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  1. Have you tried the Vice Pro Soft? I have been playing the e12 Contact ever since it was released and I really felt like it was the last ball I was ever going to use. Famous last words. Then I saw a review of the Vice Pro Soft and it sounded pretty interesting so I bought a dozen at Walmart. Nice that you can get them locally, although you won't get any discount for buying more than one dozen at a time. At any rate, I paid the $ 34.95 at Walmart and gave it a try for a round... then another round, then another round... then I just found it to be a really great ball. Here are the take aways... 1. The ball feels just as soft off all the clubs as the e12. I like that. 2. The ball has perhaps a little more distance in it than the e12. This ball just seems to carry in all kinds of weather. 3. It seems to have a very durable cover. I typically will get one round out of a ball - only because I don't like even the slightest abrasions on the ball. So after the first round I played with the Vice I gave it a look over and WTF, it was still unblemished. So I played another round with the same ball, and OMG, it's still literally perfect. Being the neurotic that I am, I retired that ball to my shag practice bag and put a new one into play. Same thing happened again... this can't be. I generally keep the ball in play, but I have hit into some bunkers and perhaps a tree or two but this ball just seems to take it. 4. The e12 does pickup grass stains rather easily to the point that I need to clean it after every hole... I know... and occasionally, you have to apply some elbow grease to get it clean. While the Vice picks up the grass stains just as easily, it wipes off with much less effort. 5. One of the selling points of the e12 is that it's a pretty straight ball. Presumably because it's lower spinning? The Vice does not seem to stray much off course so I didn't lose anything with the Vice. 6. I'm not a high spin swing type of person so the fact that the e12 does not have a urethane cover bother me a little, but I sort of adjusted to the "less spin" and made allowances on my shots. The Vice does have a urethane cover and definitely holds greens better. I didn't really think there would be this much difference between them, but yes, there is. 7. If you buy in bulk (6 dozen at a time), the price of the Vice is slightly lower than the e12. In summary, I could easily play the e12 and be perfectly happy with it, but I'm having a hard time getting the Vice out of the bag. I still have 3 dozen e12's so I'll go back to them in the Spring to see if there is anything that I'm missing, but I'm quite surprised by the performance of the Vice Pro Soft. If you've played the e12 or the Vice Pro Soft or both of these, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  2. This bears repeating over and over again. OEM's have gotten in the habit of using the "forged" term to describe clubs just because they know it will get attention. I've tried many of the clubs mentioned and decided on just going for the best game improvement irons I could find based on feel and performance. Let me be totally clear, I am not a Titleist fan boy, in fact, only the irons in my bag are Titleist. The rest are another brand. I am currently playing the T300 (2021 version). I recently had an iron fitting at TrueSpec in Palm Dessert, CA and they could not find another iron that performed better than it did for me. I tried for an hour and fifteen minutes to the point of exhaustion from hitting balls and nothing gave me more than 1 or 2 yards more distance, but couldn't match the dispersion I was getting with the T300. Your mileage may vary, but the T300's feel as good as any iron I've hit and flat out perform when it comes to distance and dispersion.
  3. Between Driver, Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges, and Putter, I would consider my weakness to be woods. I only carry a 5w because I found that I can't hit my 3w any further than my 5w and I get better dispersion with the 5w. I probably need to get fit for a 3w to see if I can find something that will perform better, but as of right now, I just don't take up a spot in my bag with a 3w. It's probably costing me when it comes to scoring, because on long par 4's or par 5's I generally have to play for an up-and-down because I just can't get on the green in regulation. I am playing from the right tee... only have this problem if the par 4 is over 380 and the par 5 is over 500.
  4. I really don't want this to turn into a negative thread. The whole idea of this forum is to share our experiences - both positive and negative - so that others might improve their game based on other's experience. I've tried a number of different kinds of golf clubs and continue to look for new or existing clubs that might improve my game. I'm certainly not the best player but I've played better than players with lower handicap and played worse than players with high handicaps. That's kind of the nature of the game. Everyone is looking for better consistency no matter how good they are. I hope everyone will keep this in mind when responding to my posts. Let's continue to be generous with our positive comments and suggestions to improve their game.
  5. In my short experience as a golfer, I've come to realize that handicap is not the only criteria that makes a golfer "good". I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm even less impressed when someone flaunts that innocuous number by the only thing that matters. As a GolfWRXer, I can't help but read posts that have less interest to me personally but might expand my knowledge of the game and help make me a "good" golfer. My response was not intended to any more offensive than the one I initially received. In this culture of wokeness, I don't subscribe to the cancel culture that many do and will continue with my posts for those that are interested in learning what I have. After, this forum is all about sharing, not denigrating. You have a good day as well.
  6. Didn't know you were being forced to read my posts. I must have misunderstood what a golf forum is all about? I guess you're not supposed to ask questions or post your own personal results. If that's the case, there wouldn't be anyone posting here. Unlike many of the posters here, I got turned on to golf late in life (67) and consequently, I have a lot of catching up to do. Not only do I play a lot of golf and practice a lot, but my DNA is such that I always feel there's a better putter, wedge, hybrid, wood, and driver than the one I'm using. Might not be true, but that doesn't stop me from looking and trying. Regarding "buying" a better game... I'm perfectly happy with the game I have, thank you very much. However, if money were the only issue, I'd be pretty damn good. Unfortunately, we both know you can't do that. Kind of stupid comment on your part.
