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  1. Getting some quotes and designing a putting green for my backyard. I know this isn’t the typical or ideal shape or place for a putting green. But when you have 14 million kids who take up the entire house and yard… I’ll take what I can get. This corner is kinda my corner I’m given lol. Have my shed. My hitting net, grill etc. thinking of having this area done. From the house/window to the retaining wall is about 18’ x 4’ strip. Then the area in front of my hitting mat and off to the side is another decent chunk. I’m looking for advice on if and where I should add a rough / border? I was told adding a border is good to have something to stop and slow down the ball. But also thought maybe having a thicker rough area maybe in the back by the hitting mat in addition to a small border around the entire thing would give me a little chipping area? Do you think it’s worth adding a rough other than a thin border? Or just have as much putting surface as possible and chip off my hitting mat into the net? I was thinking maybe a small 1-2 foot strip behind my mat I could chip over my mat onto the putting surface maybe? Just looking for some advice and thoughts before I pull the trigger and then regret and say I wish I woulda thought to do this or that.
  2. Basically like brand new. Only used a couple times. Buying Mevo plus and no longer need this. $350 obo shipped. Comes with everything. Only a couple metallic stickers missing
  3. I know a million people probably have a backyard setup. But this is my first time. Mat and net were delivered today. I literally just laid the mat down and net and measured 8-9’ of distance. This corner of my yard is under construction. About to fill that lower area with rock etc. but this is really only place I have for my golf area. my main questions are… 1. What should I build a foundation out of for the mat? It obviously isn’t very sturdy laying directly on grass. I’m thinking just some 2x4s with plywood on top? 2. What’s the best way to build and level the foundation? Assuming I make out of wood… 3. Is 8-9’ from ball to net sufficient? I plan to buy a mevo plus once this is all setup.
  4. 1. Ventus blue 5S driver shaft. Perfect condition. Has new Japan No1 grip. Plays at 45”. Will have the Titleist adapter professionally removed as I need to keep that. So you won’t have an adapter come with the shaft. Otherwise basically new. $260 shipped. SOLD 2. Oban CT115 Stiff shafts. 5-PW. Standard length. My PW measured at 35.5” installed. Brand new Japan No1 grips. ($16 a piece). Brand new labels provided. Not even installed yet. $260 shipped. Obo
  5. thank you. Especially for all the time you invested just to respond. Appreciate it
  6. I used to play AVX. Currently been playing TP5X. But my driver and irons all launch a little high. They spin right about where I’d like, just launch high. What would ideal ball that performs like a high end ball, but launch low
  7. These?? Holy cow expensive
  8. currently using Ventus blue 5S. Thinking of the 1k in x flex. Or at least maybe give it a shot
  9. i honestly don’t know any other stats. Today I wanted to go to the range. Was raining all day. So went into PGA superstore and paid for a yearly membership to use this GCHawk practice bay. Was my first time and didn’t play around with it at all. Guess I’ll need to get more info next time I go in.
  10. I have a TSI3 8° driver. Currently set to 8.75° With a Velocore Blue 5S shaft at 45”. Overall I’m not complaining about my distance and numbers. But I do launch the ball high and often wondered if I could get the ball down on a more piercing trajectory I might even pickup some yards. I’ll be honest I haven’t played around much with lowering my driver loft much lower. But I probably will at least play with that. I just in my mind feel like anything lower than 8.75° is asking for trouble haha. Nothing to base that on. Just “sounds” really low loft to me to go any lower. so my question is. Would changing shafts help? I feel my spin numbers are fine, just my launch numbers are high. Would going to a heavier shaft alone do it? Or a stiffer shaft? Or maybe a different profile like Velocore black? Or maybe something different all together like Tensei white 1k or LA Golf Trono or something else? btw, I play Tp5x balls if that’s makes a difference heres a couple pics from me at pga superstore today showing some of my numbers. Most my swings were In this same ballpark. But ignore the averages. I was hitting more than just driver and not changing it in the system.
  11. do you not add about an inch once installed? So they are only about half inch short?
  12. Looking at buying some iron shafts second hand. I’m a standard length. But I’m thinking these things may be short? What is the standard length of iron shafts before being installed into a club? And if they are short. Anyone have any luck with those steel shaft extensions that go in on the butt end side under the grips? Lengths: 4 iron: 37.0" 5 iron: 36.5" 6 iron: 36.0" 7 iron: 35.5" 8 iron: 35.0" 9 iron: 34.5" PW: 34.0"
  13. it was my fault not theirs. But really not even my fault. I didn’t do anything wrong. It just broke. And trust me. I’m furious too. Just bought this and mizuno stz head. Wasn’t cheap.
