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  1. Taylormade Flextech or Flextech Lite. Have 50+ rounds of pushing, carrying, riding with my Flextech and have had no issues. Legs work as new, and all zippers are still good. And i pack a pretty heavy bag.
  2. Just a steal. WAY too much shaft and club for me, but what beauties! GLWS
  3. Thanks. Probably too narrow for me then. Some Eccos fit my fat feet, and some don’t.
  4. Did they run wide i. The toe box? Some Ecco do and some don’t. I just never know with them.
  5. How's the fit on the G4s? True to size? A little big? A little small? A little wide? Really interested, but I usually wear a wide FJ.
  6. I played with a guy a couple weeks back who had the x9 Follow. I definitely want one now. His solution to the "no seat" (our club is terrible and has no benches): one of those little lightweight camp stools. It fits between his bag and the frame perfectly, and he would just pull it out when we were waiting. Seemed like a good $20 fix.
  7. I feel your pain. I’ve tried Eccos several times, and they just don’t fit my feet right.
  8. I say this every time they come up: those CLK hybrids are so good.
  9. Scotty is sold and headed for Utah. Let's make some deals, gents! It's below ZERO in Iowa, but spring is right around the corner.
  10. I would like very much to think it's the putter, though! All prices are shipped. I can get everything out Monday. Scotty Cameron Futura x5r, Oversize Matador in good shape, clean face, slight smudge on the topline. Aftermarket 30g weights and original 15g weights included. Honestly, a great putter, picked up here last spring and gamed for the season. Original Headcover needs velcro replaced. $$SOLD$$ Odyssey EXO Rossie--non Stroke Lab. 34", Evnroll Gravity Grip, Original Odyssey grip. In really good condition. Really wanted to love this putter and absolutely love the Gravity Grip. Aftermarket headcover. Blew the Odyssey grip off the first week and just used the GG after that. Great combo. $135. $125 Ping Heppler Ketsch, adjustable. Includes wrench and new PING PP62 Grip. Really nice feeling putter and great looking putter. Original headcover. Purchased on here two weeks ago, carpet rolled only. $175 !!!!$165!!!! SOLD! Finally, a King Cobra LTD, stiff Rogue shaft. Gamed, loved, used, well struck, poorly struck, and finally replaced. Headcover in pretty rough shape. SOLD
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