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  1. I’d be playing on a Friday morning. Are you talking about slow play like 5+hr slow?
  2. I know this thread is old but thought I’d ask. Harbour pointe and Walter Hills are both very close to where I’m staying. I gather from previous posts harbour pointe is the one to play. Is there anything else I should consider that easy and quick to get to? Best bang for the buck? i have one round and does that mean I just play harbour pointe? Thanks in advance.
  3. If you follow this thread closely, someone did a comparison on...skytrak? And compared a few balls a number of pages back edit: 541
  4. Try Rao’s. We like it better - no added sugar and less oily than Victoria’s.
  5. can also confirm that our local Costco is low on coke. They had three flats left as of 5pm last night. plenty of putters, wedges, gloves and v2 3pc balls
  6. You mean regret opening the box and breaking the integrity of a BNIB pair?
  7. So what you’re saying is: pretty similar but for $1 a ball it’s a good value is what I got out of it? Thanks for your thoughts!
  8. I’m baffled at the comparisons of the v2 3pc to the v2 4pc. That have come up a few times. My batch of 4pc v2 - at least the one sleeve I “tested”, couldn’t stand up to even a 10yd chip/pitch. Cover tore basically immediately. By the 5th shot I had 3 cuts and because I was on the side of the practice green by a bunker, sand embedded. Granted, some have had the 4pc v2 with no issues, my experience was not the same. But again, comparing a ball that makes it though a full round vs one that couldn’t make it through a few chips...How one can compare the durability of v2 3pc to the 4pc tru
  9. might be like the og ksig or the v2 4pc, online only. Online exclusive doesn’t show up in the stores systems I was told.
  10. I let it go earlier in this thread but your experience is the same as mine between the two. .
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