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  1. Not going to give a great analysis like above but I know but I start to hook/top and overall have poor contact with the ball, it's because of poor spine angle, specifically where my upper spine starts to lean heavily toward target. Im no teaching pro and every swing is different but to help my swing and stay "behind" the ball more, I try to imagine/feel I really load into my back hip, and that my chest stays more over my rear foot, for longer.
  2. 1. City and State? Bedminster, NJ 2. Handicap? 8.8 3. Search for your home course HERE. Found it! 4. What is your home course? Neshanic Valley - Academy Course 5. How could a StrakaLine guide help your game? I think it will help me read subtle breaks better 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes.
  3. Unless someone here has a swing identical to you and has the exact same feel preference, this is a dead end question. I play a ventus black 6x tipped an inch... Doubt that is going to be the right fit for you.
  4. 2lb is about 2 clubs give or take. If you have a bag now... Fill it up with all your stuff, walk around. Now take out two clubs, repeat. That's about how's much of a feel difference you might notice. I think the players 3 bag weighs what... 6lb? That's going to be a hell of a carry if you're the one huffing. I'll only carry my ultra light bag which is 2.5lb. if I walk with my full bag, I push. If I were to have a caddie though, I think the players 3 is fine for that task, and also riding.
  5. Awesome builds guys!! Looking really colorful, love it.
  6. It's getting better for them though !!
  7. Small sample size. Give it a few weeks/months and reevaluate the numbers. This is the main downfall with traditional fitting. You hit 10 or 15 great shots and that's all you base a decision on. IMO, to really see something statistically significant, you need many hundred data points.
  8. You talking sim2 max or the ti ? I didn't find the smaller ti version to be all too forgiving. Tsi2 seemed easier to hit but I didn't really like either. G425 is the best wood I've hit this year.
  9. The same reason why Henrik played an old Callaway head with a Grafalloy shaft forever. Sometimes a combo just works and newer stuff just can't recreate the "it" factor with a certain build.
  10. 7 grips in total; Tried out on an experiment, used 1 round but weren't for me. Hopefully they are for you! $50 shipped. SOLD
  11. Should people yell "disrespectful" things at Bryson or anybody for that matter?? No obviously not. But to request the police remove spectators for heckling?? That's honestly ridiculous. It's one thing for *event staff* to make a call and remove guys yelling things out of line, but to actually request law enforcement to kick out fans is a new level. Seems like a decent guy outside of golf and a hard worker but I hate to say it, maybe is a bit of a... snowflake.
  12. All else equal (swing dynamics, strike location and so on) which would launch higher, a SIM Max or a G410+/G425 Max?
  13. And... just in case you don't believe me, maybe you'll believe Tom Wishon
  14. It matters a lot more to aim and strike quality than it does to starting line, which is influenced a lot more by face angle relative to target line. The more loft on the club, the more lie angle influences starting line and ball flight. I'm not saying lie doesn't matter but when it comes to missing putts left/right, face to target at impact makes the most difference (and obviously strike location effects that). Do you really think putting greats like Steve Stricker would lift the heel off the ground if it made him a worse putter?
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