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  1. A more forgiving club isn't going to change the face angle. Seems to me if he wants to stop the left miss he needs to look at A) changing the swing to correct the face and/or path issue or getting fit for a new clubhead/shaft that allows him to deliver the head more square consistently. Just going to a more forgiving head isn't going to change much here.
  2. I for one would love a more accurate SkyTrak, even if it's a bit more money. Give me a GC2 that costs 40-50% less than a GC2 and I'm all over it. Better hitting radius, fewer misreads, less delay between shot and display, more accurate readings especially at high speeds, and ability to use outdoors in direct sunlight and in well lit rooms with white walls. The SkyTrak isn't a bad machine, but it does have some downsides and I'd take a better photometric monitor that clears up those little bugaboos even if it's $500 or $1,000 more to be honest.
  3. I'm thinking this might be a "lite" version of the GC2. Take their "old" technology and sort of re-package it and trim down some of the sim capabilities and remove the HMT add-on (maybe integrate some light clubhead tracking for clubhead speed and maybe one or two other simple metrics) and rebrand it with Bushnell. Drop the cost a bit and then focus everything they're doing on their premium GCQuad model anyway. They've probably been aiming at phasing out GC2 stuff for a while and maybe this gives them a way to still have a decent revenue stream from the older model if most of it is repackaged
  4. Yeah, the reason is because GI irons are designed for people who need assistance with launch and distance. 130g shafts are generally for players with a high swing speed. High swing speed players don't need assistance with launch and distance, hence you really only see lighter shafts on GI irons. I don't think it particularly matters which you pick. Maybe pick the ones you like the most and throw them in there.
  5. Having played all the major OEMs over the past few years I've found nothing compares to Titleist.
  6. TSi3 maybe? I just switched from a G400 LST to a G425 LST and I do think they look a bit cleaner now, then again I was never bothered by the Ping driver looks. But TSi3 would get you some fade bias and while it won't be as forgiving as either of the Ping models it should be solid.
  7. I think you pretty much nailed it with either of the G425 heads. If the fade bias matters more than the forgiveness go LST, if the forgiveness matters more than the fade bias go Max with the weight in the toe. I think either of those would be about your best options though.
  8. Yeah, the V Steel sole is pretty great. Easy to get the ball in the air and keeps spin down which is important for me as well.
  9. I gamed a G410 LST 3w for a while and I liked it but never loved it. Replaced it with a SIM Ti a month ago and I much prefer the SIM. Part of the G410 issue was that I never really found the right shaft for it, but I also find the SIM Ti launches a lot easier off the deck and I like the visual profile better as well. Both good clubs but I really think the SIM Ti is the unicorn 3w I've been searching for for a while now.
  10. I'm honestly just trying to explain what's happening with every different OEM right now, I don't think it warranted this reply. I'd say that 16 days for a custom order right now is probably in like the 99th percentile for quick turnaround. There's instances of people waiting like 13 weeks for various things. Anything custom they're promising you in nearly 2 weeks I'd just take and run because that's a win. As others have said, you could go to a shop and see if they have something in, or close to your spec and get that and use it for the tournament and either sell it later or if you have like a
  11. I would say there's far more drivers in the past 5 years that hold up with tech than don't. Pretty much anything within that time frame is still pretty relevant now as long as it's a decent fit. In terms of cheaper options looking at brands like Cobra and Mizuno might be a good place to start, they've been producing stuff that competes with the bigger companies at a lower price point and they don't hold value as well. You could get something like an ST180/190 or F8/F9 pretty reasonably now for sure. I'm sure there's all kinds of options on Callaway preowned for an original GBB Epic or Rogue wh
  12. Hogan Edge or get some Pings at Retro Spec.
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