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  1. This is what I've heard but a guy trying to sell me a satin set said he switched to satin from black bc of wear...
  2. What model were they and how did they hold up? I'm thinking of trying out the Cobra forged cb but I'm concerned that nice black finish will wear away very fast. I gamed glide 2.0 in black for a whole season and those held up fine. My dark finish cbx wedge has a bit of wear on the sole but the face still looks good.
  3. I was hoping they'd come out with like a i225 which hopped on the trend of being offered in a smoke finish. I like how the i210 is a ever so slightly longer blade length, but still has a very thin top line. I probably wouldn't buy an iron that was a combo of the iblade and i210 because it would likely lose some forgiveness and be a little harder to play. Just give me some damn smoke/black irons with hydro pearl!!!
  4. I just had this same thought the other day. I play 1* upright, so going along the same lines as you, I should be playing a 39.5'' 4h at 60.5*, yet my 818 comes stock at 58.5. I was having a really hard time not cutting the ball with it and everything was very kind of pushy and weak. Put it in the most upright setting (60.5* lie) and boom... ball starts right on the line I want. I think it's a little bit of a OEM over reaction to the whole "hybrids hook and aren't for better players" so now they've made them all very flat. Most golfers cut or slice the ball... having a 58.5* 4h is n
  5. Anyone get the black wedges in yet? How do you think they will hold up as far as durability goes?
  6. Ideally with a Titleist hybrid adapter or pulled.
  7. Edit: guys I really want to sell these last 3 items. Made more price drops... I'm taking these off the market to list on eBay in a day or two. I have other items I want to sell. Prices include shipping to lower 48. All Pics at the bottom of listing. 1) Cobra Speedzone 4i. Has 20* of loft, and is bent 1* flat. Modus 105x shaft - $80 60 2) Cobra Speedzone 5i. Has 22* of loft, and is bent 1* flat. Modus 120x shaft - $80 60 (Can sell both irons together for $100) 3) 2016 M1 3w. Was a tour issue head and has 16* of loft. Has Fuji Pro 73x shaft - $60sold 4) Accra
  8. Dang so he's leaving yards in the tank during tournaments??? Wowza. Love my ventus... I'd put one in my sim ti wood but I can't justify the cost. I also really like my Accra fx 2.0 in my 5w so I'm probably all set. Thinking about putting a blue 10tx in my 4h.
  9. Shot my best round ever with the i210 the other day. So forgiving and feel great when hit out of the middle. Maybe not a Mizuno soft but I feel like I could hit these anywhere on the face and still get a good result.
  10. Ah yes how could I forget Lajosi!! Of course there's mannkraft, just don't know if Lamont is swamped right now or what... Usually he is. I'll look into compass and goodwood. Carbon customer service is horrible, I've called them literally 10 times to ask about this and they don't pick up. Sent DM on Instagram, no response. Edit: dude the Atwood is exactly what I'm looking for and I can get it for $375. Honestly might buy this instead of the Carbon for now... Obviously I'll buy the Carbon later anyway though, who we kidding
  11. Looking for something I can customize a little bit and would be available in LH. I found the company Carbon which I can build a very custom Anser 2 style putter in a black satin finish, but they don't make a lefty version in Stainless. What are my other options? Kind of hard to tell if Byron makes the 612 in left hand or not.
  12. Yeah for years and years I was in a habit of a flat back swing and steep downswing... doing the opposite (vertical BS, flat DS) is very hard for me to do, so I will definitely dial the speed back even further. Might even switch to foam balls in the yard outside so that I don't even regard distance or shot result as an outcome. Still need to watch the IG Live. How long does the recording stay up?
  13. Just my observation but the planemate I felt like was only good for shorter shots. The whole "active release" that Monte goes through (Cast #2 I think?) would cause the plane mate band to hit bottom arm/hand, which... Martin says it shouldn't. PM though is good for feeling if/when you ever yank down a lot because the band will lose tension. Personally... I sold mine.
  14. Okay cool. Here is me sucking up the ego and just doing some little chip shots, trying to feel the club shallow. Basically did what Monte had most students doing, which was back swing, cast, then rotate into ball. Am I doing it right?
  15. I'll be trying the NTC today on the range for the first time after a few days doing dry drills in the house. Just bringing my 7i... going to work on it in steps just like the students did where I back swing, pause, cast, then go for a hit. Going to be tough to not focus on result and to focus on the process, so to help encourage this I will be bringing my tripod and recording my swings, so I can see I'm actually doing it correctly. Are we allowed to post these swing vids here? Don't want to clog up the thread if it's not allowed.
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