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  1. Worst Stranz course I have played.
  2. I would not travel internationally to go to myrtle beach either. If I did that it would have to be Pebble, Bandon, St. Andrews, etc...
  3. I think the main problem is Myrtle Beach does not have a "world class" / destination golf course (Pebble Beach / Sawgrass / Bandon). They do have a lot of really good courses. The ones you listed above plus Dunes Club, TPC Myrtle Beach, Tidewater, and Heritage to just name a few. I love the area and go up at least once a month on golf trips or trips with the wife.
  4. My store just got their shipment in on Wednesday. The guy I spoke with was surprised no one but them out on the rack for display yet. When I went to the store around 430 yesterday they had all the new models out for display. Hit probably 20 putts or so and was sold. Putter set up great, had a solid feel, and seemed I was striking the ball pretty well. I was the first person to buy the putter. He kind of laughed when I asked about purchasing it yesterday instead of the actual release today. I asked since I saw someone in a previous post could not purchase it until tomorrow.
  5. Hopefully they will at least hold onto it until tomorrow.. I would assume so with the customer grip.
  6. 1. Charleston, SC 2. 6.8 3. Kindston Putter KP2 4. Studio Stock 18 5. Yes 6. Yes
  7. When I was in the store a few weeks ago looking for a new 3 wood they already had the new spiders out. They were to be released in like 3 days after. I really liked the new spiders, but was waiting for the new Scottys to come out before making the final decision. I just sold off a bunch of putters and don't want to be a putter hoe again...
  8. Called my local store and supposedly they set one aside for me to try this afternoon. I am not sure if the person I spoke with knew about the new release, so I am hoping its the new 5.5 model and not the old model. It was the club repair guy, so I will him some slack.
  9. I would of been livid if a stranger just randomly pulls a golf club out my bad. If a guy would of asked I would probably say no in a polite manner. No issues with what you did in my book.
  10. Very true. When I was there last month and eating dinner at the Carolina dining room I had a decent bottle of wine and "a few" after dinner cocktails / drinks...
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