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  1. Thank you everyone for your responses! All great options and gives me ideas for years to come. Thanks again!
  2. Yea that's what I have seen at a lot of the major resorts. I should have specified that a lot of the guys wouldn't appreciate the Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst trips as much as the others. Until the group gets thinned out or shows interest in spending more my hands are tied with a smaller budget. Even though I would personally love to spend the money to visit the upper echelon resorts, I also enjoy the company and times we have as a group.
  3. The majority of us are from Western PA (Pittsburgh) area. Myrtle Beach as been great for us because of cost control and it lets the guys who don't take the game as serious still come and enjoy the atmosphere because costs are low and you get the most bang for your buck. Unfortunately when dealing with a group this big I have to consider everyone's budget. I am hoping the 2023 trip can get something a little more extravagant.
  4. The more I research places the more my budget keeps increasing LOL unfortunately the price tag might filter out some of the guys who don't love the game as much.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. I have edited my original post.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am in charge of booking my groups annual golf trip. We have done Myrtle Beach the past three years and have enjoyed it however we are looking to change things up for the next trip. We are looking to go at the end of April 2022 and I need some destination suggestions, obviously for that time of year weather needs to be considered. Stay and play packages have been popular in the past and the preferred option. Since we like to play 6-7 rounds in a 5 day stretch finding a stay and play package that has at least 3-4 courses on the property is ideal. I wanted to see if anyone has been to or knows of some resorts that I should look into. The size of our group will likely be 12-16 guys all with varying skill levels from single digit handicaps to 30 handicaps. As far as budget goes, I typically try to keep it between $500-$700 before travel expenses, if people can drive they are willing to spend a little more for the golf since they don't have to buy airfare. I appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the feedback guys! This has been great!
  8. I was actually thinking about both of those locations, and I would not be opposed to changing the time frame of which I want to go but I was looking for that extra long weekend!
  9. Hello All, I am getting married at the end of August next year (2019), so naturally its time to start thinking of Bachelor Party ideas. I live just outside of Pittsburgh PA and I am looking for a golf destination that won't entirely break the bank. I would like to go over the 4th of July weekend, to allow an extra day of fun without taking an extra vacation day from work. As of now I have about 12 golfers who have said they would like to go, but also about 4 non golfers who would come along for the ride. I will not personally be planning this, but my friends have asked me where I would like to go. I am looking for suggestions for places that have high quality golf courses but also have other things going on for the non golfers of the group. Feel free to drop any suggestions from the most popular destinations to the hidden gem areas. Thank you in advance!
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