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  1. A few more rounds with the e12 Contact and my opinion has not been deterred. This is a very underrated ball and performs well in all aspects of the game. I'd really like to see some of the Youtubers do some comparison testing with the e12 and some comparably priced balls as well as some mid-priced urethane balls like the Chrome Soft, Maxfli Tour, Snell MTB Black.
  2. If they are trying to get market share, it's working. I never even considered PXG but couldn't resist the $ 299 Gen4 driver so I ordered one, which I received today - one week after I placed my order. That's service. Opened it at the office when it was delivered and one of my playing partners took one look at it and immediately placed an order online for the same driver. I paid $ 299, as did my playing partner, and I noticed that the price went down to $ 289 TODAY!
  3. Tim, one of the advantages of not starting golf till you're 67 years old is you don't have any distance to lose... in fact, I'm currently 73 and I've been gaining distance each and every year. It's not the equipment, it's just me getting better at contact. Not sure I believe my golfpad app when it says my handicap is 9.5, but I'm sure it's just a few points higher than that. I've tried a number of golf clubs and feel like I could play a lot of them, but the one that has performed best for me is the Titleist T300's. I have a set of JPX 921 HMP's in the garage as well as a set of Apex 21's as well, but the T300's are still in the bag. They have a hot face and play very straight for me. I had a problem with the Apex always wanting to go left - not so much a draw as a pull, so it could have been me and the way I swung them. The 921's a really nice and I do very well with them, but the T300's are longer and less punishing on mishits. I don't know about you, but I've always felt that the Titleist brand was not for me, but the T300's changed my opinion of their clubs and brand. They just released a new T300, which I've already ordered, so I'll be selling my current set as soon as the new ones show up. If you're interested, send me a private message and I'll give you specs, etc.
  4. No, not at all. One thing I can say is that it appears that this cover is much more durable than the urethane covers on the Maxfli Tour and the other urethane balls that I've compared it to. I'm sure that because urethane is softer than the ionomer covers on softer balls, such as the e12, but I'm still a little shocked that it is as durable as it is.
  5. Once again, I decided to do some comparison shots on my 9 hole round today. This time with the Maxfli Tour, which is my prior game ball. Driver was pretty even, but the feel of the e12 was noticeably softer and just felt more reliable, if that makes sense. I did notice that the e12 tended to go straighter than the Maxfli. Now whether that was me or the ball... I can't say, but I had more drives that ended up in the fairway with the e12 than with the Maxfli. Distance was pretty much the same... perhaps a little longer with the Maxfli. Off the irons... well, this is a tough one because I found that the Maxfli Tour performed well with good strikes but it was more difficult to put a good strike on the ball. That probably means is was me and not the ball, but for some reason, the e12 just seemed easier to get a quality strike. I didn't really notice any significant difference on distance or spin into the green. The e12 did a nice job of hold the green on well struck shots and released a little when I expected it to. Putting was a push. All in all, I think I will continue with the e12 because of the feel and consistency I'm having with it. I'm getting the distances I expect to get off every iron in my bag.
  6. I couldn't believe that I received an email today from PXG saying that my order for a Gen 4 XF driver had shipped. I just ordered it on 8/24 and today it 8/26. Someone had posted that the XF was on back order till September, but that must have been a hoax based on this. I'm currently playing a Callaway Epic Max and it really works well for me, but at $ 299 for a Gen 4 driver, I mean how could I say no to this for a backup driver. Who knows... maybe it will perform better than the Epic Max and it could end up in the bag and I could become a PXG fan boy. Kudos to PXG for doing what they say they are going to do... ship within 5 days.
