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  1. I have the 56* and been comparing it to my MD5 Jaws 54*. I really think they are great wedges and decided just today to put it in the bag after practicing with it at the range today. They do seem to impart a big more spin than the MD5 and the distance control seems a little easier for me. I have a tendency to leave the MD5 short on relatively short pitches (inside 30 yards) and I don't have that problem (at least in practice) with the TW4. If the performance on the course matches that on the practice range, I may replace the MD5 48* with a TW4 48*.
  2. The only differences I'm seeing in the Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro is the offset. Are there head size differences? I like the HMP because the offset is pretty close to what I'm playing right now.
  3. Thanks for the very informative reply. That's been my experience... every time I try to find something that I think would be more forgiving in a GI iron, I find that the Apex actually perform better... I've compared them to the Honma XP-1, Rogue X, T300's and others and the Apex seem more consistent and almost as long distance wise. I definitely won't change to a GI iron unless I can confirm that it will perform better.
  4. Anyone want to compare the 0211's with the Apex CF19's (my current gamer)? If I could ask for just one thing in my CF19's it would be a little more forgiveness. Although I seem to be hitting them really well right now...
  5. I decided some time ago that every time I bought a new set of irons that I was not going to include set wedges, except for the PW. Gap and Sand are custom Callaway MD5 wedges. I tried out about 3 or 4 wedges (Ping Glide, Titleist, Cleveland) and found that the MD5's worked best for me. Learning how to use these custom wedges once and I don't have to worry about loft changes with different sets of irons or grips or shaft differences. This has worked really well for me and my MD5's are my most reliable clubs.
  6. I've considered these since I'd love to play some Miura clubs, and the TC-201 were quoted to me. I'm currently playing the Apex CF19's and just wondering how the transition would be to the TC-201's?
  7. That's interesting... the BB 21 7i has less offset (2.7) than the Mavrik Pro (2.8) and the Apex CF19 (3.0). I would have expected that the BB 21 would have a bigger offset...?
  8. There are different ways to control the shot by changing the face of the club. You can put the ball in your stance and reduce the loft for bump and runs, use a square face with the ball in the center of your stance or slight forward, if you want to loft the ball with a little run out, or you can open the face with the ball in the center or slightly forward and lob it up in the air. And it doesn't matter what the loft is, these changes will affect the ball flight and spin. The big question is, do you really want to spend time with each of your wedges perfecting these types of shots? I've de
  9. I'm 72 and didn't start playing till I was 67, but as with all things that I get into, I've gone why over board and spend more time on golfing than just about anything else. So in my short experience, I've found the following to be helpful. If you've never gotten fit, then that would be the starting place. If that isn't possible, then a static fitting will do. I really like Mamiya UST Recoil shafts F2. I've tried some others, but I've always come back to recoil. I've tried a number of OEM's but right now I'm staying with Callaway. I play the Apex
  10. Having decided to drop the 58* from my bag, I played 18 without it yesterday and missed a few wedge shots with my 54*. Most of them were just a little too long. Went to the driving range this morning to get that distance ironed out and I think it will be much better next time. I guess that's the price you pay for becoming dependent on a higher lofted wedge and not using the lower lofted wedge that much. The 54* wedge is a MD5 Jaws with the W grind. What I really like about the W grind is that it's pretty easy to open it up and use it as a lob wedge. Practice with that this m
  11. I've played a half dozen balls over the last year and there are a bunch of them that I really like and could play...Snell MTB Black or MTB X, Z Start, 2020 Chrome Soft, or OnCore Elixir; however, I just recently started playing the Maxfli Tour after reading some very positive reviews. It has just about all the good characteristics you look for in a ball. It's medium soft, long, good spin into the green, and feels great off the putter. Played 18 with it today and was hitting my drives further than I ever have. This is partly due to my swing being on today, but this ball just inspires me to
  12. Played 18 holes today and put in a 3h and used it in place of my 5w. Worked out great. I still carried the 5w just in case, but I think I can safely pull the 5w and just go with a 3h and 4h.
  13. Played 18 holes today and did not pull the 58* one time. Stuck to my 54* and it worked just fine. Just reduced my number of clubs by 1, a 58* wedge.
  14. I currently have 4 wedges in my bag - PW (43*), GW (48*), SW (54*), and a LW (58*). I personally think this is just too many wedges and actually makes me much less consistent. I remember reading that Jack Nicklaus played with a PW and SW. I can see how this would make one more consistent because you'd learn how to use that SW in a lot of different circumstances. Open it for lobs and reduce the loft for bump and runs or controlled chips. I've found that when I carry the 58* wedge, I tend to use it too much... and the 54 seldom gets used. However, before I put a 58* in the bag
  15. As a senior golfer, I certainly don't have the SS that some of you have. I've already dropped the 3w from the bag because it didn't go any further (95+%) of the time than my 5w. This morning I went to the driving range with the intent of comparing my 3h (Callaway Mavrik) to my 5w (also a Callaway Mavrik). On occasion, the 5w maybe ran out a little further, but there were times when I think my 3h was at least as far and maybe a few yards further than my 5w. One thing that sort of made me think this would be a good move is my misses with the 3h were much less punishing than my miss with the
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