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  1. It could be my swing, but I didn't really see any difference in trajectory when hitting with a launch monitor. However, I like the feel of both and I agree that the Maxfli Tour feels very similar to the ProV1.
  2. I've played a number of different balls and I can tell which ones feel good and have the performance that I'm looking for. I'm about a 12 hc and 73 years old and only been playing golf for about 5 years. Most of the soft balls feel good, but that contributes to their lack of performance for me. I need a little feedback and they don't provide it. I've also tried some really firm balls, like the MTB-X and ProV1x and TP5x and while they performed pretty well, I didn't enjoy the feel. I've settled for something in the middle and could play any of the following:
  3. With the huge lead time on new custom orders, just wondering if what everyone thinks about ordering instock irons and then taking them to your local golf shop and having them customized - lie and shaft and grips changed? Never done it but often considered it. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this? Unfortunately, I have to order custom because I can't fit into stock offerings.
  4. Ordered Epic Max Driver on 3/29 and it shipped today. Of course, I sent them an email a couple days ago that I wanted to change it to an Epic Speed, but my order must have been completed before they got my email. No biggie... I'll give it a try indoors and if I don't like it I'll send it back. I've got an Mavrik standard right now. Not sure I need the Max after hitting 12 fairways (par 4's and 5's) on my last round.
  5. Ordered a GBB 21 and took it to an indoor range and myself and two other golfer hit it and felt that it was not as good as the Mavrik I'm playing right now. Returned the GBB 21 for a full refund.
  6. So I was watching a video posted by 2nd Swing on wedges and they mentioned that most people that are playing cavity back irons should probably be playing cavity back wedges, such as, the Cleveland CBX 2 or the Callaway CB wedges. I've been playing the Callaway MD wedges (currently the Jaws MD5) and feel very confident with them... in fact, I've often said, I wish they made irons that felt as good. I guess these would be considered blade type wedges? I currently play the Apex CF21's and I'm guessing these are cavity back irons. I tired the CB wedges that Callaway offer
  7. I'm not sure I can provide the kind of feedback that you are looking for, but I did play the CF19's for about a year then switched to the T300's for the latter part of last year and this Spring I switched to the Apex CF21's. The T300's did not provide the same feel as the Apex and I sort of missed that so I took a flyer on the CF21's. I had trouble with the CF19's but that may have been more to do with my swing than the clubs. Just had trouble with consistency. T300's provided that consistency, but not the same feel even when struck sweetly. I do like the CF21's - I
  8. I agree... strange name, but you can't beat the performance to price ratio. You can order them in the UK. They might even be a UK company.
  9. I'm in the USA and order them online... sugar.golf
  10. I purchased a cube of Sugar golf balls after seeing the TXG review of them. My expectation was that they might be ok for someone with a high swing speed, but certainly not for someone like me, or my playing partners. For reference, here's the run down of our foursome today. me - 73 years old, slowest swing speed of all 4 of us, played the Maxfli Tour for the first 9 holes John - 74 years old, but much faster swing speed and has been playing ProV1 for years. Jim - 50 years old, Played an ERC for the first few holes, then switch to the Sugar ball, really good swing speed
  11. Makes sense to me. On the day that I was comparing the AVX and Maxfli Tour, I tried to make sure that I was hitting them equally well. At best, my results are relative only to me, but based on other golfers comments about the AVX being "long", I expected to see something relative to that. I didn't. The feeling was good but not any softer to me than the Maxfli Tour. I know it is considered a low spin, low launch ball and that might be where my results were not what I have heard. I'm admittedly a senior player with a slower swing speed and may not be able to get the launch numbers that I n
  12. I couldn't agree more. I wasn't happy with any of my "fittings" because in both cases, I think they just picked the one that I hit the longest and said go with it. However, when I went to the fitter and asked him to make whatever adjustments to my clubs that he felt would help me... now that was a great fitting. I walked out feeling confident that the changes he made would help me... and they did. He also mentioned changes I could make to the shaft and length of some clubs, but he stated that these would probably only marginally improve things and felt they weren't necessary.
  13. I've had 3 fittings in the past and the choices I could only qualify as ok. Perhaps one of the best things I did was go to a fitter after I purchased new clubs and had him determine if they were appropriate for me. He did make them a little flatter (lie) but other than that, he felt that I was hitting them well. My current clubs (Apex 21's) were purchased without getting fit and I think they are performing really well for me. Prior to these, I was playing (and still have them) Titleist T300's and once again, I was not fit for these but they performed very well. Would a fitting
  14. Got my cube today and will be hitting them (indoors) shortly. I'll let you know how they compare to a ProV1 and Maxfli Tour.
  15. Were you speaking distance wise? I really enjoyed the feel of the AVX, but I really thought I would see something significant over the Maxfli and I didn't. I could play the AVX and be perfectly happy and I'm sure I could adjust to the distance difference because it wasn't that much, but when you consider the price and performance difference (for me anyway) I think the Maxfli is hard to beat.
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