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  1. I have a set of 921 Hot Metal Pros, and I love them. They are the best feeling irons that I have hit. However, when I tried the 2019 Titleist T300, I found a set of irons that felt almost as good, but delivered more distance with better dispersion. I have subsequently upgraded to the 2021 Titleist T300's and they are even better than the 2019 when it comes to sound and feel. Right up there with Mizunos and more forgiving. I still have the 921 HMP because they are great irons and occasionally, I will take them out and play a round with them. Unfortunately, the performance doesn't match up to the T300's so I'm still playing them.
  2. Interesting, but I think I know what you mean. Today I only had time to go to the practice range and took 2 Vice Pro Soft, 2 e12 Contacts, and 2 AVX. The Vice Pro Soft felt the softest off the putter and wedge, next was the e12 Contact, and finally the AVX. Although the difference was very subtle and if I wasn't hitting them together, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. However, I found that the e12 was best for me when it came to putting. Distance control and direction was just easier for me with the e12, but of course, I've been playing it for most of the season. And even though my last round with the Vice Soft Pro was not anything out of the ordinary, I found it pretty comparable (performance wise) to the e12. The AVX was not far off and I'm sure I could play any of the these 3 balls, but I think the e12 gives me the best performance when putting and chipping.
  3. Just a little side note, but I think most golfers would benefit from playing a ball that generates less spin rather than more spin. I think I've discovered this in my own game. Not sure if there is any truth to this, but I'm guessing the reason for choosing a less spinny ball is because most golfers never hit the ball as far as they think they will so approach shots will leave them further from the hole than would be most beneficial.
  4. Played 18 holes with the Vice Pro Soft yesterday. Results were just ok. I actually felt like I was playing pretty well and hitting the ball pretty well, but just didn't score very well. That's what bothers me. I played a familiar course so I know how it plays and how far I should be hitting the ball... and for the most part, I seem to be doing ok with distance and dispersion. However, I think the spin of the ball was affecting my approach shots and the feel of the ball was affecting my putting. I've only had two rounds of golf since last May were I averaged more than 2 putts per hole in a round and this was 2.1, which matched my previous high. The feel was just "different" and it would probably mean that I need a few more rounds in order to get the "feel" that I'm used to with my previous ball. The approach shots were not releasing like the ball I have been playing so I found myself making longer putts than normal. Many of my approach shots were within 50 yards and the ball was checking up. Again, after a few more rounds, I'm sure I could get that under control. Durability was great. No problems with that at all.
  5. I have played the e12 Contact ever since it was released. I've tried to switch, just for bone head reasons, but every time I do, it seems my game just don't feel right. Score seems to suffer... not a lot and certainly not anything I can definitely point to, like less distance, it's just I don't seem to score as well. I've tried the Callaway Chrome Soft, Bridgestone Tour B RX, Maxfli Tour, and Vice Pro Soft. In every case, the game just doesn't feel right. Perhaps it's like they say, play one ball and stick with it. So for now, I'm sticking with the e12 Contact.
  6. I've switched between the 2019 T300's and 2021 T300's and there is a noticeable difference. The 2021 is much better than the 2019 in a number of areas. They are clearly the best GI iron on the market in my opinion.
  7. Based on their website, it sounds like the Pro Plus is intended for higher swing speeds. Not sure that would fit my ss. They are comparing it to the ProV1x so it looks like it would be a firmer ball which doesn't fit my personal preference.
  8. That pretty much fits me to a T. I'm a senior golfer with a slower swing speed and based on your analysis, the Vice Pro Soft might be just perfect for me. I intend to play it for the next few rounds.
  9. I tried them when they first came out and didn't find them any better than what I was playing at the time... Maxfli Tour. Since then, I've moved on to the e12 Contact and now, maybe, the Vice Pro Soft.
  10. I like everything in my bag. I've come to the realization that changing equipment, just for the sake of getting something new, is a detriment to my game. I consider myself a "feel" player and after I've played a club for a certain amount of time, moving to something new takes a while to adjust and affects my score negatively. Unless I can see some real immediate benefit or a very quick short term benefit, I think it's better to stay with what I have. As winter closes in, my goal is to continue trying to improve over the winter months by using my basement hitting bay to improve my ball contact with every club in my bag.
  11. I have been playing the e12 Contact since they were released and really enjoy them. They are long, soft but not mushy, and spin reasonably well when hitting into a green. I also like the feel off the putter, which is very important to me. I've done some comparisons with the Callaway Chrome Soft because I want to see if a little more spin would improve my short game. In all honesty, I didn't dislike the CS, but didn't see a lot of benefit to it. I recently purchased a dozen of the Vice Pro Soft because, based on the specs, it sounded similar to the e12 in terms of compression; however, the Vice Pro Soft has a urethane cover. I played 9 holes with the e12 and 9 holes with the Vice and found that the Vice was actually longer... quite a big longer with the driver, woods, and irons. Pitches and chips will need some work on my part because I'm used to the e12 releasing more than Vice. However, I did like the feel of the Vice off the putter and putting was very similar to what I could do with the e12. I decided to play the Vice for a few more rounds and see if my perception continues... but I do like the added distance, and as a senior golfer, I need all the distance I can get.