  7. You must have a very boring life if all you have to do is keep track of what I do with MY money. Get a life!
  8. Carry went from 150+ to 170+ with a good amount of rollout. Better rollout with the 9* head. In my round the other day, with my Callaway Epic Max, I had a great drive but when I got to it, I noticed that it actually made a divot in the fairway and hopped maybe a foot or two. And the fairways were not that soft. I thought that was kind of odd at the time and my fitting sort of explains why this was happening. The spin was making the ball balloon to the point that it literally fell out of the sky. I can see where lowing the trajectory will help as well as lowing the spin.
  9. Had a fitting with TrueSpec golf in Palm Springs and they could not find another iron that performed as well as the T300's with senior stock shafts. Tried a number of shaft and head combinations for more than an hour with nothing more than perhaps a yard or two. At least my fitter was honest and said, it's not worth trying to improve on something that is already doing what's best for you. The only thing that could have been better is the spin with the long irons, but as I explained to him, I seldom hit a long iron into a green because I'm not a long hitter. My approach shots are normally with a 7-iron or higher lofted club and I don't have any problems holding greens with those. The fitting was conducted with a 6-iron, which is one of my favorite clubs to hit.
  10. At my age, 20-30 yards is HUGE. I won't know for sure till next spring because our season is just coming to an end and I probably won't put it in play till then. But I'll get some indoor practice time with it and see how it goes.
  11. Just did a little reading about the VA Composite Vylyn shaft and it is designed to generate low spin and high launch - just what the doctor ordered. https://www.vashafts.com/vylyn
  12. This is the shaft that the fitter selected. It was $ 275. I expected it to cost more than what you would normally expect, but it did seem to give the results we were looking for so I'm willing to pay the price. Never heard of that brand before. https://www.dallasgolf.com/va-composites-vylyn-45-graphite-shaft-adapter-grip/?sku=656110235573/&gclid=Cj0KCQjw8p2MBhCiARIsADDUFVFasyM_WM0yv-29DqOUnl_Ggvop45NH19o3Qy4cF8sQgRJwvArrFg0aAgdAEALw_wcB
  13. I scheduled an iron fitting and a driver fitting with TrueSpec while vacationing in Palm Springs. I scheduled them on different days, but due to some maintenance work they were doing at the fitting location, I had to combine them on the same day. I've had a fitting at Club Champion before so I was curious to see if there was any difference. Started with an iron fitting and hit my current set (Titleist T300 with the senior flex stock shaft) to get some baseline numbers. Then used the same T300 head to find a shaft that might improve the trajectory, dispersion, or spin rates. Nothing we tried made any improvements but we did settle on a shaft that seemed to work just as well. Next, we tried a number of different heads, from other OEMs, to see if we could improve on distance. After an hour and fifteen minutes, and only gaining a couple yards of distance, we both concluded that my T300's could not be improved upon, at least for me. Next we moved to the driver. Again, I hit my current gamer (Callaway Epic Max with a Recoil F2 senior shaft at 10.5 degrees). Initial results showed that my spin rate was over 4000 rpms which was much to high to maximize performance. We next use the same head and tried a number of shafts to see if we could affect the launch angle and spin rate. We did find a lighter shaft that seemed to make some improvements but the spin rate was still too high. Next we tried a number of heads from different OEMs to see what would get the spin rate down. The results was a Callaway Epic LS at 9 degrees with a 45 gram shaft. This worked the best at getting the spin rate down but still provided good launch numbers while at the same time improving the dispersion and adding 20-30 yards in overall distance. I was concerned about the Epic LS selection at 9 degrees because I did not think this would be suitable for a senior golfer, such as myself. However, he said that I was finding the center of the club face with enough regularity that it was exactly what I needed. I had played a round of golf the day before and missed one fareway and had one muffed drive so I know that my ability to find the center of the club face is good, but my swing speed is under 90 mph. I wanted to be sure that this combination was going to work for me. On trackman my drives with the new combination were literally in a straight line and each one slightly longer than the previous one. He felt that once I spent more time with the setup I could see even more distance gains with the selection. During the fitting we reviewed each selection on Trackman and compared it to what I was currently playing. There was no hard sell at any time, in fact, he did not charge me for the iron fitting because we could not find anything that improved on my current gamer, even though we spent the majority of the time with the irons - an hour and fifteen minutes vs about 30 minutes with the driver. All-in-all, I think the fitting at TrueSpec was similar to the one at Club Champion 3 or 4 years ago, but my golf knowledge has increased over the last 3 or 4 years so I had a much better idea of what I was looking for and what the numbers meant in terms of results. I don't think one was any better than the other. I did end up ordering the Epic LS at 9 degrees with the shaft (that I've never heard of before) that he selected. The shaft was a Vylyn 45 degree in A flex. No shaft pureing because the shaft is too thin. Was the fitting worth it... yes. It confirmed that my irons are the best performing for me and the driver was not maximizing my performance, even though I thought it was. The Club Champion fitting was done indoors and the TrueSpec was done outdoors but from a mat. I think I would like hitting from a real grass tee better when fitting irons, but it is what it is.
  14. How did you like the Vice Pro Soft. I've played just a couple rounds with it but my most recent round had a 50% GIR which is a personal best. I attributed that to the added distance I'm getting with the Vice. I still have a supply of e12 Contacts just in case I have a falling out with the Vice Pro Soft.
  15. Here's a point of view that has not been mentioned before... maybe you want to play a ball with poor QC so you have something to blame instead of your swing. Personally, I could play Titleist all day long and my score would not change. The only thing I'd have is a much thinner wallet. Can anybody explain how the Maxfli Tour (2020 and 2021) scores so well in the QC tests and it's: 1. A house brand of Dick's 2. Much less expensive 3. Readily available
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