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  1. well in that case even the MOI is higher in the t100 than the zx5. Very interesting
  2. I’ve seen that maltby thing before. Not sure how accurate that is to real life golf. But based on this the zx5 and t100 irons are actually the exact same score. In fact the t100 scored 9 points higher.
  3. So to make a long story short. I played Miura MC501 for years. Fluctuate between 7-10 handicap depending on how often I play. Usually irons are the best part of my game. Couple months ago decided I just wanted something new. Sold the Miura irons. Pre ordered the T100. Hit them a few times at the store and they felt great. since then a buddy gave me a set of srixon zx5 irons he doesn’t use and I’ve been gaming them while waiting on my T100 to come in. now I don’t think I could play these zx5 long term. They really are too long and my distances are wayyy off from what I’m used to. And they don’t line up well with my wedges or woods. Buuuuuuut what I do like is they are so easy to hit. Man I honestly can’t imagine anything being easier. My bad shots are still, well pretty good. so today I hit a buddy’s mizuno MP4 irons and it didn’t go well. Hit some good ones but also some really bad ones. Could just be something with the swing weight. Shafts etc. but it got in my head a little. so now I’m wondering. Should I really be playing something a little more forgiving? Maybe not jacked up lofts. But forgiving? I like the look of a traditional players iron. And have been so excited for the T100. But seems like they are never going to get here. Ordered them over 2 months ago. But to those that are lucky enough to have gotten them. Do you think they are what I’m wanting or should I possibly consider canceling my order and look at something else? im sure I can play them for sure. After all. I played mc501 good and irons are best part of my game. But these zx5 and MP4 irons have me thinking I may enjoy golf more with something more along the zx5 side of things than the mp4
  4. Has anyone upgraded their stock putter shaft to the MC shaft? Or some other high end putter shaft? Can you please give me feedback on how you liked it? Differences etc.
  5. Currently have a cobra F9 and just want something new. It’s the oldest club in my bag hahaha. What would you say is the best one out right now? Was thinking ping g425 maybe? Or maybe the new cobra radspeed? Looking for any first hand experience and opinions. Thanks
  6. Sim 2 head is basically mint condition as you can see. $325 shipped. leupold has a few scratches on the shell but lenses are perfect and works perfectly. Comes with a magnetic case. $120 shipped
  7. I have the Tensei 1k in my sim 2 driver and the blue Velocore in my 5 wood and hybrid. Thing is I like them both. At a 8 handicap. Not sure I can really tell much of a difference. But I’m also comparing a driver shaft to 5 wood and hybrid. anyway. Bought a new mizuno 3 wood head and would like to put one of these shafts in it just to keep my entire bag uniform. can someone tell me theoretically how these differ?
  8. Last iron head came in. 5-PW is now complete. Going to build it as is because I typically play a 4 hybrid. Here are current specs and specs I’ll have them built to so they match the Miura mc501 I’m used to playing for years. Frankenstein Set Miura Baby Blade PW Loft 47° (bend to 46°) Lie 62.5° Taylormade P7TW 9 Iron Loft 43° (bend to 42°) Lie 63° (bend to 62°) Mizuno MP4 8 Iron Loft 38° Lie 62° (bend to 61.5°) Nike Vapor Pro 7 Iron Loft 35° (bend to 34°) Lie 62.5° (bend to 61°) Callaway Apex Pro 21 6 Iron Loft 29° (bend to 30°) Lie 61.5° (bend to 60.5°) Srixon ZX7 5 Iron Loft 25° (bend to 27°) Lie 61° (bend to 60°)
  9. Just a little update. I ordered a Callaway Apex Pro 21 and waiting on it to arrive tomorrow and my 5-PW will be complete. Almost time to build them
  10. Anyone have experience with these two shafts? Have played $ taper before and like them and want to buy another set. But came across a black version that I like the look of, but they are HT Heavy tip. Curious how these differ in terms of playability and feel? Any performance difference? What’s the heavy tip designed to offer?
  11. Currently gaming TSI3 with tensei 1k white 60x shaft. I love the shaft. Have used it on a couple heads. Like the tsi3. But not completely sold on it. Thinking of changing. What would be the consensus hottest head out right now? Hot in terms of speed and distance. Not just popular
  12. Getting some quotes and designing a putting green for my backyard. I know this isn’t the typical or ideal shape or place for a putting green. But when you have 14 million kids who take up the entire house and yard… I’ll take what I can get. This corner is kinda my corner I’m given lol. Have my shed. My hitting net, grill etc. thinking of having this area done. From the house/window to the retaining wall is about 18’ x 4’ strip. Then the area in front of my hitting mat and off to the side is another decent chunk. I’m looking for advice on if and where I should add a rough / border? I was told adding a border is good to have something to stop and slow down the ball. But also thought maybe having a thicker rough area maybe in the back by the hitting mat in addition to a small border around the entire thing would give me a little chipping area? Do you think it’s worth adding a rough other than a thin border? Or just have as much putting surface as possible and chip off my hitting mat into the net? I was thinking maybe a small 1-2 foot strip behind my mat I could chip over my mat onto the putting surface maybe? Just looking for some advice and thoughts before I pull the trigger and then regret and say I wish I woulda thought to do this or that.
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