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  1. Nevergolfpar, This is very helpful advice. I would say on their best days they are shooting around even par from the US Kids age adjusted yardages, and around 90 from the most forward (AKA ladies') tees on a typical course; although their averages are probably a bit higher. It's good to have an objective measure to compare/aspire to.
  2. Thanks I get it, having read the numerous posts on this forum, that competitive tourney scores are what college coaches will mainly use for recruiting. My kids are young (under 10yo, so AGJA and similar level tournaments are a few years away) and so I just want to have some kind of objective benchmark to see where they are to gauge whether they are at least in the general vicinity of being able to play at the next level.
  3. I have read articles and interviews of tour players who were scratch golfers when they were 13yo, etc. My kids are not going to play on any professional tours. They are talented junior golfers but I would be happy if they could even play at a 2nd or 3rd tier college level. A question I have is, at what age should girls and boys be keeping a women's/men's handicap, and what should those handicaps be at different ages if they aspire to simply play competitive college golf. I would define competitive college golf as play that 1) helps them get a scholarship to a D1 school (not the top 25
  4. Ha, I wish my kids were good enough such that we would consider moving a long distance just to accommodate their budding junior golf careers. My employer has an office in the Raleigh area and if I stay with my current company I may have to move. Having better golf competition for my kids in the Junior Carolinas PGA section would be a 'plus' in helping us weigh the pros and cons of whether to move. They are talented (still young, but consistently finishing near the top of their age brackets in Junior Met PGA) so maybe they might eventually have aspirations to play at the college level. Ho
  5. Our family is considering moving from the NYC metro area to North Carolina (Raleigh area), and so my kids would switch from the Met PGA section to Carolinas PGA section for junior golf Can anyone comment on differences and which area might stronger for junior golf, pros vs cons, instruction? Thanks
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