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  1. Muni is probably 35 minutes. Stono would be about 45 minutes. Just depends on traffic. I am not sure how far in advance Stono lets you book. Muni only let's you book 1 week out.
  2. The 5 courses at Kiawah I would consider to be better or at least on par with any public course in Charleston. The closest 2 from Kiawah would be Stono Ferry and Charleston Muni. A lot of people love the new Muni.. I am not 100% sold on it yet. Seems people either love it or hate it. Greens are finally starting to hold! Stono Ferry is a solid golf course that has a few holes along the water way. The next closest would be Shadowmoss which is your typically golf course through a neighborhood. Depending on how far you are looking to drive I would love at the links course at Wild Dunes to be probably the next best in the area. It would be a haul from Kiawah though. There are a lot of decent public courses in the area, just not anything that will knock your socks off like the Ocean Course. I would probably just play the ocean course a couple more times, but I know that would be pricey!
  3. I have two putters for sale. Price includes shipping within continental USA. Includes Original Headcover. If interested PM me. Thanks! Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 @ 34" - Sold Taylor Made Del Monte @ 34" - $75.00
  4. I had Dan when I played a few weeks ago and he was great. The other caddie was Ryan... Both would be great options!
  5. You will be fine with a caddie. They probably have caddied for far worse golfers.
  6. krtgolfing

    PXG sucks

    I seem to notice people who brag about themselves constantly seems to over exaggerate a majority of the time.
  7. I think he was referred to the actual releases. I know those sell out almost immediately on a good bit of the items.
  8. All of rounds are casual rounds that I play for fun, so it is 99% ready golf. The only time I may wait is if someone made a birdie or better, which isn't very often. If the person who made birdie is not close to the tee I would go ahead or would hope someone else would go ahead and hit.
  9. This can't be a legit problem can it??? Just say thank you and fix another ball mark on two on the green.
  10. Appreciate the feedback. Didn't seem all that bad but I wasn't all that sure what the going rate would be. Might need to talk with the wife and see what Christmas plans we have that day so I can book a time. Thanks again!
  11. According to the Pinehurst website they are only allowing members and resort guests on number 2 and number 4. You shouldn't have trouble booking times for the other 4 courses. Not sure how far in advance they allow bookings.
  12. They have a putter fitting available the day I am up there next week for the holidays.. Looks like the price is $150.00 for 1.5 hours is that a good price? I probably need to get a fitting since my putting right now is crazy awful, and having a second set of eyes and a proper fitting couldn't hurt.
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