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  1. Currently playing the Titlest T300. Previously, I was playing the Apex CF19's. I switched to the T300 because I was looking for a little more forgiveness, but now, I'm kind of missing the feel of the Apex. Boom, Callaway comes out with a new Apex. So I'm thinking of moving back to the Apex, but just wondering which one aligns better with the T300... Apex standard, Apex DCB, or should I try to combo? I could go for a fitting, but I don't do well off mats and just willing to use my specs from prior fittings and place an order. I plan on hanging on to the T300's in case things do
  2. I couldn't agree more. Once you have a general idea of what your specs are - from say one or two fittings - I'm not sure getting another fitting to select club A over club B will guarantee the best selection. You really need to play these clubs a few rounds before you'll know for sure which one is best. They can compare the stats from that session and they will certainly pick the best club for THAT session, but you could come back the next day and things could completely turn around unless your a low handicap player. For the average player, if you've never been fit, then yes, ge
  3. After watching the MGS guys lab report on the QST I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot driver. Don't know much about the Duo Pro but I'll certainly check it out.
  4. From what I've read, and this may all be hype, but it sounds like the Apex standard may be a touch more forgiving and with the introduction of the DCB line, the combination of slightly more forgiving scoring irons with much more forgiving long irons is a match made in heaven. At least for me, anyway. The only question now is, do I go with my standard specs (been fit 3 times) or is it worth it to go to Club Champion and take advantage of the 1/2 price fitting through the end of January?
  5. I'm looking for a ball in the 70 - 80 compression range. I know compressions are iffy from brand to brand, but I believe the TM Tour Response is a 70 compression and that is definitely in the range that I want to play. I know the Vice Pro Soft is well below that, but I've seen some pretty good reviews on it. I've played the Z Star and just looking for something a little softer.
  6. I've never played with ball but wondering which one you would suggest and why?
  7. Kevin Na won the Sony Open and he's not a long hitter, but great short game and dropped putts like there were 8 inch cups.
  8. I was surprised that no one mentioned the Maxfli Tour sooner. It's a very underrated ball and very very similar to the Z Star. Perhaps a little softer but the numbers are solid. You can't beat the price either... 2 dozen for $ 60. One other ball that I have not played, but intend to, is the Taylormade Tour Response. Might be very similar but until I pickup a dozen, can't say for sure.
  9. I had some of these inconsistencies with the CF19's which is why I went to the T300 from Titleist, but I'm going to take a chance on a combo set of the Apex and DCB's. I saw that review on TXG and can't really see a 5 handicap playing the standard Apex.
  10. Ping G425 looks good, but I think the Epic Speed might be a better fit for me.
  11. Bingo... I'm thinking the Epic Max will be perfect for me as well. Currently, playing the Rogue and as much as I like it, I think the Epic Max will suit me better.
  12. It appears that most golfers are obsessed with driver distance because the posts in the equipment thread seems to be about 75% about drivers. You do realize that in a round of 18 you'll probably hit your driver at most 15 times. Based on the number of shots taken around the green it should be more about wedges and putters... of course, there's a separate putter section so nix that one. With that said, what's going to be the hot driver this year? I'm guessing the Epic Speed what with all the options... standard, Max, and Max LS.
  13. Watched a comparison video and there wasn't much distance different between the standard Apex and DCB, but the DCB is probably more forgiving because of the some what larger head and a little more offset. Combination is definitely something I need to look at closely.
  14. The Ping G425's would be my second choice so far, but the ability to combo the Apex DCB and Apex standard is probably the right combination (no pun intended) for me, in spite of the price. What shaft did you go with in the G425's?
  15. I have to say, I was not in the market for new irons this year, but these Apex 21's have me drooling and excited. I think Callaway has hit the sweet spot with the Apex 21's. There's something for just about any golfer and the combo's are over the top. I'm either going DCB all the way or blend the DCB with the standard in the 8-PW. I've had a couple fittings in the past, but it just might be worth getting fit to find the right combo or do I just go standard or DCB. I with those you tubers would do some comparisons with all three and maybe throw in the G42
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