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  1. Pretzels. I want the pretzels back. I always got one. Churros are once in a blue moon.
  2. Nice work! I dont have the time, nor the patience to undertake a project like that looks great!
  3. Threads done. Wilson confirmed error and refunding. Mods lock if desired.
  4. Or its just an old shoe and likely the glue has become brittle after many years? the only shoes ive worn on a consistent basis and didnt have issues (normal wear and tear) are dress shoes. And lets be honest, those arent going through any sort of stress that any, even low impact, athletic shoes go through.
  5. Lose their business forever, yet id bet a large percentage never had wilson on their minds. i didnt think the percentage of getting these was high and was 99.99% sure it was an error. But figured why not try and pass the deal to the groups as ive gotten some really good deals from this community. maybe if i didnt post, there was a bigger chance? Lol
  6. for the record. I did not. I was actually surprised it was not on here already when posted.
  7. Lets see if a box arrives from wilson….
  8. You can find the date on the size tag in the shoe. Fyi.
  9. Internet rumor from a buy/sell group
  10. I didnt think of Wilson getting hacked. But figured use my cc as well. Worst case is I cancel the card and get a new one. Like many other “deals”, I expect it to be canceled. However theres hope. Anyone remember the Miuras for some ridiculous low price that ended up being real from 2nd swing or something like that? I should’ve bought those as well.
  11. https://www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/custom/staff-model-cb-irons-custom-8-piece-set $149.99 8pc as you can see in the link. 4-gw or 3-pw. Custom options. *sold out/removed from wilsons website*
  12. Before leaving to hawaii, a good supply in portland of the 3.2, gloves, putters, wedges. Got to hawaii, visited costco for gas and stopped in. They also had a good supply of all four.
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