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  1. There is a thread somewhere on this forum about the new rule allowing the flag to remain (pre-covid) and the affect was very minimal. It basically said the times it hurt was offset by the times it helped. So no concessions should be allowed, IMO.
  2. > @1Mordrid1 said: > A few years ago I had someone on ebay ship the irons I bought wrapped in bubble wrap in a 10" round Sonotube(concrete form used in construction) filled with packing peanuts. This is actually quite imaginative. At least the clubs were well protected.
  3. > @BeerPerHole said: > ...should add. To ensure my head didn't get too big - there was a scratch tournament teeing off as I came off the 18th green. I walked up as our club champion was teeing off. No joke - that drive was about 350. Just pierced into the afternoon haze with no signs of coming down. **** that guy can hit the ball. Totally different level... Congrats on the good play. Glad all that hard work is paying off. I too have been really working on my game but it is still a work in progress. I started a couple months ago hitting better but then things went south. I am still wo
  4. > @Greenie said: > I lost one today in the middle of the fairway in the leaves. Same thing happened to me last week. I hit a low fade that skirted the woods and ended up in the fairway. I had no idea how much it rolled since I hit it so low. As I was looking for it one of my playing partners told me "there's yours". I turn around and I am literally standing about five feet past it.
  5. I just watched one of TXGs videos today. The toe up number in that video translated to him shallowing the club better on the downswing. But his was only 2-3%.
  6. > @"Big Ben" said: > I think the waterproof trail runners would work very well, Salamon comes to mind. I have a pair of Salamons I wear all the time and when I am at the driving range. They are waterproof and VERY comfortable. They are my everyday shoes when I am out and about.
  7. Nice job. I remember once on a course I don't normally play, I hit a par 5 in two. There is a creek maybe 30yds short of the green and I was over 200yds out. I questioned whether I should lay up or go for it. I knew if I hit a nice three wood it would put me up on the green but if I missed I'd likely be in the water. I went for it and landed just short rolling through the green. Missed my birdie chance but was happy I reached it in two.
  8. My instructor videos all his lessons. He always has a few "feel vs real" moments. It is especially helpful when he has made a swing change that "feels" really strange. Then he shows you the video and the reality is you are in the correct position.
  9. Congrats! I just out here fighting to break 100. I have come close a few times this year, but lately my game has fallen apart. I am waiting until I can schedule a lesson before I do anymore damage.
  10. This video may help give you with the feel at the top. It is more about shallowing the club but also discusses the move/feel you should have with your wrists to close that face.
  11. I would add it depends on the type of courses you play and the type of shots you would be hitting with the club in question. If you want something that is going to give you higher flight then look for another hybrid. If you are looking for something with a lower flight then 5w would probably be the best fit.
  12. I'm 45 and in decent shape. I will carry when playing nine. Playing 18 I will use a push cart. I rarely ride unless playing 18 with my Dad.
  13. Considering most of your muni courses are already struggling I don't think a free concept would work especially for young adults. There are plenty of "cheap" golf courses for those of us with limited funds or who aren't good enough to play on nicer or expensive courses. Maybe having a children under age of 10 with adult play for $5 or a huge discount, depending on going green fees. I also think discounting nine holes would encourage more people to play. Let's face it, we live in a society where most people don't want to dedicate or have time for 4+ hours to do something, especially those with
  14. > @wfrogge1 said: > The topic of rust on iron heads and more spin was debunked years ago. If anything this will reduce spin over time due to the groove edges wearing out faster Rick Shiels just did a video showing a before and after rust comparison. It equated to about 300rpms after rust. So not enough to make a difference to us mere mortals. Hell, even tour pros probably wouldn't notice a difference.
  15. My OCD just wants to clean up that face. I could never play a raw club. The rust would drive me insane. I don't care how much of an advantage it would give me, which it doesn't.
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