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  1. Head only or shafted, I know there has to be at least one floating around the WRX world!
  2. Was a toss up today between the SIM and Cobra, Mavrik was out early. Didn’t care for the feel and look closed at address on the Mavrik. Ended up going with Cobra SZ Extreme with Ventus black 6x. Such a great shaft that worked well last year and with the different heads this year. SIM was really good but I got the occasional snap hook so opted for the Cobra as it was great dispersion and with a yard of the SIM on average.
  3. > @Wardonation said: > So been playing the 6 x in Blue, my miss with it is left, will the black help me with this? Same here, I've played both and the Black is more stable and helps with missing left. However, I can unfortunately make anything go left!!
  4. Cobra f9 white 10.5 head with diamana d+ 70x willing to trade if interested!
  5. Have the Plus and the LST, can’t seem to find a whole lot of difference. Had the f9 earlier in season am looking to sell it now. Haven’t had a Ping driver since the G and these are a huge improvement across the board!
  6. Quick round this morning and it does not go left, a very welcome sign to my usual big miss!
  7. Just got the new Ventus black 6x. Really knocked the flight down on g410+. Was playing a tour advr 7x. The black is great, was a little worried it would be boardy but is really smooth! Looking forward to finishing the fall out with this combo.
  8. Man that Byron is a beaut! Wish I had some extra coin or you were interested in trades!
  9. Think the g410 is up there, may not be the longest but accurate and easy to hit off a tee or fairway
  10. > @Meerkat213 said: > Well, I’ve pulled the trigger. S55 irons will be here next week. Looking forward to seeing how they get along with my swing. > > > @Meerkat213 said: > > I'm really close to picking up a set of the s55 irons. Anybody have an opinion on the ZZ-65 shaft offering? > > You won’t be disappointed! I’m thinking of unloading my srixon 585/785/zforged combo set and my Callaway 18mb raw set since they just sit in the garage while the s55’s are in the bag and can’t see them going anywhere!
  11. > @Myherobobhope said: > > @Ericgmci said: > > I don’t see that much difference in forgiveness. I buy a driver for what it does on the good strikes, if you miss the center on any driver you’re not going to get max yardage anyway > > I buy a driver based on what it does on decent strikes... The difference between OB and in bounds is huge, as is rough vs fairway... 10 yards further down the middle doesn't do much for my score in comparison. Agreed. However, I can miss just as many fairways with the g400 max which is supposed to be the most forgiving driver. I’ll tak
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