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  1. Any update on the test with the epic flash?
  2. Anyone looking to sell? Let me know
  3. > @MonteScheinblum said: > actually it’s > > People who fire the lower body the right way > People who fire the lower body the wrong way > How do you know if you’re firing the lower body the right way? What’s right way?
  4. I’ll try to add a face on tomorrow
  5. LifeStory, you mean laterally away from the target as in swaying? That could be possible as I’ve tried to work on making a fuller turn. Maybe I’m swaying to much. Playa, I’ll try ball position. Probably play it a bit to far forward anyways
  6. I appreciate that. I wish I could easily tell to try and fix it but somethings got to be wrong with the contact issues I’ve been having
  7. I’ve been struggling a lot recently with making solid contact and compressing the ball. I’ve lost about 10 yards on all my irons and my driver is going everywhere. I see early extension and a flip at contact but I’m no expert, just what I see. I also have no idea of what to do to fix these issues and it’s making me hate golf. Any feedback or drills would be awesome.
  8. I know there is a discussion on the 2016 M2 vs the GBB Epic FW but I haven't been able to find anything on the 2017 M2 vs the GBB Epic. I need help picking which one I'll get to throw in my UST V2 Tour shaft. I prefer to hit a fade and am not really a high launcher with the 3 wood. I would either loft up on the GBB Epic to 16* or get the M2 HL. Any advice?
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