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  1. Cobra CB set with a Forged TEC 6i but matches the set as a 5i due to the stronger loft. So this set is effectively 5 to GW. Paint fill was removed on all clubs except the Forged TEC. KBS $Taper 120 shafts. $575 shipped.
  2. Depends on length and feel preference but probably something 90-100g.
  3. All else equal, if you have 2 drivers and one was at lie angle X and the other was say, 4* more upright or flat, how much would the start line be effected? Does CHS play a role at all?
  4. Those wedges are sick looking. Seems like longer groves with out going full face, which to me ends making the club look wonky which messes with my full shots. Gotta love the custom ferrules,too.
  5. Strike the ball a little above the equator line. No shaft is going to lower you spin hundreds of RPM. Pick a head that spins less (Sim Ti, tsi4, etc).
  6. What goal or result are you after? Just saying you want something to compliment a negative AoA is not really detailing what "problems" you're experiencing. I assume it's loss of distance, low launch and high spin. No shaft is going to change that. You'd want to focus on the right head, and probably using less loft.
  7. Not sure if right forum, please move if needed What is the ideal Angle of Attack for a hybrid and fairway wood? Or maybe the better/right way to ask is - if a player is say -2AoA with his/her 19* club, do they belong in a hybrid or a fairway wood?
  8. Nothing is free. If a service is free, then you pay for it elsewhere. Using Google is free because you're letting Google sell your information to 3rd parties. If a service like a fitting is free, then it's either going to be terrible or the store will charge more for everything else. I didn't quiet get Adam's thesis, because there already are free fittings. Roll up to Golf Galaxy and grab something from a demo cart and go nuts. Go to your driving range or club's OEM Demo day or something if you can't go "spend $50" on a fitting. If you want a detailed and in-depth service to dial in your gear down to where it really should be to get the most out of your swing... That costs money, because competent fitters are few and far between. That's why Ian and his crew are relatively expensive. Are you going to walk into Golf Galaxy or PGATSS and talk to somebody who was fitting Tour players a few years ago? Not to mention supply and demand is still a thing. If the "tour van" fitting becomes $0, the list of people looking for that service is going to skyrocket, and you'll need to schedule your free fitting a year in advance.
  9. Keep in mind with what Gio says... He's a big boy who sends the ball a long way He's right though, modus and DG play pretty different although I like x100/s400 and modus 120/125. Interesting though... Gio do you find the 130 to feel stiffer compared to say x100? I've seen charts and read some stuff... Plus when I hit them, I felt the handle was incredibly stout feeling.
  10. City, State? Bedminster nj 2. Handicap? 8.8 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? Between 3w and 4i 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Apex Utility Wood? Both fe and hybrid have their pro and cons. Want to see if this gives best if both worlds. 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes
  11. I'm really loving this whole stuff costs more but I'm not making more situation I was going to wait for sm9 to come out then place a wedge works order but now I'm wondering if I should place it... Like tonight.
  12. Does it have to be new? If not, then get the same driver but with more loft. So if you have a 9* head, then go 10.5*. If you already are in 10.5* then I'd suggest something like a g410/25 which is going to launch and spin a bit more. If you like how tensei white feels, then stick with it. If you want to give something else a go, honestly you can't go wrong with a ventus black.
  13. ZITs were the best feeling golf shoes I've ever used but I absolutely hated that outsole and cleat pattern. Hopefully next gen fixes that.
  14. I used to. After my driver I went to a SIM Ti 5w opened to 17*. Stopped because it was just too fade biased and at 19* it wasn't quite long enough. It was absolutely the longest fw I've ever used though.
  15. Completely depends. What's the wind like, is it OB on both sides (seems unlikely) or OB on one and penalty area on the other? Bunkers? How wide between stakes from one side of the hole to the other? Could be anything from full send driver to a 5i. Straight but short might not be needed pending the layout.
  16. I've owned both. The biggest difference for me was sole design/feel and looks. The Wilson are a smaller club overall and to me, felt better. I also was catching everything quite high in the face with zx7 for some reason, which I figured was the v sole design. Zx7 are definitely a little more forgiving but the Wilson are a better club overall for me. Fwiw ended up in T100 because it combined the smaller profile of the Wilson with the forgiveness of zx7. T100 are the best irons out right now IMO.
  17. I never did anything different with these compared to steel.
  18. Fade unless I'm extremely sure I won't toe the ball.
  19. City, State? Bedminster nj 2. Handicap? 8.8 3. What is your current putter? DF2.1 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? Yes 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? Own a DF2.1 and would be interested to see what the smaller head shape has to offer. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? I do.
  20. Noticeable difference off putter and chipping. I tend to putt and chip more than I hit full iron shots, so thats where I place most emphasis for feel. I could of course adjust to anything... I was playing a Prov1x before I switched to TP5.
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