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  1. I like the RTX trade option. I was thinking about listing stuff to trade for a ps5 ha. Good luck!
  2. +1 for the launcher hb irons. I have the turbos that I play every so often when I feel like enjoying golf. Makes it so easy that you wonder why you would play anything else. Just pure fun honestly.
  3. Selling MOST of the driver heads that I am currently not gaming finally. All have headcovers except the Ping as shown. 1. sim max USA edition 9 degree $old 2. Mavrik custom all black with red medallions 9 degree $old 3. mavrik Max custom red/white/blue theme 9 degree $350 now $old 4. Mizuno st290 9.5 degree (has some weird epoxy smudges on the top and bottom see pictures) $150 now $110 5. Ping G driver 10.5 degree $150 now $125 please ask any questions thanks
  4. If anyone has the pics and can DM me that would be great thanks.
  5. Can’t help but think that a little elbow grease would make your sale a lot easier.
  6. Interested in selling the shafts alone? Then you can restart and keep those sweet heads
  7. Not that it really matters much but the 3 isn’t a udi. It’s just an iron.
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