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  1. Over: Proper fitting (marketing b.s. to sell more clubs) Latest and greatest equipment Taylormade Vokey Cameron Putters Underrated: Cobra Lessons My golf swing Practice / Time on the course
  2. I wish I went full MB. I don’t see any difference between the two except the top line.
  3. Overrated: New Drivers, Distance Irons, Scotty's, Vokey's, Taylormade The marketing b.s. gets the best out of a lot of people.
  4. I dunno how they compare but I love mine. They look and feel amazing.
  5. This year 1’ away 2’ away on thin mishit Birdie from 75 yards out :neutral:
  6. I love mine. They feel awesome when struck pure and cut right through the grass.
  7. The i500’s look nice, but sound horrible. Much better options out there.
  8. Cobra CB/MB gets my vote. Best looking irons out there and they feel awesome. Ping Blueprint look good, but the price tag is nasty.
  9. Do these look legit? I'm not sure what that brown stuff is on the back of two of the clubs or if that is something in the plastic. https://s3.amazonaws.com/images.swingemagaingolf.com/00736142__4.jpg
  10. > @ejl_28 said: > Hey supdawgie, I play s55's with X100's at about the same swing speed (around 95 mph 7 iron), but recently tried the 6.0 in the 7 iron and really liked the results. A little lighter but much better trajectory, being flatter and more penetrating. Didn't have a monitor at the time to see the numbers but it seemed like a picked up a few yards with it. I have a set of 6.0's in 3-W on the way that I plan on swapping the X100's out for. I can report back when I get the full set built up. Thanks. I may just order the PX 6.0's and see how they work out. I'm sure they'll be
  11. I'm still gaming S55's and they have the CFS Stiff shafts in them. They feel light and seem to balloon on me often. I did a fitting for some AP3's recently and was put in a PX 6.0 shaft. I think my 7 was swinging in the low 90's. Do you guys think a PX 6.0 or an X100 shaft would work better in my S55?
  12. Is everyone jumping on the distance iron bandwagon these days? "I hit my club so much further" Umm... your old 7 iron is now a 5 iron :)
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