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  1. Plus the rates for PG are $58.00 on the weekends. It is an easy course to walk. You can also play the back 9 in the morning for only $33.00.
  2. Golf courses should be in good shape. Weather can be hit or miss.
  3. I am pretty cheap when it comes to golf.. At least locally. When I travel I might splurge a bit, but most of my vacations I try to relax.. My golf game does not like to relax though.... I did splurge 2 years ago and spend a week in Monterey and Santa Cruz golfing all week. It definitely lived up to the hype. Those splurging are far and few between.
  4. If you are going to be in the area 4 to 5 days I think one day you should be able to get on.
  5. Are you looking to go out as a single or a group(s)? I played pinehurst # 2 in February years ago, but I stayed at the resort. When I played the tee sheet was packed, but the weather was in the 60s.
  6. Simple supply and demand. Why charge $250 for a round of golf when your tee sheet is fully at $500 a round?
  7. I knew it would fill up fast so I did it within 10 minutes of when I got the e-mail from CGA. I did not even think of the date until later in the day and realized that my anniversary would be that following Saturday. Probably wouldn't have been a big deal, but I was not going to risk it. Next year when my anniversary being on that Sunday I will probably try and get signed up for the event. Drive up Thursday and play #2 Friday and add somewhere Saturday before heading back home.
  8. The course I play locally just stopped sending people off both nines. Has been nice to buzz around the course in like 1.5 hours by myself. I have not played either course, but I am hoping to swing an off-season trip early next year and play these 2 along with pine needles, ormie club, and pinehurst 4. I have played mid pines, tobacco road, pinehurst 2, and pinehurst 4 (pre-renovation).
  9. If your playing for fun I see no issues in this. If there is money on the line or if it is a tournament I would have to call them out on it. I get maybe understanding some rules can be a bit confusing, but marking a ball on the green is not one of them.
  10. I do not think this applies to good / decent golfers. For an example a PGA Tour professional has 150 yards which is probably a pw or 9 iron for most of them. If they only had a 7 iron in the back, and the pin was tucked behind a bunker they would not be able to produce as much spin and height because they would have to choke down / swing easier. This would result in the ball rolling out further and leaving them a longer putt. For the high handicap golfers I could understand your reasoning.
  11. I totally understand why this would make everyone mad, but I also understand why they do this. During the summer months everyone typically wants to get off early in the morning to beat the summer heat. I do not want to be teeing off anytime after 8:00am during the summer months in the south.
  12. I actually had to cancel my reservation. I realized after the fact this would be the weekend of my anniversary.
  13. I live in Charleston and have been doing this the past few years. I have not received the e-mail yet, but not being able to get onto the Ocean Course is probably a deal breaker.
  14. https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/2670676 Just wanted to post this for anyone interested on getting on Pinehurst number 2. You can play for $275.00 and do not need a CGA membership to register. If anyone needs a fourth for their group pm me and I will give you my name. I am going to probably make a weekend of it if anyone is looking to play some more rounds. Really want to at least play Pine Needles and maybe Pinehurst # 4
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