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  1. oh be real. You won’t regret it one bit. You’ll buy the 4.3 and play them while saving the 3.2 for crappy days. I know I wouldn’t have any regrets.
  2. Well…. I was down to last two sleeve of my 3.2’s. wife needed to hit Costco. I got suckered into buying another box. this was just before heading out the next day. Bag Was All ready to go with a sleeve of my nikes and my backup sleeve in the car which was the 3.2. Needless to say, I switched to two sleeves of 3.2. Put the nikes back. Haha.
  3. a. I couldn’t tell between two new 3.1v3.2. Maybe my eyesight is bad b. The guy found a ball. Easily could’ve been a 3.1 and lost the sheen and resembled a 3.2 devils advocate/stirring the pot
  4. I think you’d be able to tell, but after the fact. Hit the current one and if it’s shorter on a good drive vs a new 3.2, you’ll know. Might take a few. But then again we’re not on tour, so at the end of the day, does it really matter?
  5. I’d say that’s a little harsh calling it trash. I’d play it all day over some rock-flite or honestly any other non urethane ball. I prefer the spin green side. A few feet short because of spin is better than 6ft long because of lack of spin.
  6. You’ll need to be specific to the 3pc v1 or v2. Only v2 is now available. however to me, there was no comparison to the 3.1 balls. They spun too much for me off most clubs. Ballooned irons and lost distance on drives. Tons of spin on green side chips and pitches. I’ve never played a ball with so much spin honestly. personally I’d compare the 3.2 to the prov1. They compare favorably to each other for my game.
  7. Same. I normally lose a ball before it’s unplayable. But this was definitely an “oddball”. And it’s also now in the crap/water ball pocket.
  8. Interesting thing this morning. Tbh, this boggles my mind. I’ve never had a prov last less than 2 rounds before it had gouges. To be precise, it was 22 holes. the urethane layer ripped a little but was still playable. Surprised me. Yet the last ksig I used lasted a lot of holes. I’m not bashing the prov, but my gosh. What the heck with this one ball!! In other words...every ball, no matter the brand or prestige, has the potential to have crap durability. Haha.
  9. And they’re back. Your suspicions were correct. Haha.
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