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  1. All Sold, thanks! For sale is a Ping G400 LST 10º with an Accra TZ5 65 M4 (stiff). This was my gamer for about 2.5 years but it's definitely in solid condition for how much use it got over that time. The crown is perfect, no nicks or anything and the sole condition is pretty consistent with what you'd expect for a few hundred rounds of play (tee scratches up front, some scratches on the back by the "Vortec" and a slight scuff out near the toe by the "LST", tried to capture this as best I could in the pics), and the face is good as well. Overall I'd call it a 7/10 but the crown is definitely mo
  2. G400 LST but my G425 LST gets here tomorrow so that might change.
  3. That seems very extreme. If nothing else the huge disparity in head size and sole width seem too much to get past for most people, but I suppose if that's not going to bother you and the gaps match up fine there's nothing really inherently "wrong" with it. I doubt you'd find many people who would do it because the people who want the friendliness of the game improvement long/mid irons are gonna be scared off by the extremely tiny Blueprint heads and those who want the look and feel of a tiny forged blade aren't gonna tolerate a giant chunky 7i with the loft of a 5.5i. If you're the sliver of t
  4. If you want similar size/shape and a softer feel I'd look at something like the Srixon ZX7.
  5. If you hate shopping I feel like you'd be much better off finding one type of polo and pants and shorts you like the fit and feel of and just buying them in a bunch of colors and be done with it. The stuff you get from those boxes tends to be manufacturer overruns and things that just didn't sell. Because of that there's often weird styles and colors and if you're at all particular about the stuff you wear it might be more "miss" than "hit". And it's almost never a good deal since most of it is stuff similar to what you'd find at a Ross or Marshalls or TJ Maxx and you could have your pick of w
  6. I really like the microfiber "Greens towels" you can get on Amazon in a 3 pack for $10-$12. I have 8 of them in various colors and I use a new one for every round. Get it wet and use it for my ball/clubs then have another bigger dry towel for my face/hands etc. It's nice having the two separate towels, one wet and one dry I've found. I've got a few different bigger ones that I cycle through including a Titleist one, a Ping one, one from Torrey Pines, and a TXG one (that's huge btw).
  7. I think somewhere between the 2016 and 2017 M2 versions. I don't think it overtakes the original SIM in popularity but I also don't think it's looked at as "inferior" or anything either. I think it will definitely be popular (what TM drivers aren't?) but from what I've seen in early reports it doesn't seem like a big leap forward from the SIM, mostly cosmetic changes and the removal of the weight track which some people find to be a downgrade. So I don't see it being "throwaway" like the '17 M2, but I think the original will prove to be the more historically significant version as time passes
  8. Agree that if it's from Rock Bottom it's doubtful it's a fake but I suppose crazier things have happened. You could always post pics to the "Deal or No Deal" forum here and ask people to confirm. You can also call Titleist with the serial number and they may be able to confirm it. Also, when you say "louder than I remember" what were the situations you were hitting it in the past? Indoors vs outdoors can affect acoustics for sure and often so can the type of ball you're hitting with (for instance range balls sound way different than a ProV1). Also if one of the heads had any hotmelt in it that
  9. "best" is subjective, if the "made for" Ventus works for you then that might be "best" even though it's not nearly as premium as the aftermarket Velocore version. If you're asking more of which OEM offers "real deal" shafts at no upcharge then Ping is probably the answer since they're now offering the Tensei AV Raw Orange and the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI along with their Tour and Alta CB shafts which honestly aren't slouches themselves. I think Cobra still offers a couple real deal shafts as well and it's yet to be seen what Mizuno offers on their new drivers as they've had some good offerin
  10. Up for sale today is a Ping G410 LST 3 wood (14.5º) with a VA Composites Nemesys 75 Four (stiff) shaft with a Midsize Tour Velvet +4 grip and the head cover is included. The shaft was built and PUREd by Club Champion and is tipped an extra 0.75" (Build Sheet attached). Plays at 43". There's a slight shiny mark on the top of the crown, I assume from a drop of epoxy from the build that wasn't fully cleaned off but it's really only noticeable because of the matte color of the head. Not a huge deal but wanted to be fully transparent. I'm willing to separate the head and shaft, but only
  11. Here's the thing, forgiveness is relative. Manufacturers generally only compare based on MOI and that's certainly the easiest way to calculate with real numbers and compare, but it doesn't make an iron most forgiving for every single player. If your son tends to miss low on the face then making toe and heel strikes more forgiving doesn't do much for him. Instead finding something that allows him to move strike up the face, or maybe moves CG lower so there's less vertical gear effect on those low strikes probably offers more improvement. Finding a low bounce iron that in general might move the
  12. I doubt there will be a backup, at least for initial launch. They delayed the North American and European launches quite a bit so they could build up enough inventory to meet their expected demand. It would be incredibly stupid of them to release a new product if they were going to immediately have 2+ month backups on orders. As someone who preordered on the first day they were open I expect I'll get it on or about the 4th when they're officially "released". It's not uncommon for companies to ship out the preorders a few days before so people get them near the actual "release" date. They may g
  13. With hybrids/fairways/drivers face angle is much more important than lie angle in dictating horizontal launch and spin-axis. 45° of dynamic loft is the point where lie angle and face angle have equal effect on horizontal launch and spin-axis and anything less than that is going to be more dictated by face angle than lie angle (more extreme the lower the loft gets) and anything higher than that is going to be more affected by lie angle than face angle (i.e. wedges). Think about it with a putter which has like 2-4° of loft. If you change the lie angle by 1° you're barely changing the way the lof
  14. Be careful taking the Flightscope optimizer as gospel, it's a calculation in the same way the GCQuad algorithm is. It's well known that at the low spin end GCQ can tend to over-exaggerate distance somewhat. However, from what I've seen that Flightscope optimizer tends to underestimate distance somewhat. So while there may be a 6% variance between Flightscope and Foresight algorithms for that shot you measured (I'm sure it's lower than that at shorter distances) that doesn't mean that one is right and the other is wrong. I'd suspect that the real distance for that shot is somewhere between the
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