anyone tried the buying metallic stickers from ebay? None of the 3rd party mevo+ retailers seem to carry them. Ebay sellers claim they're identical but for all I know they could just be silver stickers and not metallic.
  3. I've seen a few comments that this is camera+radar based system but I don't think that's correct. There is a camera in the unit but it sounds like it's only for recording your swing (and the position behind the ball wouldn't work for a camera system for tracking ball flight or impact data anyway).
  4. I'm getting read to buy a mevo+ when I saw this. If it's really x2 as good, then it's worth it to me and I might wait. But, they have no information on anything on their web site. If they're really planning on shipping in a few months, I find it hard to believe that they can't show more details on what's being measured vs calculated, software integrations (and prices for those), etc. More than likely I'm going to pull the trigger on a mevo+ because of their lack of communication.
  5. I'm getting ready to order a mevo plus - is there any reason to pick one retailer over another? They all seem to have the same wait times and the same prices. The only difference I've been able to see is that a couple places offer free shipping and flightscope charges for shipping.
  6. @From_Parts_Unknown do you have any source for that info? I tried searching and couldn't find anything anywhere.
  7. I was fit (by a very good fitter) into a full set of MMC's. The HMB's might be more forgiving but for me they spun a lot less. I needed more spin so the MMC's were a better match. Playing them at 2deg flat has eliminated my previous irons big miss which was a low spinning hook that would go way long and left. I might have liked something a little more forgiving but most of those clubs hook more which for me is bad. My miss w/ the MMC's is short and straight which is a lot more playable than long and left.
  8. Played a round with mine last weekend and it worked great. Start up and acquisition isn't as fast as I would like but not a huge deal (I just turn it on when I'm on the putting green). The screen is great - extremely bright and easy to read even in direct sun light. Touch sensitivity was fine for me - it registered my presses fine and ignored me touching the screen when I picked it up from my cart.
  9. My SGX died a couple of months ago - it just stopped getting a GPS signal. I used the phone app for awhile but really don't like carrying my phone around or leaving it exposed to the sun and dirt in my push cart. The SX500 seemed huge so I was just procrastinating on whether to buy one or not when an SX400 email showed up. $250 w/ the "loyalty" discount so I bought it and it arrived yesterday. First impressions are that it's very nice. It's basically the same foot print and thickness (surprised it was so think - not like a cell phone at all) as my SGX. Screen is really bright and the tou
  10. 910D2 until 4 weeks ago when I got fitted for a 915D3 which had much better spin numbers for me than the 915D2. The 915 is averaging almost 10 yds more than my 910 did. It's noisier but I can live with that.
  11. +1 for the D3. I used a 910-D2 for a long time and after seeing the yardage a friend gained switching to the SLDR, I got fitted for one and bought it even though I didn't like the feel very much. Tried to play that thing for 2 months before returning it - the ball just never went anywhere for me. Got fitted for a 915 a few weeks ago and assumed I should stick w/ the D2 which I hit OK but not great. Just for fun I tried the D3 and it was much better for me than the D2 - spin rates were much lower and I liked the feel better. My SS is ~100 mph and I picked up a very noticeable 5-10 yds with
  12. I had a 910F (and driver and hybrids) for a while and really liked it - right up until I tried a Callaway X-Hot Pro. The XHP is miles better than the 910 for me. A good shot for me off the deck w/ the 910 was around 235-240. A good shot w/ the XHP off the deck is 250+ and way more forgiving. The forgiveness is really what matters for me - mishits w/ the XHP aren't that penal and slight mishits don't seem to lose any distance at all and fly very straight. Give the XHP a try - at least in my hands it's ton better (longer and straighter) than the 910 or 913 and a noticeably better than the RB
  13. I ordered my XHPro irons (5-AW) on Saturday and the stock shaft was definitely too light for my taste. I hit a few draws, a few straight, and a few fades with it. You should definitely try it out with one of the longer clubs before you pull the trigger. I found that the KBS Tour's were a much better shaft for my swing. They're a bit heavier and easier for me to feel and control. I hit nothing but baby draws with them and they went the same distance as the stock shaft.
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