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  1. Watched a Clay Ballard video that explained exactly this. I try to think start downswing with my hips so my hips are probably way ahead and my arms have to catch up.
  2. Do you have a link to a video or site I can see what you are talking about? Ty
  3. I will give this a try next session.
  4. I don't think this is the case for me. I seem to turn well until my club gets to parallel with the ground. Then I just stop turning and swing with my arms and therefore are forced to standup out of my stance and flip. One of my last range sessions I videoed my practice and my real swings. Practice swings looked great. Real swing not so much. Thanks for the comment.
  5. I continuously struggle with stalling my hips in the downswing. I have been able to fix other swing faults but have not been able to really ever fix stalling my hips which then causes me to flip the club. I can make the correct move and have open hips and forward shaft lean on practice swings but when I put a ball down everything goes back to my swing fault. It's really hurting my progression and fun for the game. What drills or thoughts have others found that have worked for you? Thanks
  6. My instructor focuses on positions. He doesn't worry so much about how you get there. So if you are in a good position at the top, halfway, and at impact don't worry about what it's like in between. Look at all the pros and all the different swings.
  7. Remember golf is a very hard sport. There are lots of variables in every shot. Lie, grade of the ground, obstacles and distance. I have been playing fairly consistently for the last 3-4 years. I get out as much as I can, which right now is once a week. I practice once a week on top of that. I take regular lessons. It seems that when I fix one thing it reveals a different problem. I fix three errors and an old one shows back up. Two weeks ago after a lesson I shot a PB, 45- 9 holes on a relatively easy course. I only hit out of position on one hole, which I made triple bogey. Last week I was playing so badly I stopped keeping score. On one hole, after I stopped counting, I hit my third shot into a par 4 from about 150yds away (yeah that's how bad I was playing). Due to the slope I had no idea where the ball ended up but I knew it was headed for the green. When I got over the rise and close enough to see my ball was a foot away from the hole. It's the shots like that and the fact I have fewer bad shots that keep me coming back. If I hit a pitch or a chip well but get the distance wrong, I count that as an accomplishment for hitting a solid shot. I am very hard on myself and get frustrated easy but I like this game. Remind yourself why you like golf and try and focus on that good shot you hit or that par saving putt you made. But I can totally relate to what you are going through.
  8. With the pros hitting the ball longer and longer and the rest of us not, at least not at the same rate. Why don't they just use different regulations regarding equipment for the pros? MLB doesn't use aluminum bats so just make stricter equipment regulations for pros than the rest of us. What are y'alls thoughts?
  9. Those found in the rough/tree on the left and those found in the rough/trees on the right.
  10. There is a thread somewhere on this forum about the new rule allowing the flag to remain (pre-covid) and the affect was very minimal. It basically said the times it hurt was offset by the times it helped. So no concessions should be allowed, IMO.
  11. > @1Mordrid1 said: > A few years ago I had someone on ebay ship the irons I bought wrapped in bubble wrap in a 10" round Sonotube(concrete form used in construction) filled with packing peanuts. This is actually quite imaginative. At least the clubs were well protected.
  12. > @BeerPerHole said: > ...should add. To ensure my head didn't get too big - there was a scratch tournament teeing off as I came off the 18th green. I walked up as our club champion was teeing off. No joke - that drive was about 350. Just pierced into the afternoon haze with no signs of coming down. **** that guy can hit the ball. Totally different level... Congrats on the good play. Glad all that hard work is paying off. I too have been really working on my game but it is still a work in progress. I started a couple months ago hitting better but then things went south. I am still working on it but will be glad when I finally get to the point where I am consistently hitting it solid. The last time out a twosome was coming off 9, we were playing the back nine. First guy hit a big high fade about 210-230 into the trees, somewhere I have been many times. His partner gets up and hits his drive on a line. It bounced just short of the green and ended up just left about pin high. That hole was playing about 320 downhill. It was a drive I could only dream of hitting.
  13. > @Greenie said: > I lost one today in the middle of the fairway in the leaves. Same thing happened to me last week. I hit a low fade that skirted the woods and ended up in the fairway. I had no idea how much it rolled since I hit it so low. As I was looking for it one of my playing partners told me "there's yours". I turn around and I am literally standing about five feet past it.
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