  14. no. He didn’t break it I did. All i did was loosened the screw to adjust the loft and settings. Tried to pull the head off and it snapped like this. But the adapter stayed stuck inside the head. So I took up there to see if anything they could do and at least get the adapter out of the head for me
  15. i don’t know anything about this kinda stuff. That’s why I’m selling as is. And willing to listen to any offer sent my way. But for what it’s worth. Guy at golf store did seem very optimistic it could be saved
  16. sorry didn’t quote you on reply. Not sure if you’ll get notification
  17. I don’t know if it broke off or not. Golf Galaxy guy threw adapter away. He fought trying to get it out of the head after it broke off. Have one of these shafts in every one of my woods and hybrid. I don’t know what’s the best route. But I don’t think it was tipped at all before. This is a fairway shaft not the driver shaft from what I was told when I bought it. I think tipping it a little now might be best route. I’ll listen to offers.
  18. Basically brand new. Whoever attached my adapter last did something wrong with epoxy because I tried to remove my head and the paint / end of the shaft kinda splintered and broke. The length didn’t break, just the end kinda splintered and peeled a little. I’m selling as is. Everything appears to be solid and not breaking anymore. I was told by golf Galaxy guy a new adapter could just be applied and would most likely cover and be fine. Length is 40.5” as this is for 3 wood or 5 wood. Or you could cut and tip the shaft and use for a hybrid or driving iron Asking $200 shipped or best offer
  19. thabk you. The Frankenstein set is just a second set for fun. I ordered the new t100 as my gamers
  20. Does anyone play oban? How would the x100 compare to an Oban extra stiff? I currently play Oban 115 in stiff. Curious how the 115 or even 125 in extra stiff would compare
  21. After doing some reading I came across a 120 gram x100 shaft. Which is slightly lighter than the standard x100 but supposedly just as stable. Maybe a better option for me as an in between weight?
  22. I know a lot of golfers exaggerate how good they are, lie about how far they hit it, their handicaps etc. I’ve always taken the opposite approach and tried to be humble and conservative side. I hover around a 7-8 handicap. Around 103-105mph driver swing speed. I’d say pretty good fundamentals and swing. Lose most my strokes in short game. that all said, I’ve never once even hit a single shot with an extra stiff shaft. Ive owned and hit just about every stiff shaft though at some point. Just never really thought I was good enough or fast enough to need extra stiff. In fact. Most of the shafts I’ve ever played have not only been stiff but also a little lighter weight. The lighter weight just feels more comfortable to me for some reason. So I usually play modus 105, kbs tour v 110, Oban 115 etc type shafts (currently playing Oban 115 stiff). well I’m currently in the process of building a Frankenstein set of clubs. You may have seen my other post. I’m building a full iron set with ever club different. My favorite 6-7 irons. Each one will be bent so the lofts and lies flow together. I’ll be using the same shaft and grips etc. basically building an iron set. But each club is different. I currently already have the Miura baby blade PW, Nike vapor pro 7 iron, mizuno mp4 8 iron and today the P7TW 9 iron arrived. I luckily have been able to find everything brand new so far except this P7TW. I had to buy whatever I could find with this particular club since you can’t buy them individually. This particular one came with an X100 shaft. Obviously first thing I’m gonna do is pull the head and throw this shaft away. But curiosity got the best of me and took it to the range before I pulled it apart I don’t know what I fully expected to see. But I kinda expected the shaft to feel too heavy, and lose a lot of distance. Maybe not be able to square the club up?? i continued to hit an entire small bucket of balls with this club. Pin was 146 and wind in my face and hit almost every shot on the green. Some long. Some left. Some right. Some short. But bottom line was they were almost all good shots and not one of them went way left like my normal miss. Usually my miss is a pull draw or draw that never stops drawing and misses way left. Not really a hook. But not ideal shot. Well seemed like in this small sample size of shots, I never hit that shot once!! I didn’t really lose any distance either. In fact I’d almost argue it went a little further considering I had wind in my face. that all said. I’m sure there’s a million articles out there on stiff vs extra stiff. But theoretically speaking. If I’m better suited for extra stiff (never would have guessed that in my life)…. Would those type of misses with my stiff shafts be typical of what I’d see? Is it accurate to say the extra stiff would limit those type of misses? Also. Again I only hit 30-40 shots with a 9 iron. But would it theoretically be any more difficult to hit the extra stiff in say the 5 iron, or would it all be relative and the same? im very tempted to go find a used x100 shaft set or something similar and throw in my clubs and try it out a few rounds.
  23. yea I’m going to have same shaft and grip in them all. Just change heads. And I’ll more than likely not go blades in the top 2-3 clubs to make it more playable for me
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