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  1. Played the Taylormade Tour Response for 18 holes today and it has very similar "feel" characteristics to the Maxfli Tour. Responded very well when hitting into greens; however, the greens were not concrete hard... I hit one shot with a 48* from about 75 yards and it was relatively high and it did a hop and stop a couple feet from the hole. I felt like this was a much better performing ball than the e12 Contact and Titleist Tour Soft. I did hit a couple of comparison shots with the Snell MTB Black and they were about the same distance when hit with the driver. They were within a
  2. I thought I read that if you mark both the 115 and 85 it would give you the results for 100 mph?
  3. I'll give the AVX a chance after my round today with the Snell MTB-Black and Taylormade Tour Response. As I understand it, the AVX is a low spin ball and relatively soft... not sure I've seen what the compression is for it?
  4. That sounds right to me too. Lower spin will usually result in more distance, but you'll sacrifice performance on approach/chip shots. I think I've seen this in my own experience. Here's a video that pretty much comes to that conclusion...
  5. I think I disagree with you on soft being quieter. To support my argument, checkout the MTB-Black. It has a click sound off just about every club and it relatively soft - I think 75 compression. It feels much softer than the actual compression.
  6. I would never insinuate that my swing is great, but I can consistently shoot in the low 80's. I'm not looking for a ball to fix my swing, I'm looking for a ball that reacts well to my good swings.
  7. I just received 2 dozen MTB-Black in yellow and put 3 of them in the bag for tomorrow's round.
  8. I never judge distance based on the rollout and since I get pretty decent height on my shots, including driver, that's not what is accounting for the extra distance I've seen with the e12. A playing partner gave me a Titleist Tour Soft on our last round and it was about the same as the e12 when it comes to distance - driver and irons, but I didn't care for the feel off the putter. Within about 130 yards, I get really good height on my shots. Since I'm not a long hitter, I understand that I don't get height on long approach shots but those aren't the ones I'm concerned about. I
  9. Guys, I've read the articles that there is nothing to be gained by playing a soft, aka low compression ball, and unless you have a high swing speed, you probably won't see any difference when hitting into the green. My experience is different... perhaps because I'm a very feel/touch oriented player. For example, I don't use any alignment when putting. I rely on my ability to read the green and then ascertain what the speed and direction should be. Maybe that's a bad example, but I'm just trying to say that I rely on feel a great deal. I don't feel comfortable playing
  10. I've been considering a ball change and looking for a good ball that will provide good distance off the driver and irons, but still hold greens when hitting approach or chips into the green. I've been playing the Maxfli Tour and really like it, but I have trouble compressing it. I recently switched to the e12 Contact, and I do get better distance with driver and irons, but holding the greens is a challenge. I normally have to play it short of the green and let it bounce/roll onto the green. I know there's a trade-off when it comes to spin between urethane and non-uret
  11. I've been playing the Bridgestone e12 Contact and it is long and soft. Not marshmallow soft, but similar to the Tour Soft. One of my playing partners gave me a sleeve of the Tour Soft to compare to the e12 Contact. I came away impressed. I was hitting comparison shots during my round to see how it compared. It was slightly longer on some shots and seemed to hold the greens pretty well. Not sure there is much between the e12 Contact and Tour Soft, but I'm going to give it a go this week and see how it performs. I also want to compare it to the Taylormade Tour Resp
  12. I once had a set of the Rogues and they were pretty good size. Never really got a long with them and eventually traded them in. I really didn't think that the T300's were performing as well as they have but I'm starting to believe these are really a great set of GI clubs. I did see a video where a guy was getting ridiculously low spin numbers hitting a T300 PW, but I think it had to be his swing. I've compared the spin numbers on a 7i from a T300, Apex 21, and JPX921 hot metal pro and they are within a few hundred rpm's of each other depending on MY swing. I've also
  13. I seem to get better distance with these, even though I don't see why? The head is certainly not as big as say the JPX921 hot metal pro and probably not as big as the Apex 21's.
  14. So I played a round the other day and brought a Apex 21 5 iron even though the JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro 5i was in the bag. Needed a long iron to reach the green and decide on the Apex 21 5i and hit a fabulous shot... for me. Took them to the driving range today and was surprised at the distance I was getting from the 9i, 7i, and 5i. However, I started pulling the 6i when I pulled it from the bag and hit some shots. This was the reason that I switched to the JPX921's. Kept pulling my long irons. I think what I found is that I was pulling my irons because my right shoulder was comi
  15. Be sure to post back your opinion. I think you'll find the Maxfli Tour to be one heck of a ball from tee to green. And their quality control is top notch too.
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