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  1. No better way to shorten your swing than to feel "tension" earlier in the backswing, by beginning the pressure shift forward early in backswing (this has worked wonders for me) and I learned this from Athletic Motion Golf, see video below. In summary, the early pressure shift forward works as a "stopper to the arms" to come and start the downswing earlier than your usual.
  2. im actually most impressed with Will Zalatoris, I also was able to see Hideki last week at Valero and he was STRIPPING his irons pure, i even told my wife he impressed me more than Champ, Finau, etc, just cause he was flushing everything.
  3. just noted that hideki has a very marked Reverse K setup at address (like monte's thoulder tilt at address tips) with every single club (even when putting).
  4. same with me, Z star is shorter than every other tour ball for me, plus the seam issues, i just stay away from them now and just play with BX, Tp5x or Pro v1x
  5. Congrats to Spieth!!! super pumped I was able to see him (and many others) on friday at the Valero!
  6. it actually spins between the regular Chromesoft and the X, based on all trackman reviews and callaway's own video posted on YT a few days back. In essence, callaway said the regular Chromesoft is low spin for slow swing speeds, while Chrome soft X LS is low spin for high swing speed players (but still a bit higher spinning than the regular), and then X is higher spinning for high swing speeds.
  7. I'm holding up to see the mp22 line before I decide on mp22 or Srixon Sx7. I'm in no rush, as I'm playing the MP-20s.
  8. this is why.................. starts next week
  9. it does seem there some kind of delay or issue with Tp5x, I only received the regular TP5 pre-order so far.
  10. Agree, it would most likely be the new TP5x, being the most similar to the BX. Im waiting on my pre-order so havent try it yet.
  11. to be honest, that visual seam problem screams low quality to me and would not even try these again til they fix it.
  12. Hey guys,Found an interesting video last night that defies the conventional wisdom that we should start accelerating hard through the ball (instead of before the ball) and it increased 40 yards with the driver to the student on that case. From 6:15 to 9:00 and then further explained at 18:45. It appears they are focused on applying the force around 2-3 feet before the ball vs applying the speed right after the ball and through it.Just wanted to see what others think of this after they see the video. I might try this at the range this week to see if it does provide "effortless distance" as described in the vid.
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