  12. Headed to KC this weekend and wondering if they have any golf courses with grass tee driving ranges? I went to a couple last month when I was there and they both had mat tees. One of them was Minor GC. Don't remember the name of the other one.
  13. If I could get a set of custom JPX921 HM's, I'd order today if it could be delivered in 2 weeks. Than again, maybe I'd make that a set of Honma TR20-X's. Then again, maybe there's not enough season left before winter to order anything.
  14. Don't underestimate the Titleist T300's. I've got a set of Apex 21's and Mizuno 921 HMP's and I play the T300's because they are more forgiving and generate plenty of distance and spin, when necessary.
  15. I play with friends and employees most of the time, and I have one friend who always improves his lie. I think he has difficulty getting loft on his shots. He will disguise this sometimes by saying "is that my ball" and then picks it up to look for markings on the ball, but then will place the ball so that it is sitting up on the grass. This happens in probably more than half the holes that we will play together. I don't say anything because we're just playing a friendly game anyway, but at the end of the round, he always makes a point of announcing his score. What's the rule on improving your lie if you are not playing clean and place?
  16. I think what you will find is that whatever ball you pick, the more you play it the more predictable it will become... FOR YOU! Low spin balls will definitely fly further than a high spin ball and, generally speaking, you'll find most low compression balls are two piece balls. Generally, these don't have a urethane cover, which is what makes a ball grab a little better than your non-urethane balls. Of course, there are exceptions that exist in low spin and high spin balls, and two piece vs three piece balls. I was playing the Maxfli Tour for the last year or so and really enjoyed it in all aspects of the game; however, about midway through this summer I tried the new e12 Contact. The Maxfli Tour is a 3 piece ball with a urethane cover, while the e12 is a 3 piece ball with an ionomer cover, so it will not stop on the greens as quickly as the Maxfli Tour. However, because it is lower compression, in my case, it flies longer and straighter than the Maxfli. In other words, there are trade-offs. I picked the ball based on this. No matter how hard I try, I can't make the Maxfli Tour fly longer, however, I can adjust my landing spot on the green to make the e12 end up closer to the pin. Consequently, I've been playing the e12 ever since I tried it. Yes, it took a little time to adjust to it, but I think the results speak for themselves. I'm shooting lower scores and that's what really matters.
  17. Love the Maxfli Tour, but I made the mistake of playing the e12 Contact and now I got so used to that ball, I'm having a hard time playing the Maxfli Tour. The e12 is definitely a softer ball (about 15 points I think) and seems to fly just a little longer on both the driver and irons, but difficult to generate enough spin to stop on the green. However, I'm a senior golfer and have a hard time generating spin with anything short of 48* so I didn't get a lot of stopping with the Maxfli. The Maxfli is great ball and the price is stellar. I may trying starting with it next Spring to see if I can once again adjust to a firmer ball with a urethane cover.
  18. Just visited my local Golf Galaxy and it was sad. Most of their iron displays were empty and the golf balls were quickly disappearing from the shelves. There was one box of white Supersoft on the shelves and the designated area for the Chrome Soft were more than half empty. No Titleist Tour Soft and no Taylormade Tour Response and only yellow in the Soft Response. The Titleist ProV's were there, but not in the usual numbers that I've observed before. I was beginning to think this golf ball shortage was a made up thing, but now I'm believing it is for real.
  19. Couldn't resist the price so I purchased a Gen 4 driver for $ 299 during the sale. When comparing to my Callaway Epic Max, it seemed a little more difficult to achieve the same distance. As of today, it's still not in the bag, but taking it to the driving range tomorrow to do some comparison shots and give it another change. What's your results?
  20. Not sure about foot spray, but I would have to think that the impact tape would.
  21. I've got one right across the street from my office and I'll be checking that out today.
  22. I definitely don't want to use anything that affects performance because I don't want to make improper judgements about my performance. This is just for casual rounds and self-improvement. While I use impact tape at home in my hitting bay, it doesn't really explain what's happening on the course. I find hitting balls off turf to be quite different than hitting off a mat.
  23. Not exactly what I was looking for. I was hoping there was an alternative to that... perhaps a commercial product. Foot spray seems a little messy, but if that's all there is...
  24. I know you can put foot spray or impact tape on your clubs to see where you impact the club, but I was wondering if there was something you can use during a round to see your impact location. Anyone know of any products or way to determine this. My driver has so many impact marks on it that can't be washed off that I generally can't tell. Wedges are normally pretty easy to see because you'll probably have some grass imbedded in the impact location, but I'm more concerned with irons, hybrids, and woods.
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