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  1. How’s the game, now that it’s out? Is it a must buy? Xbox one here. Given all that’s going on, including air quality from wildfires and fall/winter coming...in going to need something to scratch the itch.
  2. recently I had a 52/36...it wasn't just one or two bad holes to make the 52 it was consistent double with a few bogey's and no 3 putts. stupid game. haha
  3. I tried a pair of ZIT’s and I have a huge blister on one foot and a small one on the other. I’m normally a size 10. Sometimes 10.5. I got the 10w. I have a pair of 10.5w coming in a few days so we’ll see if it fits better. I think the cause is the foam in the back by the heel. Other than that, Soft cushion and energy return was nice from the zoom pockets. Didn’t have an issue getting my foot in unlike the TP. I don’t see an issue with stability though as some other have mentioned. It worked well and grip is phenomenal.
  4. I bought a pair and I’ve got them for sale. They just didn’t do it for me in hand, I’ll return them if I can’t unload them. The side tie dye was not what I expected.
  5. I hadn’t been receiving it. I got my first one for this most recent post from you. Hopefully it’s sorted itself out.
  6. there were none above what I’ve shown, and yes I have a green check on the “notify me of replies” button above “submit reply”
  7. maybe servers are busy. Lol. Anyways just wanted to bring it up in case some others are having the issue and it needs to be looked into further. Thanks @Gxgolfer @nsxguy
  8. Your reply did not show up as a notification. I am following and “notify me of replies” is checked as well. FYI.
  9. Is this the same as notifications for followed content when logging in? i thought I followed and set notification when something new is posted but when I log in, there are no notifications, yet when I goto the thread, there are new posts.
  10. que? I didn’t get one that like that but probably because I purchased on member access.
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