  7. I can't resist the price and don't really have a backup driver, so this looks like an offer I can't refuse. Just wondering what others would recommend for me before calling PXG. I am 73 and an active golfer... 2 or 3 times a week. Handicap, according to GolfPad comes out to 9.5, but it's probably realistically around a 10-12. I am currently playing a Callaway Epic Speed Max, 10.5, with UST Recoil F2 shaft. Normally straight with a rather high trajectory. In fact, I think I may be losing distance because of peak height but that may be due to a setup issue rather than the club. Can't decide between the X and XF but I can say that I want whatever provides the most distance. At my age, the need for distance is ever growing.
  8. I wanted to see how well the Bridgestone Tour B RX compared to the e12 Contact and so I played 9 holes with one at an Executive course (par 3 and 4's only). I was a little disappointed. I played two different RX's just to make sure I wasn't experiencing an anomaly with one of the balls. First off, it was not quite as long as the e12 with the driver. About the same with the irons, but not quite as nice feeling. It did seem to hold the greens a little better but nothing I could definitively and conclusively say. Putting was about the same. So, performance wise, I would have to give the edge to the e12. However, and here is the most significant thing that I noticed. The RX did not seem to hold up as well as the e12 did. By the time I finished the 9 holes, both balls had noticeable scuffs on them and some were significant enough on one ball that I would probably retire the ball. I did not hit any cart paths although it may have struck a tree on one shot. As far as durability is concerned, the e12 wins hands down. I don't need to tell you about the price, because you probably already know that the e12 is about $ 18 cheaper than the RX. In summary, I saw nothing that would make me consider switching to the RX over the e12.
  9. Just trying to share my experience. I've actually got a couple dozen and don't really lose a lot any more. Hit the cart path with one today and it got a little nicked up so I hit it into the lake. I don't like playing with balls that have major scuffs. Too bad the MGS guys didn't include it in their ball tests. The only Bridgestone balls they included were their tour balls.
  10. Play 18 today with soft fairways and medium soft greens. I had no problem holding greens with the e12 Contact and once again, great distance. Swing was off a little bit today so I missed some fairways only because I hit them wide of the fairway. Didn't see a lot of sidespin that would result in missing fairways.
  11. Played the Callaway wedges for the last 3 years, but this year, I bought 3 Ben Hogan Equalize II wedges. Slightly less expensive, forged with a nice soft feel, and in my opinion, they are better performing. I'm getting slightly more distance with them, but the feel is top notch. On a whim, I pulled out the Jaws MD5 54* the other day to compare it to the Equalizer II at the chipping green. After a half dozen chips, I just put the Jaws back in the basement.
  12. This ball continues to impress me. Played a rather tough course for the first time - Woodland Hills, Eagle, NE - and shot a season best of 78. That despite the fact that my putts were 1.8 per hole for the round, but my GIR's were an all time best of 56%. Followed up yesterday with a 9-hole 38 at Miracle Hills, Omaha, NE. And that score could have been much better if I would have made any of 3 holes which I had putts for par and settled for a boggy. As mentioned by others, this ball does not seem to veer off track very much due to side spin so I've been finding myself in the fairway much more often. And the increase distance, while not significant, is definitely allowing me to get on the green with more consistency. Every time I think about the fact that it's not a urethane covered ball and I might do better with the Maxfli Tour or Titleist Tour Speed, I have a great round and bury the thought of changing. This is definitely a ball that would help a lot of amateur golfers achieve better results.
  13. If you are willing to consider something other than Srixon, which I have played in the past, I would suggest the following two balls for the reasons indicated: Maxfli Tour - this is a highly underrated ball that can compete with any premium tour ball on the market. Distance and spin is exceptional. I would call it mid-soft but a really nice feel off the putter. You can beat the price at 2 dozen for $ 60. Bridgestone e12 Contact - While this is not a urethane covered ball, it compares very well to premium tour level balls. Slightly less spin into the greens, which turns out to be an advantage for most amateur golfers, but long off the driver. Price wise, it is exceptional when you consider the performance compared to the market leaders. I started playing this ball as soon as it was released and I just can't stop playing it. My previous gamer was the Maxfli Tour and it will continue to be my 2nd preferred ball.
