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  1. True Blue for the and Barefoot Dye for the splurge rounds. Shaftbury Glen, Prestwick, and Pawleys (if in good shape) for the remaining 3.
  2. The second tier in my opinion would be Osprey and Cougar. The third tier would be Turtle. The last tier Oak.
  3. I second Michael Anthony's... Went down there with the wife last year and ate there... Amazing!
  4. Play the tees you want to play. My biggest pet peeve is when someone plays the tips and can't break 100. Then you need to play the same tees as the group...
  5. I would play both Mid Pines and Pine Needles before number 9.
  6. https://weatherspark.com/y/19558/Average-Weather-in-Southern-Pines-North-Carolina-United-States-Year-Round
  7. I am thinking of booking it for sometime in February. Probably be closer to $1,000 I am guessing as a single.
  8. https://www.pinehurst.com/plan-your-stay/titleist-get-fit/
  9. The Ocean Course is Walking ONLY All Day, except Jun. 1 - Aug. 31, carts will be allowed after 10:00, with restrictions.
  10. I do not remember. It was nothing fancy like the Spanish Bay resort, but had no issues. Probably was a Faifeild Inn, Holiday Inn, Hilton, or something similar.
  11. I would see about staying 2 nights at Pebble beach and playing the 3 resort courses. That is what I did a few years ago. You could then just stay in Monterey and save on the hotel pricing. Throw in Poppy Hills and / or Bayonet / Blackhorse and you would be good to go.
  12. I am a member of a Myrtle Beach golf on Facebook. There is a collection of 3 courses that seems to constantly have 5.5 hour rounds. I understand a 5 round of golf is going to happen on occasion. When it is the norm though there is a problem. Even the head professional is a member of that group and is constantly trying to defend those 5.5 hour rounds. I am not one to fly around the course, but I do my part to play ready golf and to keep the flow of the course moving. If everyone did this we would not be having those 5+ hour rounds.
  13. If during an event I would absolutely say something if the rules were being broken. During a casual fun weekend round I never interject myself giving rules advice or swing advice unless they ask.
  14. Why would you have to hurry??? Especially with it being the last hole? Seems like you just wanted to blame someone for a bad shot!
  15. Don't worry about what the others think about you (screw em!) I play probably 90% of my golf as a single. Only had 3 bad instances. The first was a group telling the starter they wanted to stay as a threesome. I don't think I spoke one word to them the entire round.. Incredibly weird. The second was a guy with anger issues. Screamed cuss words and threw clubs. I don't mind cuss words, but when screamed at the top of their lungs we have a problem. The last was a single who played the tips who did not come close to breaking 100. He was incredibly nice, but he never picked up his balls even after double par a few times, and had no concept of pace of play. Most people will be like you who want a 4ish hour round of golf and to have a good time.
  16. You can warm up for free at True Blue across the street for free. The 9th is a par 3 with tips at 118 yards.
  17. https://www.seapines.com/golf/resort_caddie_services.aspx Looks like they started the caddie program in 2007.
  18. They do not mind you walking. They do offer pushcarts. A forecaddie is required. When I played last year I used my own push cart.
  19. Placeholder for my review. Received on Friday, but was out of town. I hope to try it out on the course this upcoming weekend. Weather does not looks promising though. Finally got out of the course this past Saturday due to some rainy conditions and a soggy course. This review is a course I used to be a member at, but still play it a few times a month. I did a good bit of research on these books on Friday evening trying to understand how the green maps worked. I did decide to go to the course a bit earlier than usual and went to the putting green to try it out there instead of on the course. I think some courses have the green maps and some don't based on what I have seen. I knew the breaks on the putting green pretty well, but the book helped me to get a feel of what to expect when I took it out of the course. The course that I play is through a neighborhood so there are a lot of doglegs and a lot of holes that I choose not to hit driver. This books helped me be a bit more aggressive off the tee as I am always cautious about trying to carry bunkers or water hazards. The books have rings that show the distances from the tips, which is where I play this course from as it is only 6600 yards. For the approach shots I didn't really use the rings similar to off of the tee for distances. I used my range finder to get distances for the approach shots. I did however looks at the green maps book to try and be a bit more conservative with my shots by trying to use slopes where possible to get the shots closer. The most benefit that I got with these books were with my longer putts outside of 5 feet. I still used the book within 5 feet just to confirm my readings from the putt. Putting is one of my biggest problems and I think this book is very beneficial. I only had 28 putts with zero 3 putts. I typically average about 33 putts a round. On a few putts I did not see much break, but I broke out the book and it helped me confirm and or change my ideas on what to do. This was very beneficial for uphill and downhill putts where the elevation was minimal. There was only one instance of speed being way off, probably more user error. If I was a member at a course or played a course frequently I would not think twice about getting a yardage guide to help my game.
  20. You would think they would actually try and figure out what is going on since there have been probably hundreds of instances of people trying to check on the status of their order. I want to just say screw it and buy another putter, but with my luck it would ship the following week or so and I would be stuck with $1,000.00 in putters. I know I could easily sell the Buttonback, but don't want to deal with the hassle.
  21. DSG / GG still clueless on shipping these putters. Getting frustrated now... "Thank you so much for those details. Upon checking here, yes, the order is still on process and not shipped out. My apology for this delayed. What I will do now is to process an escalation for this order for further checking on your order, and to shipped it out as soon as possible. Would that be okay?"
  22. Should be able to book below. However they are punching the greens this week. https://bookit.activegolf.com/book-kiawah-resort-public-tee-times/810?_ga-ft=1X4zYn.
  23. I have a felling the DSG reps told you what you wanted to hear. I hope I am wrong as that is where I bought mine from. I haven't been into a DSG is months anyways, I definitely won't now. I will drive a bit further and go to the Edwin Watts.
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