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  1. I used to really like the sun mountain lightweight bags like the original 2.5 and the first 2.5+. I do not like the new ones with the straighter dividers so I haven't used one in a while but they had almost no club tangle and were superlight. Great pockets and layout. They're probably still great bags but I liked the way the dividers used to get all the clubs to nestle together.
  2. I'm using a seamus fairway headcover on my mini 300. It's tight to get on at first but it fits great once it's on there.
  3. I'll buy a pair or two a year and rotate out the oldest ones but I've never 'had to replace any. Currently have two pair of Ecco Biom Hybrid 3, one is 3 years old, one is 2 years old. My feet still stay dry on early morning rounds.
  4. I've used trestle sticks and it does the job but can be a little more fiddly. I also used a Ping Moonlite which has the waterproof belly material. It looks like the new Titleist premium carry bag has something similar but with little nub legs that would actually be better because it could keep the club heads out of the wet grass as well.
  5. So I finally got myself another Hoofer Lite. I've tried numerous bags since 'loaning' mine to my BIL. Regular Hoofer, Hoofer Crazelite, Titleist Stadry Players 4 and I just couldn't fall in love with any of them. The Crazelite was probably the one I enjoyed the most but it just felt really flimsy and I was worried about durability. So the Hoofer Lite is back in the rotation. It splits time with my MacKenzie for the early morning rounds which are the majority of when I play. I didn't get my first choice of color but I don't hate it either (it's the white, blue and yellow). Her maiden voyage is tomorrow morning but it's like taking out an old friend.
  6. Most times it's the back left pocket, sometimes the front left. It comes off after every shot and is only on for full swings. I don't wear one when chipping, out of the sand or even half wedge shots. My hand would get way to warm. For reference I walk and carry about 90% of the time.
  7. I just got the players 4 stadry in black, but I haven't noticed the apparel pocket getting caught on the legs. Different material maybe? Loving mine so far.
  8. I use one of the small d brushes someone posted on here on the course. I use a regular brush at home if they need it but not with steel bristles.
  9. There are a ton of great lightweight bags out there but I still don't think that one is perfect, at least for me. I have a hoofer lite that I find to be pretty good. It carries lighter than its stock weight because the straps are really good. Lots of room and the club tangle is manageable if clubs are taken out and placed in as Brew4Eagle mentioned. My favorite bags though are my MacKenzie and my Seamus fescue bags. They get most of the use with the Mac for my early morning rounds and the Seamus for afternoon rounds. Both are only single straps and obviously no attached legs. I use trestle sticks with the Mac in the morning so dew isn't an issue. I might try the new stadrys to replace the hoofer lite because having a waterproof bag again would be nice.
  10. Got to try my p770s finally...outdoor golf season is over for us here in Central Wisconsin but they felt really nice in the simulator. I'll have to see how turf interaction is in the spring but I'm liking the numbers so far. Nice ball flight with a good amount of spin. Still getting used to them but so far so good. Now the slow wait for spring time weather begins unless I can find a way to sneak a little further south for some golf.
  11. Got about 15 rounds in with these and I really like them. Easy to hit with distance that one would expect from this type of iron. The feel isn't great, but not the worst I've hit either. I think the black really helps slim down the look. The offset is tolerable for me. Normally I play a slight draw and these are the same flight for me. No issues with hooks or fades/slices. That being said I do have a set of P770s coming in to try over winter. Just because...
  12. I've played a variety of irons this year including 24 year old taylormade burner tours, T100S, G710s and P770s. Last year I played the P790s and Epic Forgred for the majority of the year. I have never had a shot that flew further than normal other than the odd "felt nothing" absolute nuked, purest strike ever shot that happens (for me) about once every 3 rounds. But those are shots that as soon as the ball leaves the clubface I'm yelling for it to get down because I know I crushed it. I've never have been left standing in the fairway or on the tee box wondering what happened. But thats just my own personal experience and reading threads like this always make me wonder if I'll run into those random fliers.
  13. I cant believe you are still waiting for those. I received mine in about 5 weeks. My local shop has two sets of the g710s in stock. But they have only 2 left handed 3 woods and I hybrid...no drivers at all. Strange year.
  14. I'm at about 100 in Central Wisconsin...although our season is over and the snow refuses to melt and more is coming. Pretty typical number of rounds for me.
  15. Except the trimming, I believe they are constant weight. I ordered the 100 gram weight. This was on twitter I believe that shows the launch/spin info compared to their other shafts. Wanted graphite but something that played similar to steel. Had steelfibers and while they were stout, just didn't like the feel.
  16. I went with the KBS TGI shafts, 100 gram option for my G710s. Feel really good and really liking the ball flight. Coming from project x 6.0s I like these a lot. Still have a decent weight but it's also lighter than what I had been playing. Took me about a round and a half to get comfortable with the lighter weight.
  17. Had a chance to play this over the weekend and got 3 more rounds in. My normal playing partner commented on how many greens I was hitting compared to normal. Had a blast using these. I know they may not be for everyone but I'm really enjoying them.
  18. Finally received my g710s and had a chance to play 4 rounds with them this last week. Great irons if you like boring golf. Baby draw for me (compared to my normal 10-15 yard draw with other irons), nice high ball flight and good distance. I haven't played the G line since the Gs but I don't know why I left. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend of 12 to 13 GIRs per round, which is really good for me. Even my normal playing partner commented on it. I always leave for the prettier girl that promises to allow me to do more with the ball but I end up struggling. Lesson finally learned I hope. The black finish makes them seem smaller at address.
  19. Have played another round with mine and I'm so glad I decided to get something easier to hit. I scoffed when others mentioned point and shoot but these are ridiculously easy to hit straight and high. Exactly what I was looking for.
  20. Really starting to like mine after two rounds. Distances are starting to be just what I thought, maybe a little more and they are stopping the ball quick enough for me on the greens. Sucks about your order, you were far more patient than I would have been waiting as long as you had been.
  21. Had my first round with mine today and I really liked them. As you stated the feel and sound aren't the best but they are very forgiving irons. Distances seemed right about what I would have expected from an iron like this. Looking forward to some fall golf this year, hoping to get these dialed in.
  22. Got a call from my shop that my g710s are in. Ordered August 31st so 5 weeks for mine. Not too bad all things considered.
  23. I'm a little worried as well coming from T100Ss which have great turf interaction for me. Just looking to try something out thats a little more forgiving (or a lot more perhaps). I also like just trying different stuff lol.
  24. I ordered my set end of August. Was told by my shop they should be in beginning of next week, which is about what they told me when I ordered. I will only have about a month left of outdoor golfing but still looking forward to using them the rest of this fall.
  25. The strap isn't as uncomfortable as it looks. Its not as comfortable as the mckenzie but it's still not bad for 18 or even 36 holes in a day. Mine is a newer one so the strap isn't sewn in like previous models so you could replace it easily if you wanted but I haven't found that to be necessary yet.
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