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  1. How do you like these? Do they wear down quickly?
  2. I've carried and pushed the new players 4 and have had no issues with it at all. I do love that the straps snap off very easily on the bag when pushing to eliminate some of the clutter around the pockets.
  3. I like the color of this. Is this the current model or the 2021?
  4. Yes it is the rangefinder pocket. Has a magnetic closure on it. Very easy to access while the bag is on your back.
  5. I saw the official release date is set for March 3rd.
  6. I got this through Golf Galaxy, but looking like they're very low on stock. A few other sites did have them listed. I'm not sure if someone made a mistake and sent out a small amount to some retailers ahead of schedule, or what, but had to jump on the opportunity while I had it.
  7. Walked 18 yesterday. No issues with club tangle at all. A little snug in comparison to my previous cart bag, but no problem getting the clubs in and out of the bag. The range finder pocket is a really nice feature for me. Easy to access while walking. The straps twisted on me one time, but that was more so on me just getting used to carrying again.
  8. It is snug, but nothing I wouldn’t expect moving from a 14-way cart bag to this. 14 clubs and alignment sticks.
  9. There is no opening into the middle two sections. But that material is only attached to the bag at the top and the bottom. There is a small opening on both sides that a club could theoretically go from the top section to the bottom, but I feel like that is unlikely. Hopefully that makes sense.
  10. Just got the 2021 players 4 in. Materials feel like they’re high quality and will be fairly durable. The dividers in the middle sections are boxed so I’m hoping the past issues of club tangle will be minimized with this upgrade. Straps are solid. Excited to get this out on the course tomorrow.
  11. Has anyone seen the Srixon Nimbus Ultra Lite bag, or have more info on it? My local Golf Galaxy had a couple in the store, but I cannot find much information online aside from the European website. https://www.srixoneurope.com/en/accessories/golf-bags/srixon-nimbus-ultra-lite-stand-bag/MSNULSB.html
  12. > @streetsweeping said: > Think it's this one from CNC. https://www.cnccreationsshop.com/sandwich-marker/ That's correct. Ended up with an extra after a friend picked an extra one up.
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