  14. I played the Maxfli Tour for the 2020 season and switched to the e12 Contact for the 2021 season. I've had really good performance from the e12 Contact, but tonight I decided to compare these two balls on a launch monitor. 7 iron only. Generally speaking, since I didn't really write down on the data, the Maxfli Tour had faster ball speed and was slightly longer with more spin. The e12 Contact felt softer. Quite surprised that the Maxfli Tour had a faster ball speed but the launch monitor numbers don't lie. I really like the feel of the e12 but I think this week I'm going to put the Maxfli Tour in the bag and see how it goes.
  15. https://www.golfmonthly.com/reviews/irons/2021-titleist-t300-iron-review
  16. I don't understand why they didn't increment the T series models? For example, they could go from T300 to T301 just to distinguish the old from the new. I'm not a Titleist aficionado so perhaps they did this with the AP series, but to me, it would have made more sense to change the model number and avoid someone buying the old T300 from the new one.
  17. The course I played yesterday had pretty firm greens and i didn't have any problem with getting enough spin on the ball to stick. Not any different than any urethane ball that I've played in the past.
  18. Been thinking of giving PXG a try. Pretty happy with my T300's but the prices on the PXG are ridiculous and I think the time might be right.
  19. This e12 Contact continues to impress me. Never shot under 80 before. Had no problem holding the greens and some were drop and stop, just what I wanted it to do.
  20. Played 18 holes - first 9 with the Taylormade Tour Response. Generally, good performance but I did notice that it just wasn't carrying distance as well as the e12. It was a course that I know pretty well so I'm familiar with where I should be carrying the ball. I wasn't playing really well, but I was focused on how well the ball was performing in driving, irons, and wedges. Putting seems acceptable. When we made the turn, I switched to the e12 Contact. I could immediately tell the difference off the driver. The e12 just seemed to really come off the club head with more speed. Distance was definitely longer with the e12. With the irons, the e12 also seemed more lively. The TR seems a little dead coming off the irons. Once again, more distance with the e12. I thought I would see some more significant difference when hitting into the greens, since the TR has a urethane cover, but the e12 seem to do just as well. I'm not a high spin player so I don't generate a lot of spin on the ball when hitting into the greens. All-in-all, I didn't see enough positive performance in the TR over the e12 to justify considering it. Thus far, the e12 has stood up well to the competition that I've thrown at it.
  21. I've not seen any published offset numbers for the T300; however, I'm sure it's there, just not how much of an issue it would be for anyone except maybe a single digit hc. I have a couple other sets and they don't offensive at all to me. I don't really judge a club on looks as long as the performance is there. I have a set of jpx921 hot metal pros and while I can certainly play them, and they definitely have better curb appeal, but I get better results with the T300's. As far as I'm concerned, unless you have an ego the size of Texas and want to look more like a golfer than play like one, you should focus on performance and forget appearance.
  22. Played another round today with the e12 Contact and had a chance to hit a couple shots with the Taylormade Tour Response. While the ball felt good it just didn't seem as lively as the e12 Contact. Maybe I've become accustomed to the way the e12 Contact reacts to my shots, but it just seemed like the TR just didn't have the same response. Wasn't as long off the driver, and more importantly, seemed to come up short on the few pitches that I had with it. It's a good ball and I could surely play it, but right now, it just didn't seem as good as the e12.
  23. I'd also recommend the e12 Contact. It's a very good ball, reasonably priced, and will provide excellent performance and durability.
  24. Don't blame me... blame those guys at MGS and don't look know but their big surprise in their latest ball test was the Titleist Tour Speed - they dropped that hint in their youtube video leading up to the release of the latest testing...
  25. Not sure what you think you read, but in my experience, the e12 does not rollout significantly more than the urethane balls I compared it to. So much depends on launch and swing that it's really hard to blame the ball. Don't take my word for it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYXKR-OCj1U
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