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  1. First I’ll start by saying I’ve never even swung an extra stiff shaft in my life. I’ve always just played stiff flex. Don’t consider myself a huge hitter or fast swinger. Just always assumed I’m right there in the middle and played stiff and for most past it’s always worked out well. that said. I’m in the market for a second set of irons. Wanting something a little different than my everyday gamers. Haven’t even decided what I want. Leaning towards something like Miura baby blades (the one irons I’ve always drooled over). I can just take out on fun rounds once in a while. But not so
  2. Thanks for all the input. I’ve decided to leave the heads as is. I may play around with the paint fill some. But not going to refinish the heads. having the BBF ferrules and my Oban shafts with Japan No1 grips installed as we speak. Hope to have everything back in a few days and then I’ll decide on the shaft wrap (they haven’t been delivered yet). But here are the ferrules I went with. The only ones I had on hand that weren’t too colorful and clashed with the head color.
  3. Mine should be ready next week. Or maybe the following week. I cannot wait!! The 3-4 month wait to get fitted and then the 6 weeks to have them built has been so painful. But i can’t wait for my first round to say, it was all worth it!
  4. those jack irons are beautiful. how would you say the 57 and 1008 compare? I had the 57 for a short period of time. Was my first Miura. Wanna give it another shot. But a lot of love here for the 1008 has me second guessing that
  5. wow. Look great. Thank you. I can’t wait to try them out
  6. can I see some pics of yours? I haven’t seen any wirh this finish before
  7. that got out of hand. I never said I was worried. Just simply asked how you can help to reduce it.
  8. both options the heads would remain raw. It’s just that one would have more the silver look. However the look they are now may camouflage the “rust” more down the road than the raw silver look will
  9. So I bought a set of Kyoei iron heads. They were previously black and the previous owner stripped the black and made them a raw finish. The pics attached are what they look like right now. I don’t mind the finish at all. But not crazy about the look with a chrome shaft. so I’m thinking of 2 different things and curious what you guys think. Looking for some input. option 1. Keep heads the look they are now with a black shaft. I think this would complete the look and look nicer. I use Oban shafts and they don’t come in black. But I found a website online that mak
  10. Looking for an older backup set of irons. Something I can play when my main set is getting worked on (I tinker a lot) or when I may not be in my A game and don’t want to hit blades that day. Or just for fun to mix things up. anyway, I’ve never hit. But always heard good things of the old Bridgestone irons. But I don’t know which model are the good ones? J15 CB? J40? Thinking maybe something along these lines or some old Srixons or something similar. thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks to everyone. I haven’t decided completely on iron covers or not. I understand a forged club will have chatter no matter what. I’ve had 4-5 sets of Miuras over the years and I know it is what it is. But with a set like this, I just would like to try and at least attempt to keep them as nice looking as long as possible.
  12. thank you both. These are the Kyoei KK CB
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